Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Roboute? Is that You?

Hey there faithful / faithless readers!

As Spring encroaches ever more and ski season comes to its annual conclusion, I have been able to get some 40K games back on the schedule!  Throughout the Winter time, I have been dutifully reading White Dwarf magazine (returning to the best again in its updated format), and picking up the new Campaign Supplements as quickly as they get published.

As for the latest of the books, it is awesome to see conclusion of this three book set.  Of course, the writers (again) jump the shark with tales of huge losses and compressed time scales that border on the "not well mapped out".  It is awesome to see the Ultramarines 3rd Company engaged and great photos.  And ultimately, Roboute Guilliman is healed from stasis and returns as a living Primarch to the game system.

Of course, I am going to get Roboute as a model, and soon will have him on the tabletop for battle. If you are a pro-painter, and want a commission, just let me know how much a Roboute commission would be, and maybe I'll get back to you!  As a centerpiece model, he'd be awesome for your portfolio and my travel case! As you know I can paint my own stuff to table top goodness pretty quickly, but sometimes you just need to consider the alternative!

One of the issues that immediately arises is how RG will show up in games.  Since apparently 40K is losing its "constraints" we now see all of these new characters seemingly able to join in other factions as replacement HQs/MCs/WLs.  That will ultimately be crazy.  Example - within hours of the model's release, my favorite characters at the Long War were podcasting list ideas having RG accompany a Spacewolf CAD mostly full of wolves.  Later on, after they might have added some thinking to it, they came up with list ideas having RG in an Ultramarines CAD with Tigurius in a conclave, all to make him into a teleported/shunted/invisible bludgeon that crashes into the opponent on turn 2.

At my local FLGS, I have only seen one player with the model...(so far)....

I worked to get paired with him for club night, in part to get in a game with an old friend, but also to see RG in action!!!

1500 Points - Maelstrom, Contact Lost
Blood Angels vs Ultramarines

I used "an older list" - euphamistically named Fratris Rev2:
(Nothing says I can hurt you like a Baal Strike Force)

Librarian, Warlord, level 2, FS, PP, JP
Sanguinary Priest, PAxe, JP

Sanguinary Guard (5), PFs(2), Angelus Boltguns(3), Encarmine Swords(3), Infernous Pistols(2), Death Masks, JPs

Death Company (6), PAxe, PF, PS, JPs

Assault Squad (5), 2 MG, MB, Drop Pod, SB

Assault Squad (10), Veteran sergeant, PF, Infernous, 2MG, JPs

Tac Squad (5), FL, Baal Razorback w/ Las-Plas

Tac Squad (5), FL, Baal Razorback w/ Las-Plas

Predator, TLAutoC, HB Sponsons

Baal Pred, TLAssCan, HB Sponsons

So yeah, the purpose of this all-comers list is to get in to assault you, with a few small fast units to get objectives. My warlord trait was useless (BA#6) for this game.  Librarian Spells were from the Sanguinary deck - Quickening, Shield, and Wings.

OPFOR - Ultramarines CAD

MC - Roboute Guilliman / Warlord

HQ - Chapter Master w/ PS, orb bom

Elite - Sternguard (5), double melta, PS, Drop Pod
Elite - Sternguard (5), double grav, PS, Drop Pod

Tactical (10), PG, PC, one marine as the SM special marine swap-in.
Tactical (10), PG, PC

Heavy - Whirlwind Scorpius

Heavy - Sicaran w/ HB Sponsons

Heavy - Dev Squad, 2xPC

Terrain was an ice planet with a few ruins.  One objective was placed on a hill near center - the others were all placed around, most in the open or on a hill.  The Blood Angels won the roll to choose sides, and grabbed the side with the most objectives.  The Ultramarines set up first, and went first.  The Ultramarines deployed with RG in the center, the Scorpius opposite the BA lef, and the remainder of the force concentrated on the BA right.

Strategic decision - I decided to hold the jump pack units all in reserves.  The reason being, I figured that until the scorpius was eliminated, nothing was safe from its 1+D3 AP3 small blast templates.  At that point, I should have just decided to come in from the deployment edge rather than Deep Strike, but did not with consequences to come.

Strategic decision - I decided to keep away from RG.  There is no reasonable way to eliminate that model from play. He is slow, the opponent has no way to make him move faster.

