Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Up-scaling Blood Angels to 1750

I have a minor tournament at my FLGS on Saturday, 1750 points.  But September is such a busy time!

For the sake of consistency, I'm continuing my theme of using all of the painted death company marines in my collection and supporting units (Battalion plus vanguard detachment, 9 CP) and then added to it exactly 250 points of Astra Militarum (Catachans Battalion, 5 CP):

Blood Angels (1500):

  • Company Captain with JP/TH/SS/AW relic (all set to become death company)
  • Chaplain Lemartes
  • Mephiston, LOD, smite, shield, wings, quick
  • Death Company, 10, with Jump Packs, 2 PA, 3 PS, 1 PF, 1 TH
  • Death Company on Foot, 10
  • Death Company Dread, Blood Talons, melta, storm bolter, magna grapple
  • 3 tactical squads, 5 ea, 1 flamer
  • Stormraven Gunship, TLLC/TLMM, HBs, 2 SSMLs
  • 3 Flamer Aggressors

Astra Militarum (Catachans, 250):

  • 2 company commanders (las pistols and chain swords) (more relics)
  • 1 Infantry squad with a flamer
  • 2 Infantry squads, no upgrades
  • 1 special weapons squad, 3 snipers
  • 1 heavy weapons squad (3 mortars)

My intent was to go all-Angels and include a Jump Lieutenant and Plasma Inceptors, but I'm not done yet with them - who knows? Maybe I'll have them done before the weekend!

This current list does let me 14 CP, and the ability to maybe farm up some more.  One of the things for me to remember is that the Blood Angels stratagems do allow me some interesting things that I'm learning from my favorite battle reports and bloggers.

1. You can turn more than 1 character to death company using the stratagems.  If I add in the Lieutenant, he becomes more resilient and benefits from the black rage and, it helps on making sure the Captain and others really max out on wound production.

2. You can use two stratagems on turn 1 to get the Death Company into position - one to get the jump squad a free move and advance forward, the other to bring Lemartes forward with them. Let the jump pack death company use the 3D6 assault rerollable, on turn 1.

3. The warlord trait that supports the Captain best (5+FNP when he goes DC), ALSO gives a reroll 1's on that FNP...I have no idea how many times I did not remember that!

4. I have to see if I can get another Death Company marine (on foot) modeled and done, to get some of the power weapons spread around.  It would be good to have a hidden thunder hammer in there.  Speaking of which, the power axes on the jump DC just need to go...in this edition, power axes seem like a waste of points for blood angels compared to power swords or other choices.

5. Overall, between pre-game CP uses and the deployment CP uses, I'd end up starting the game with about 8 CP remaining. The key is to get the Astra Militarum deployed first, so their relics can possibly recover the 3+ or so CPs the Blood Angels use in deploying or turn 1.

As for the Astra Militarum, I have a interesting conundrum.  Models.  Frankly I'd drop the snipers for another heavy weapon squad - but I'm out of mortars!  Heavy bolters cost a bit too much for a swap. Also, I'm using the Catachan faction, but the models are bog standard guard in green and tan with no red bandannas or big giant knives...

If anyone local wants to trade some Catachans for some Tallarn, let me know!  I'll consolidate to Catachan if you want some cool (metal) Tallarn characters and about two squads worth of infantry all painted and ready to go!  Painted or unpainted or in the box Catachans are fine...I only have about 2.5 squads worth of Catachans at the moment and more are needed!

I love the Catachans for their +1 S and ability to reroll flamer hits.  As you may recall, my earlier 2000 point list swapped out the company commanders for Strakken and a Lord Commissar. Strakken adds a lot of fun when running a small force he can lead. Overall, keeping the Catachans in my list (as above) means I need to cull out some Astra Militarum stratagems, relics, and a cheat sheet on their orders! It all adds up in complexity...this gets me thinking...if I drop the flamer from the bloos angels tac squad, I can give those points to the Catachans for another flamer...

