Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Convinced by the Bone

OK, I'm flighty at times, and certainly so distracted and busy I'm still falling behind on my Warhammer 40K obligations and promises.  I did in fact buy a box of intercessors this weekend, but that does not mean I'm ready to deploy an all-primaris Ultramarines army yet.

BUT, there is a local (small) ITC event on March 21 that I might be able to make - and I was suitably impressed with a free-view game of Blood Angels vs Adeptus Custodes at Tabletop Tactics that I thought I'd build a list of something similar and at least get three games in for the day! I'm in the middle of watching another game of Blood Angels vs Chaos Marines at MWG - but don't spoil it for me!

I have yet to proof the list vs available miniatures in the collection, but I think its pretty close to the list the BONE played at Tabletop Tactics - its not the same, but similar.

Dual Battalions, 2000 points, 10(-2)CPs
HQ1 - Smash Captain w jump pack, thunder hammer, storm shield, visions, angels wing
HQ2 - Lemartes
HQ3 - Mephiston
HQ4 - Lieutenant w jump pack, power fist, bolter
TP1 - 5 tac marines, bolters, flamer
TP2 - 5 tac marines, bolters, flamer
TP3 - 5 tac marines, bolters, flamer
TP4 - 5 tac marines, bolters, missile launcher
TP5 - 5 tac marines, bolters, plasma gun
TP6 - 5 tac marines, bolters, flamer
EL1 - Sanguinary Ancient, angelus boltgun, power fist, standard, relic banner
EL2 - 10 Sanguinary Guard, angelus bolt guns, mixed cc weapons
EL3 - 10 Death Company, bolters, mixed cc weapons
HVY1 - Predator, autocann, HBs
HVY2 - Predator, autocann, HBs
HVY3 - Predator, autocann, HBs
Trans1 - Razorback, twin Asscann

Now the BONE had a librarian dread instead of Mephiston, and the Sanguinor, and only the three preds (no razorback), and scouts instead of tacticals. 

I'm thinking about bundling the Elites into a formation, and trimming some fat to get a Sanguinary Priest w/ jump pack (if now available/not legendary) to run with the lieutenant, wrapped in the sanguinary guard.  The priest gives an added bubble of strength, and he might just revive some casualties.

Overall, the similarities of action are the same between this list and the game I watched/studied.  The troop choices run out into terrain near objectives for scoring them/missions, while the death company do initial work and the large sanguinary guard blob plus ancient and Mephiston and stuff do the hard work as a second wave. It seems fun.  But I need to finalize and practice....

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