Turn 1
The Ultramarines MG / pod squad came in on my far right flank to pop the tac squad's razorback. First blood.  He also damaged/immobilized his Sicaran on a hill, and also damaged/immob'd my predator and damaged the leftmost razorback.  My rightmost squad's razzorback was exploded and the squad pinned. RG stomped his way towards the center. One point for an objective.

In response, I dropped my pod at the Scorpius on an objective.  The MG squad dismounted.  Scorpius exploded. Shuffled other stuff about a bit.  Shot a few rounds here and there.  Scored an objective - score is now 2:1.

Turn 2
The other Grav-Stern Pod squad comes in...deviates off the board and the Mishap result has me place it in the far upper right corner.  RG continues to stompo towards the center.  On the far right, the MG Stern line up to charge my dismounted troops.  Charge goes in, we are stuck in combat.  Both sergeants kill each other. Scores an objective point.

The BA 10-man assault squad arives from reserves.  I drop it opposite of the left-most UM tac squad, hoping to wipe them out or break them.  I cause casualties but they fail to break...still has the PC. Crap. I score nothing.  Score is now 3:1.

Turn 3
UMs reposition, RG holding the center.  Attention is placed on my assault squad (10) and podded assault squad.  In the end of shooting, I've lost 8 assault marines. In the far right, I lose assault with the Sternguard, but we are still holding.  RG uses fleet to pull off an 11-inch charge to reach the assault squad - wipes them out with the Emperoro's blade at I6.  The UMs score about 5 points - Assendancy and others.  On my turn, the Librarian/Sanguinary Priest/Guard deep strike at a great location on the right flank.  I deviate onto the ongoing combat.  Mishap roll of 1.  420 points of army just evaporates. Crap.  The death company comes in to the same exact spot.  Sticks the landing. In the shooting phase I finish off the UM tac squad, and I can see RG is itching to head after the isolated units remaining on that table half.  I score maybe 2 points for objectives. Score is now 9:3 (including STWL for the UMs due to my mishap).

Turn 4
RG lines up to crush my drop pod, other units move forward to try and lock down or engage the death company.  I lose the drop pod in assault, and just one DC marine.  On my turn, I move up to clear the last sternguard from my depluyment zone, and my remaining assault marines head for the far left corner, away from RG.  Other shooting does some damage but not much.  The DC kills the remaining sternguard in assault, and moves to cover awaiting the UM response. Score is like 10:4.

Turn 5
RG moves to the upper left but fails the charge on the 2 hidden assault marines.  The Chapter Master of the UMs drops his Orbital Bombardment template on the DC - it deviates a bit and I lose two.  4 DC remain.  No points scored.  My DC advance to attack the nearest (other) tac squad.  Shooting support and such sees them wiped out in the assault phase.  With that and a few other objectives (assendancy).  The score is now 10:7.

We both get linebreaker as the game ends.  11:8.  Ultramarines win.

Overall, it was a fun, fast paced game. Underall, it sucked to lose nearly a third of my force to a mishap. Had that dice been different, the game could have reached a different conclusion!

It was cool to play in a game vs RG. That said, My opponent could have been much more aggressive with the model!  And yes, I did shoot at RG when there were no other targets, but he made every saving throw. Good win for the Ultramarines!

Overall, I still think this list for Blood Angels is a good one.  I just got to get better at playing it right! That said, when do I start playing UMs again?  Soon....maybe....


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bad Robots! Blood Angels vs Necrons


As work slowed a bit and Ski Season grinds toward Spring, 40K Season returns to my Bunker!

First off - I had been playing the game Mobile Strike on my Phone for over a year.  it was truly fun, but without spending huge sums of $$, the game went out of reach for me.  So i have lots of gold for 30-day shields...Instead of playing that I'm now playing a far cooler game - Rogue Assault.  It is really fun, lots of great actual graphics, three modes of play, and I'm in a cool Alliance - the Assyrians - with my typical gamer tag - Maj Ming.  I work in that alliance as a mid-level recruiter and mentor.  Overall, it is a great experience.  If you play it, feel free to ping me, but don't search me out to wreck my base of operations! If you need a great Alliance to is by invitation only...I am the gatekeeper!

So yeah, played a good game of 40K last night.  1000 points.  Of course the club night was at 1500 points, but my opponent is just jumping back in with a new Necron force - 2 boxes of the Retribution Phalanx.  We had Maelstrom Mission #3.  So his force was basically 2 Overlords (one as the WL), 2 Stalkers, 2 units of warriors, and 2 units of Scarabs.  Special rule for each detachments is essentially a never-ending swarm of Scarabs or Warriors appearing next to each Overlord as each unit is eliminated...The Stalkers give the units +1BS.  So yeah, it was nasty!