Overall, this list will give me a large number of bodies...could be interesting! Hope to practice on Wednesday and Friday...going 2-1 for the day on Saturday would be awesome.


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Just Fix It

I've been catching up on my favorite podcasts this week, and it has been fun to hear all the NOVA stories.

Interestingly, everyone now seems to be madly awaiting the Games Workshop FAQ, and most somehow want to see two things "fixed" in the FAQ - some issue with knights, but more importantly the CP Farm (using Astra Militarum Relics to create a pathway to recover lots of CPs during the game, to boost your "real" units).

Nobody wants to say it so I will.

The FAQ just needs to state that for MATCHED PLAY, all relics that you take (if any at all) are only from your warlord's faction.  Period. 

The result - you can still get CP's from your Astra Militarum allies, but one of the HQ units of the Astra Militarum becomes your warlord.  Not a Knight.  Not a Slam-Captain.  Maybe just your cheap company commander.  No Angels Wing.  No relic Knight whatever part. 

To me that seems to be the way relics were written into the original codexes.  To me that seems to go with the way that the stratagem was worded.  The FAQ just has to state the obvious. 

Now haters are gonna hate, but to me it is simple.  FAQ worthy.  A clarification.

The Podcasters all want to actually "change" the actual wording so that a variety of other changes occur.  All sorts of other ideas like, you can only recover one CP per phase, or CPs can only be used by the faction that generated them. 

I say, just fix it. 

As an aside, some of my favorite Podcasters are in the Carolinas.  Good luck to you all in the impending weather, keep your battlefoam close. You can use it as an emergency flotation device if needed.  6 Pack 720s can be lashed together for a personal raft. 

All for now.  As always, what do you think?



Monday, August 27, 2018

19 years of Gaming at Crossroads! A new gaming year begins!

It was a great weekend.  Can you believe I've been dabbling in Warhammer 40K at Crossroad Games now for 19 years? Dang! But it has been a fun 19 years!

This weekend included a 1500 point 40K tournament.  It was a good format, every game had a primary using maelstrom cards worth a maximum of 15 points, and ITC secondaries worth up to 12 points, so perfect games were capped at 27 points.  Each game was set for 2 hour rounds including deployment.  Only the deployment map was different for each game. 

My list was cobbled together (no time to try it out), but my theme was to use all of the painted death company marines in my collection (Battalion plus vanguard detachment, 9 CP):

Company Captain with JP/TH/SS/AW relic (all set to become death company)
Chaplain Lemartes
Mephiston, LOD, smite, shield, wings, quick
Death Company, 10, with Jump Packs, 2 PA, 3 PS, 1 PF, 1 TH
Death Company on Foot, 10
Death Company Dread, Blood Talons, melta, storm bolter, magna grapple
3 tactical squads, 5 ea, 1 flamer
Stormraven Gunship, TLLC/TLMM, HBs, 2 SSMLs

I ended up in 5th place, with 40 points total.  In my three games, the win versus lost was by just a single point.  Here are some thoughts on each game:

My opponent only had the codex for about 24 hours at best.  He led with Njal, a character on wolf, 3 squads of grey hunters (5 ea), 1 blood claws pack (5), 6 or so wulfen with lots of TH/SS, and wold riders maxed on TH/SS, and a flyer.

The Wolfen and Wolf riders were the nastiest to deal with.  Probably 6 or more TH/SS in total, with multi-wound models to wreck your game.  Cinematic moment was when I got one grey hunter squad down to 1 model on turn 2, he used a strategem to turn that model into a character (a saga moment thing), who I then killed and got points for killing a character off a maelstrom card...Overall it was a great game, but the score was low, me losing 10-11.

This game was pretty fun all around, and we worked hard to squeeze in another turn to make sure we scored as high as we could.  IF ANYTHING, the format the TO used could cause these sorts of shenanigans as the game stops were kinda squishy.  After all, your standing for the day was based on total points earned for the day...I think my blood angels did really well in this game.  I captured alot of territory and kept the pressure on my opponent throughout.  IIRR I won about 14-13.  Best cinemagic moment was my death company captain Slamguinius taking out the enemy Defiler before any of the massed death company could swing. 

