Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bad Robots! Blood Angels vs Necrons


As work slowed a bit and Ski Season grinds toward Spring, 40K Season returns to my Bunker!

First off - I had been playing the game Mobile Strike on my Phone for over a year.  it was truly fun, but without spending huge sums of $$, the game went out of reach for me.  So i have lots of gold for 30-day shields...Instead of playing that I'm now playing a far cooler game - Rogue Assault.  It is really fun, lots of great actual graphics, three modes of play, and I'm in a cool Alliance - the Assyrians - with my typical gamer tag - Maj Ming.  I work in that alliance as a mid-level recruiter and mentor.  Overall, it is a great experience.  If you play it, feel free to ping me, but don't search me out to wreck my base of operations! If you need a great Alliance to is by invitation only...I am the gatekeeper!

So yeah, played a good game of 40K last night.  1000 points.  Of course the club night was at 1500 points, but my opponent is just jumping back in with a new Necron force - 2 boxes of the Retribution Phalanx.  We had Maelstrom Mission #3.  So his force was basically 2 Overlords (one as the WL), 2 Stalkers, 2 units of warriors, and 2 units of Scarabs.  Special rule for each detachments is essentially a never-ending swarm of Scarabs or Warriors appearing next to each Overlord as each unit is eliminated...The Stalkers give the units +1BS.  So yeah, it was nasty!

I'd pared down an existing 1650 list to just:

Sanguinary Pries w/ PAxe, Jump pack
Assault squad, 10, Jump packs, 2 MG, 1 IP, 1 PAxe
Tac Squad, 6, FL, fast Las-Plas Razorback
Tac Squad, 5, FL, fast Las-Plas Razorback
Death Co, 5, Jump packs, PFist, PSword
Siege Dread, Frag Cannon, HF/DCCW, Pod w/ SB

We went 5 turns. It was good to be back in the game.  it was interesting to revisit how survivable Necrons would be and how effective Empyric Strike or Gaus weapons would be.

I got first blood.

I lost the dread, pod, and Razorbacks and Death Company.

My opponent lost 3-unit equivalents of Scarabs and 1-unit of Warriors, of course all came back...

Low scoring game at 1,000 points - Blood Angels for the Win at 7 to 6 points!

Anyways!  Good to be back!

Sadly - the first thing I also had to do yesterday was withdraw from a 40K invitational event!  I have a event I have to be responsible for that same weekend.  Oh well!  Since I can't be at a FLGS or special event that weekend, at least i can get into Rogue Assault and rack up some points and get some more recruits going!

Enough for me -  How is you 40K going?