I'd pared down an existing 1650 list to just:

Sanguinary Pries w/ PAxe, Jump pack
Assault squad, 10, Jump packs, 2 MG, 1 IP, 1 PAxe
Tac Squad, 6, FL, fast Las-Plas Razorback
Tac Squad, 5, FL, fast Las-Plas Razorback
Death Co, 5, Jump packs, PFist, PSword
Siege Dread, Frag Cannon, HF/DCCW, Pod w/ SB

We went 5 turns. It was good to be back in the game.  it was interesting to revisit how survivable Necrons would be and how effective Empyric Strike or Gaus weapons would be.

I got first blood.

I lost the dread, pod, and Razorbacks and Death Company.

My opponent lost 3-unit equivalents of Scarabs and 1-unit of Warriors, of course all came back...

Low scoring game at 1,000 points - Blood Angels for the Win at 7 to 6 points!

Anyways!  Good to be back!

Sadly - the first thing I also had to do yesterday was withdraw from a 40K invitational event!  I have a event I have to be responsible for that same weekend.  Oh well!  Since I can't be at a FLGS or special event that weekend, at least i can get into Rogue Assault and rack up some points and get some more recruits going!

Enough for me -  How is you 40K going?



Friday, January 27, 2017

I am the Resistance

Captain Jean Moulin, surrounded by his bodyguards, stalked through the caverns and tunnels, visiting platoons, clusters of civilian refugees, and packs of servitors.  Space was cramped but manageable.  He was surrounded by the survivors of the 76th Infantry Regiment, of Cadia.  Their location was several hundred meters underground in a cavern system that had been hollowed out over 250 years ago, beneath the low mountains above Cadia Tertius.  The caverns had been created at this depth to provide cover from any orbital bombardment.  The 76th had been here since the main fighting stages of the 13th Black Crusade of Abaddon, having fought a retreat to the underground immediately on word that the Black Stone Fortress in orbit had been destroyed and wreckage might begin raining down onto the surface.  Ancient blast doors had been opened and then closed and sealed, leaving a chaos host - mainly cultists and daemons - outside. Their fate was unknown, but there was no sign of pursuit. The doors were too massive for anything but a direct hit from a novacannon to open. 

Captain Moulin had been with the regimental Vox team when the brief word of the impending doom was transmitted, had been knocked from his feet in the shock wave, and heard the later orders for units to retreat to what remained of the naval fleet for off-world evacuation. Moulin and his Regiment determined to remain behind. Cadia was their home.  On one hand, Moulin's logisticians offered that the cavern spaces contained maybe a year's worth of rations and wartime supplies for the survivors. On the other hand, Moulin estimated it might take four years before the massive might of the Imperial Guard could return to Cadia proper and relieve his command.  

It was going to be a long time of effort and hard work.  

In one cavern, a group of maybe 35 Whiteshield recruits cheered for him "Cadia Stands!".  

The Vox team setup and tested some old, unused communications cables that extended who knows where.  They were chagrinned to find other voxcasters elsewhere had done the same. At least it seemed that they were linked to other survivor groups on Cadia. Moulin ordered that no coordinates or locations for any group would be collected or transmitted over the unsecured Vox net. It was highly likely that taitor and cultist units were searching for such groups to exterminate them.     

On the blast doors leading to the surface, someone had painted in gothic letters...

I Am The Resistance

Regimental engineers were currently mapping the caverns and tunnels at his disposal.  Air ventillation and water were high on the priority list.  It had only been a few days since the disaster struck. But the first goal would be survival and data gathering. The blast doors were guarded.  They were not to be opened at all.  Other means of eggress would have to be discovered.  In fact, the source of lighting and power for the caverns themselves had not yet been known.  Old tech was often the best, mused Moulin.  

Moulin was determined that resistance would not be futile. He continued his inspection.  

Friday, January 6, 2017

Chaos Inbound

Well, I had some fun the other day after reading Traitors Hate.  That book is the "companion" to the version focused on the Blood Angels - this book covers the events - the direct Precursor to the upcoming Fall of Cadia - from the Chaos viewpoint.