My opponent used all large model tyranids, none of the small stuff.  One could fly, and he his it out of view during deployment.  I had a maelstrom card for decapitating strike, and my Stormraven somehow got within charge range of his hidden flying tyrant.  That set a tone for the game, as I lost the Stormraven on Turn 1 to a combination of Smites and assault.  I accounted very well in the bug hunt though, and we had a very competitive game.  Turn 6 my opponent was ahead by 1 point,  On turn 7 I had Lemartes jump onto an objective, and with another secondary point I was ahead by 1 point.  The Bugs went last, and popped Lemartes for a point and grabbed another objective for a point, so I lost by 1 point.   No real unique cinemagic moments.  I lost this game 16-17. 

At the end of the day we had a single model painting comp, jury by competitors instead of a store judge (which I hate as a format).  I only entered my Lemartes model (its is OK, not awesome).  Overall, the painting win went to The Shiny Rhino with his power sword raven guard sergeant.  It was painted in a very cool dark grey scheme - almost but not quite black, with his own custom basing.  Very nice.  Most of the other entries were either garish or unfinished. 

On the way out I bought a box of plasma inceptors...dont know if I will use them for Blood Angels or hold them back for Ultramarines.  We shall see!

In my list above the weakest performers were the Blood Angels tactical squads.  I used them to hold objectives or score other maelstrom points.  Overall they folded quickly or did not have the damage output of their brethren.  But for 65 points a squad plus one 9 point flamer, they were just the filler I needed to have a Battalion. 

The winner of the day was using a low model count Death Guard list, plague haulers...nasty stuff like that! Finished with 72 points...so had a great day. 


Monday, August 20, 2018

Another Gaming Year Ends and the Next Begins

Well, long time readers, as you know, my gaming year goes August 16 to August 15, so another year has ended and my "record" for the year begins anew. 

This past year, while not the worst, certainly had its ups and downs. Finishing out the 2017-2018 year with 13 wins, 1 Draw, and 17 Losses is not that awesome, compared to say, 2014-2015, but it has been an interesting time!

Overall, I'll chalk this year's record to two major issue: (1) busy times mean less games; and (2) I'm outgunned again!

With those things in mind, I'll continue at least till December using my Blood Angels - Catachans combined arms teams.  I look (oath) to try and get some actual Catachan mortar teams and more Catachan infantry to make sure I can play more WYSIWYG, although I'm tempted to just swap the regimental key word to Cadian! Patience is important here, as we have yet to see the final codex releases for this year, and what they will mean to the overall game meta. Regardless, I just need more games under my belt!  The complexities of using all of the stratagems, etc., all boil down to practice makes perfect.  If I do anything, it will be to start upgrading to more Primaris marines and Dreadnoughts.  My own analysis does indeed confirm you get more bang for the buck - more wounds per point.  Every bit counts.  But who knows what I'll do in January!  Maybe bring back the guys in Blue? 

With emphasis on practice.  I bet I've said that a lot over the past 10 years of Warhammer 40K. 

I have maybe 3 games coming up this Saturday! It is Crossroad Games' store anniversary. 1500 points? Wish me luck as we go into the new year!

What are your own thoughts for 2018-2019? 


Friday, July 27, 2018

Rockport Invitational of Summer 2018

Time to clear out some photos and give a report!

Long time blog followers may recall that Berman, the blogger at "A Painted Life" hosts an invitational event up at his place in Rockport.  He starts with a list of about 16 invitees and it goes from there. 

The event this July was a lot of fun, and I hope to be at the next one!

In this event, players were put on teams of the Imperium vs everyone else.  Berman created a neat player packet with special rules for each table and special stratagem cards specific to each player! A big amount of effort went into this team organized but narrative format.  Team captains did the table and player pairings after each round.  Events on some tables impacted everyone in your team. 