On one hand, I was very disappointed that there was not more in the book from the "new" and unique Crimson Slaughter warband - their leader, Sevastus Kranon - deserved at least his own data slate and warband sheet, but alas, it was a missed opportunity for the writers!  No other warband seems to be haunted by the screaming ghosts of their own victims, and seemed to cause as much terror and seemed to grow in strength as much as these guys.

Overall, I know GW has models suitable for these guys.  I love their fluff, that the Black legion sent them in on the first wave, basically as cannon fodder.

Kranon has now "left the conflict" with the survivors of his warband and look to exact revenge on the Black legion.

On the other hand, the book brings up the usual basic flaw of all 40K books for GW....

....Their narrative for these massive fights / campaigns are flawed by NOT having enough marines (chaos or otherwise) to sustain the story they narrate.

It was funny that they put force org charts in this latest book...Kranon's first wave attackers against a heavily defended Imperial / Mechanicus consisted of entirely three tanks and 41 marines, and a dreadnought. It is silly, because the enemy are in the thousands, and the descriptions are two massive for such a small warband.  If anything, it needed another box containing 10,000 cultists and 10 Titans...

OK, second wave was Khorne led by Kharn.  Similar issues. The narrative includes chaos cultists, more titans...but they don't really account for it.

Third wave was a surgical black legion strike force, all to accomplish the real mission.

I'm guessing right now that the Chaos mission is flawed.  The Black legion Sorcerer believes he is opening a trapped prison full of demons...

I'm thinking he unwittingly found Trayzyn the Infinite's vault...and unlocked it.

That would be ironic...not only might there be a bunch of C'Tan Shards in there, but...a Primarch...

Anyhow...I digress...

In November and December I was given two transport boxes...things might get interesting...2000 points of Chaos Marines, plus a Demon Prince and 10 Bloodletters?  Hmm....I don't know who originally owned them.  Table ready, plus or minus some repairs.

It is a pretty weak warband right out of the transport cases.  Kharn is the recognizable HQ choice.  2 units of Berserkers. 5 terminators (all different). 3 Bikers. 5 Havocs (one of each heavy weapon). 3 Rhinos, 1 all-las pred, 1 landraider. Some debris that might be Chosen or something like that.  Overall, the non-berserker units need some retooling and love.  Not enough special weapons...not enough means to deploy these guys into assault directly.

Overall, anyone want to trade 10 old-school metal bloodletters for a new box of spawn or a real box of something else from the Chaos marine line?  Demonsd are all the rage...I'm interested to get a box of chaos marines, a chaos lord, and/or maybe another box of chaos bikers.  That would give me the pieces I need to really upgrade them.  Eventually two Helldrakes...Need to keep the Prince, just in case someone upgrades to one in-game...same for the spawn...probably need one per character, LOL...

The big question becomes - Upgrade their painting and basing to be Black Legion and Khorne/Kharn, or go thematic and go Crimson Slaughter / Khorne/Kharn...I don't know at this point.  That said...I have the next book on pre-order...

Friday, December 23, 2016

The Sector is Looking Grim

Epistolary Librarian Angelus and Sanguinary Priest Marus Looked on as their Stormraven, Crimson Specter, was refueled and rearmed.  The 5th Company, or more correctly, the remnants of the 5th Company, and half a company of "attached" death company marines and chaplains, was making haste in their Strike Cruiser to another planet in the Cadian Gate Sector.  Something was going on, something bad, in the sector.  Captain Sendini and another detachment from 5th Company was en route to rendezvous with them and provide needed support.  

Commander Dante had left them earlier that day, heading swiftly out ahead of the fleet in his own Strike Cruiser, to get a better idea of what was going on.  All Angelus and Marus could do was to stand grim faced in the hangar bay. Watching the preparations.  The Blood Angels did not trade in rumors. In the far corner of the hangar was the dreadnought storage bay - now only occupied by the still form of the Death Company dreadnought Titus.  Yellow strobing hazard lights on the door were testament to its occupancy, and a visible warning for the fleet servitors and deck officers to stay clear. 

Of particular note in the battle reports that Angelus had submitted to Captain Sendini were the recent victories of the remnant company, with the support of commander Dante, over chaos marines in the Sector.  He had seen other reports from his librarian brethren of the larger conflict and battle, and the reported appearance of the Sanguinor, who had turned the tide of battle.  Regardless, first company losses had been grim, and a chaos tainted planet destroyed.  The carnage and threat of this current chaos and daemon incursion was running above all projections. Messages had been sent to Terra to notify the leadership at the highest level that all levels of support were needed as a priority.  Word came swiftly back of another large incursion elsewhere, that also needed to be addressed, something concerning Fenris.  


Monday, December 12, 2016

5th Company Stirs

Epistolary Angelus and Sanguinary Priest Marus waited in the dust, jump packs giving off a low roar as they idled.  It had been some time since the 5th Company Blood Angels had been on firm ground.  In the days and weeks prior they had been ordered by Dante to return to Baal, in order to address a Tyranid threat.  Then they were directed to this place.  On arrival from the warp, however, 5th Company's transports had been psychically assailed. In the moments after, it was clear that many of 5th Company's marines were altered, the black rage overcoming many. And then, responding to the decision of the task force leadership, 5th Company was to be unleashed to the fight below.  Angelus and Marus marveled at their possible fate.  Death may await them here.

1750 Points, Maelstrom Mission #1

Hey everyone! I had the opportunity to get in tho my FLGS and get in a great game.  I did not have my new copy of the Angel's Blade supplement, so I just grabbed the last 1750 point Blood Angels list I'd created back in April or March of 2016, to use it as a refresher on playing Blood Angels.

The basic list:
More or less:

Epistolary Angelus, level 2 Librarian, Sanguinary Discipline, Warlord, PAxe, PlasmaP, Jump pack
Sanguinary Priest Marus, PAxe

Death Company, 5, PFist, PSword
Death Company Dreadnought Titus, twin blood talons, SB, MG
Stormraven Crimson Spectre, TLLC, TLMM, 4xSS Missiles

Tactical Squad, 5, flamer, MB, Razorback with LC/TLPP
Tactical Squad, 5, flamer, MB, Razorback with LC/TLPP

Assault squad, 5, 2xMG, MB, Drop Pod with SB
Assault squad, 5, 2xMG, MB, Drop Pod with SB
Assault squad, 10, PF, Infernous pistol, 2xMG, jump packs

Predator, AC/HB Sponsons, upcharged engine
Predator, AC/HB Sponsons, upcharged engine

OPFOR List (Space Wolves with Grey Knight and Space Marine Allies, Unbound)

Approx list: 

Njal Stormcaller
Thunderwolf Calvary, 3, TH/SS
Grey Hunters, 10

Sternguard, 10, 10xcombimeltas
Dreadnought, AC/SB

Stormraven, TLLC, TLMM, 4xSS missiles

Grey Knight Captain, TA
Grey Knight Terminators, 10

The terrain was set up as rocky hills in a desert area with some ruins and a chaos idol mid-table.  We placed out objectives mostly in the region between the deployment zones.  I won the roll off to choose table edges, so I kept the edge with the best LOS blocking terrain.  I also won the roll to set up first. I decided to go second.  I deployed with my two small tactical squads on my left, wanting to threaten the three objectives there.  The two Preds were placed centrally. Angelus, Marus, and the assault squad were on the far right flank.  Everything else was reserved. My opponent immediately placed Njal, attached to the Grey Knights, opposite Angelus, with a hill between us.  His Thundercav was placed in the center, and the grey Hunters upper far left.  His remaining units were in reserves. Frankly, I had no idea that the Grey Knights were all terminators with halberds...much less that my opponent had 6 points or so of warp charge on the table to my 2.   

The Game
The opponent basically moves forward everywhere, shooting was light, spells were cast (hammerhand, force), but no points earned.  On my turn, the first drop pod comes in, centrally.  I lined up as many guns as possile on the thndercav and wipe them out for first blood, and I also scored an objective (on the far right), and something else for three points.

Second turn, the OPFOR reserves fail to arrive (fully loaded Stormraven). The Knights move up, the grey hunters do some shooting.  Overall, I lose just one assault marine.  On my turn, I'm now realizing that my measly assault force, warlord, and priest are directly opposite the equivalent of 12 force-wielding terminators.  I do the best thing I can, moving 12 inches away, and then in the psychic phase move another 12 inches...and then run them in the shooting phase.  My Stormraven arrived, and as it flew straight in on the table the full 36 inches, I drop off the death company squad whi stick the landing, and the dreadnought, who also sticks the landing.  I move the vehicles around to get shots on the Knights and Grey Hunters.  The Stormraven shoots and kills the OPFOR warlord - selected as the Knight terminator captain.  I get more points to make it about 6:0.