I went with two wins and a loss for the day.  For me, game 1 was vs Orks, game 2 was vs adeptus mechanicus, and game 3 was a team game, of myself and a Grey Knights army vs a nurgle / chaos marine pairing.  Game 3 literally went down to the last few dice rolls to determine the fate.

Besides points for games, there were points for painting, and bonus points if you played with a special "beer hammer" deck. 

We had a great potluck BBQ between rounds 1 and 2. 

Overall it was an awesome day of Warhammer 40K!

Here is a download of some (not all) of my photos for the day - some pictures of some of the armies, and photos from my games 1 and 2 and 3. 

Here is my army for the day - Blood Angels (Vanguard and Spearhead) supported by a Catachan Battalion.  10 CPs to use.  6 different characters. Overall I did pretty great with the painting scores.  Note, because the Astra Militarum codex no longer has power axes for sergeants, those blue axes were all counts-as chainswords. I'm using the regular "Cadian" style troopers as Catachans (except the sniper team)...my existing collection of Catachans is pretty old and not set up the way I'd like them, so it looks like I need to get more! I'm hoping GamesWorkshop comes out with a new Straken model...mine is the old pewter version and he's kind of flat and not very muscled up like the new models can be! I also want to get the shooty aggressors now - the flamer aggressors have their role (for defense), but that short range makes it hard to use them in offense!

 This was my opponent's army for game 1.  Orks...why does it always have to be Orks...I'll be outnumbered about 3:1

LOL, Ghazgul....Shaman...grots...

One of my favorite armies looks better every time I see them...

Great job by the "Thin Your Paint" blogger...

More. The base tops are all hand carved.  The tray is just awesome.  

Game 1 soon after deployment.  Table 1 had a Warhound Titan you could gain control of, just to fire at other tables...4 objectives to also fight over. I'm holding one and advancing the Catachans on two.  

Still around Turn 1.  Orks now advancing.  Colonel Straken and the Commissar provided the cheering squad to keep those mortars thumping away while holding the objective.

Probably around turn 3.  Orks were swarming everywhere and the battle devolved into 4 separate fights. I wiped nearly every ork boy off the table.  We were using ITC scoring, and it was a blast. 

Slamguinius and his bodyguards - pretty much all of the Blodd Angels elite - were wayyyyy off in the far corner. 

Ghazgul and Nobs opening up vehicles like old ladies opening cat food tins... eventually this game was a draw in normal points, but I got the win in bonus points. Straken eventually had to charge out of ruins to finish off a boyz mob, only to be run over by a Deffrolla on that Battlewagon... 

Game 2 vs Mechanicum on Table 4.  This game started off as a fight for the center, which control gave you a bonus CP for your team mates on all the other tables.  

Rusty Red Robots

By the beginning of turn 2 I was having to start to be more careful hiding stuff from the Mechanicum!  Sneaky Aggressors heading up to an objective...I'm holding the center with death company dudes...I have another group that dropped in the Mechanicum back field.  Pressure is on. 

I'm holding the center...but will soon see the death company get annihilated...them Rusty Red Robots can put out the dice...

Turn 3, the death company are replaced by the next wave - Slamguinius and Lemartes are holding it firm. But I'm getting thinned out.  Eventually the Blood Angels prevailed, and I get another win.  This game also used ITC scoring. 

Team game, 800 points per player, on Table 7.  Deployment is underway.  The goal was to locate a hidden objective and hold it for the win. It was weird fighting on 1970's USA style terrain...

Death company had gone forward to hold but not test this objective to see if it was the real one...they got wiped out by this heavily converted demon prince of Nurgle...

Eventually we saw Kharn (before going all red) tank wound after wound and walk through the Blood Angels elite. My opponent uses a "Special dice throwing box", which I hate the idea of.  Maybe i needs to get a special box of my own...   

My team mate had problems of his own with Nurgle demons and zombies. 