Third turn, results in the Grey Knight being wiped out, and I have an immobile predator.  I'm staring down the incoming OPFOR Stormraven.

Fourth turn, the OPFOR stormraven discharges its Sternguard and dreadnought right in front of my librarian's squad. It results in an assault that would last into turn 5.  The OPFOR stomraven explodes a predator.  The Gray Knights are slowly walking towards the sound of battle.  In my turn, I wreck the OPFOR Stormraven, and start moving assets to my opponents deployment zone, and moving the DC up to get after the remnant Sternguard and Dreadnought.

Turn five, my opponent had dispatched Angelus and Marus, but were depleted.  My DC charge wit support charge the remaining Sternguard and wipe them out, but with a bad overwatch roll I'm down to one DC member.  Turn 6, my opponent moves his dreadnought to attack Titus.  In my turn, we complete the charge, and basically wreck each other in combat.  

Turn 7, I wrap things up. Final Score - 19 to 6.  

Blood Angels WIN!!!!!


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Dante Visits 5th Company for Battle

One of the problems about some special characters is that they are best left for the largest of games.  I’d never used Dante in a game until last week.  The Infernous Bolter keeps falling off the model.  I’m going to have to pin it…

Can you imagine what my 5th Company Leader, Librarian Angelus, would be thinking when Chapter Master Dante would arrive? Well, with the issues I’ve had, it might be worth it!

2000 Points vs White Scars

All I did was take my 1750 list (last post) and add to it Dante (Lord of War), and two tactical marines.  Everything else was the same.  Angelus would continue to draw from Biomancy.  For the Battle, Dante would be the Warlord.  He comes stock with his own trait, plus the second one.  For that I rolled – lead by example.  Figures…

My opponent had a tooled up White Scars force – basically two CADs – each pretty much the same, so something in total like:

Chapter Masters on bike, shield eternal, power axe, orbital bombardment
Chapter Master in terminator armor, storm shield, power sword

Command squad, 5x Bikes, power swords, 1 apothecary
Command squad, 5 bikes, 5 grav guns

Bike squad, 5+, melta guns, combimelta
Bike squad, 5+, grav guns, combigrav

Dev squad, 5 marines, ML, AA, Rhino
Dev squad, 5 marines, ML, AA

Attack bikes, 3, MMs

Tac squad, 5 marines, melta, combimelta, drop pod
Tac squad, 5 marines, melta, combimelta, drop pod

More or less.

I did not take photos. 

We were playing the scenario where you get 1 more tactical mission card per turn.  Hammer and Anvil.

My opponent deployed first, determined to go first.  He pretty much deployed as a mirror of himself, devs right and left, rhino centerline, bikes split right and left.  The Pods in reserve also held the Terminator Chapter Master. 

I deployed strong along the center, behind LOS blocking terrain, spread out a bit due to the incoming orbital bombardment.  I needed to see where he’d commit his forces.  I hold the Furioso (w/pod), DC, DC dread, and Stormraven in reserve. 

Turn 1
The White Scar bikers advance near evenly right and left.  The drop pod for Turn 1 drops right in front of my left flank.  In shooting, his meltaguns hit and damage the Baal Predator “Crimson Blade”, while grav/multimelta fire wrecks a razorback.  The orbital bombardment drops in on my assault squad plus Dante/Angelus/Marus (Sanguinary priest).  I lose three assault marines and do not break.  My opponent scores like 4 points including first blood.

In response, Dante is in charge range of the podded tactical squad.  He sets the tone and advances left, taking his attached squad and HQ characters with him.  With that pretty much I’m committing to a left flank attack.  My Furioso Pod drops between his left rear devs and rhino. The dismounted tac squad from the wrecked Razorback sets out a right flank picket. 

In shooting, the surviving Razorback and Baal Pred “Crimson Hammer” kill a few jinking bikes from the left most biker squads.  “Crimson Blade” fired at bikers advancing up the center, getting them to jink.  The Furioso frag-cannons and flames the dev squad, taking down 4 of 5 marines.  In assault, Dante leads the charge on the White Scar pod squad.  I roll short and can’t combined assault on the pod.  I settle for near happiness when Dante singlehandedly at WS7, S7, I7 wipes out the squad.  However, that leaves me exposed to a White Scars shooting response.  I roll low on consolidation too, but spread out what I can.  I might have scored a point for holding an objective. 

Turn 2
The second White Scar drop pod arrives, about 18 inches forward from Dante, to shore up the White Scars on my left.  Everything else advances, with his other Chapter Master and command squad bikers heading towards my right flank picket.  (Tactical note – I wanted him to take that bait – I needed him delayed down there to allow me time for my reserves to arrive).  My opponent, warry of Dante, line up to shoot at him and his retinue.  The second orbital bombardment hits and deviates, so I lose 3 more assault marines.  In shooting, I lose another assault marine, and Marus takes a bullet.  My right flank tac squad survives shooting and gets charged.  In the rear, the Furioso dreadnought gets damaged, but the enemy charge distance fails.  The assault on the tac squad ends with me having two marines surviving and outrunning the bikers.  The score is now something like 5-1.

On my turn, the reserve roll brings in the Stormraven.  It flies in on the right flank, lining itself up on the second echelon attack bikes.  The DC occupants are itchy, but I won’t release them!  The two lonely Tac marines return to their picket position.  Crimson Blade also looks to shoot at the attack bikes, while the razorback and Crimson Hammer wheel around to shoot the command squad.  Dante and retinue advance to get at assaulting the newly arrived Chapter Master #2.  Shooting is largely ineffective, bikes jinking, and the biker command squad tanking hits off the Master’s shield.  In assault, Dante’s squad hits home again, while the Furioso hits the bike squad.  I issue a challenge, and while the Chapter Master survives with a wound, his tac squad retinue is dead.  The Furioso kills the remaining leftmost bikers.  I score some points for kills and we are something like 5-3.

Turn 3
My opponent is now on the back foot.  His left flank is gone, and I’m heading towards his rear on the next turn.  His MM attack bikes and the AA ML shoot at the (jinking) stormraven and they don’t scratch the paint.  He decides that instead of continuing the end run around my rear, the Master and command squad would pull back up the right a bit, and his central bikes would head after the Furioso.  In shooting, the Furioso loses its last two HPs to grav bikes.  In assault, Dante kills off Chapter Master #2.  Score is 6-4.

On my turn, the jinked Stormraven goes to hover mode and deploys the DC marines (to go after the attack bikes) and the DC Dread (to go after the Master and Command Squad). 

My remaining demi-tac-squad dismounts and heads after the original WS drop pod.  It is on an objective that I want.  The Razorback heads out to hunt down that last left-flank Dev and hold another objective.  Crimson Blade pushes forward to an objective with LOS on the attack bikes.  Crimson Hammer also sits on an objective to shoot at the Master and Command squad (bikers). Dante and retinue head after the bikers that took down the Furioso.  In the psychic phase, Angelus casts a spell that wounds a biker and regains Marus his lost wound.  The left left Dev survivor is eliminated by plasma.  I wreck an attack bike and maybe one or two of the command squad bikers.  In assault, Dante and retinue kill off their target, the DC marines kill off the last attack bikes, and Titus the DC Dread gets locked in combat with the master and Command Squad Bikers – as the Master essentially tanked all the wounds on his shield!  The score advances with me having a good turn to something like 6-8. 

Turn 4-5-6
My opponent is losing his army fast.  Titus actually is wrecked by a meltabomb from the Master on Turn 4, which frees up the Master and Command bikers to go on to other mayhem, including killing the DC marines.  In the meantime, I eliminate everything the White scars have except for Drop pod #2 and the Master.

Game ends with the White Scars having linebreaker. 

Wrap Up
Final score - White Scars 8, Blood Angels 11. 

Another great and fun game.  I did forget a few things – IIRR I lost the Stormraven (it got assaulted by I forgot it was back to flying).  Dante has more special rules to remember.  Although lead by example is a great command trait, it never came up as Dante never stopped to score an objective.  At the end he was hopping back to go chase down that surviving biker Chapter Master.  That combat would have happened too except for the game ending. 

Overall, I’m feeling a bit more confident in some of these games.  I’m at the point in game play speed and such that I can make tactical decisions during the game that my opponents have to react to.  They may not be the best decisions, but I think if  keep the Blood Angels in play for a bit more I’ll get a much better win streak going!

On the back table it was all about demon players thinking about Magnus…I think I’m headed for a long cold winter.  The upcoming 2000 point tournament in 10 days may see Magnus and Pink Horrors hitting tables in force…Maybe I need to drop Angelus and two or three tac marines to bring in Mephiston…hmmmmmm