Eventually i was wiped, and my team mate slogged on alone to try to capture the objective (found in the unroofed building). 

Everything dies...The last of the Imperium saw zombies block them from their goal...we eneded up losing.  Overall, I think was Kharn making pretty much a hundred saves that changed this game from a win to a loss.  

Overall, for the day, the Imperium LOST.  I have no real idea how the rest of my team did.  

Since this event, I've used the same list twice and have had losses - both against demon infestations...Overall I was not taking those games too seriously...I'm just trying to study my list and practice up on all of the different things that I need to do!  I like running the Catachans.  I'll need to get another squad of mortars though and replace the snipers.  Mortars just do the work! 

All for Now. 


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Blood Angels vs Imperial Fists

Nothing is more fun than playing a good game and getting experience.

I must be an experiential learner...

I had a good time last night playing a 2000 point game, Maelstrom Mission #1, vs Benito at Specte Studios.  You can find more from him at spectrestudios.us

More importantly Benito was able to bring his kids along as dice apps!  The one teamed with me was a great dice roller, and I owe a lot to his 6's and 5's for this game!

The Spectre Prime brought his Imperial Fists - a beautiful, well balanced, all Primaris army. 

I was trying out rev 1.0 of my Blood Angels (plus Catachans) list.

The games essentially is pretty solid.  6 objectives, 3 cards per turn.  Dawn of war deployment. We played as written from the book (no roll for first turn, per the text for this mission).

I lost the roll to place the first objective.

We placed all 6.

My opponent chose the deployment type and edge.

Prior to deployment (the "mustering" phase), I burned two CPs to take a second relic, and then burned a CP to make my Captain as Death Company.  Rolled two dice. Got 2 CPs back. I pull the cards for my Librarian's spells.

I had to place the first unit.

Things get complicated quickly. I deploy my Catachans and Lord Commissar first. The Infantry form a skirmish line along my deployment line.

Sidebar comment to self - I need to make a cheat card just for their extra stuff (Catachan doctrine, Catachan special order, other orders, bubbles for what Strakan and the Lord Commissar bring).

My opponent ultimately deploys everything but the squad of 10 Reivers.

I deploy the Aggressors, Predators.  Everything else with jump packs goes into reserves.

Sidebar comment to self - I had intended to deploy the Death Company and move them up pre-game but forget.  I also need to check power levels to make sure I'm putting the required amount on the table.  I also need to create a 800 point, infantry-only list from this mess...

He had fewer units. Note the use of the Repulsor to carry the Primaris Librarian, Aggressors, and Lieutenant. 

He chose to go first.

I failed to seize.

Deployment complete....

Turn 1.
The Primaris Marines open a can of WhoopA$$ on my deployed units. Imperial Fists doctrine is such that their targets never get cover saves.

Catachan troopers were catching bolt rounds center and left.  I lost about half of them to shooting, and several more to end-of-turn morale checks. Red bandanas flew everywhere.  20 casualties.  If it were not for some unlucky dice rolls, things could easily have been far worse.

In response, I moved my Aggressors up in the center to try to hold it.  The Predator's linked up their telemetry and the Annihilator used its kill shot stratagem on the Primaris Repulsor tank. I put a few wounds on it, and caused maybe a few Intercessor casualties in the backfield.  The Catachan mortars were becoming my best friend.

Sidebar comment to self - re-study mortar use vs Catachan special rules/doctrines for better effect). 

At the end of the turn, I feel like I'm losing but the score is 0 - 0.

Middle of Turn 1...Catachan Casualties Mounting...

Turn 2.
The Primaris Marines move up on my left flank and deploy the Reivers from deep strike on my right.  In shooting, the dice gods do not favor the idea of destroying my Predators.  The Annihilator takes a few wounds.  In anti-infantry shooting, I lost two Aggressors, and most of the remaining Catachans, although one flamer-carrying bolt-magnet succeeded in absorbing a huge amount of dice! He even survived the combined flames from three advancing IF Aggressors! I lose my last Aggressor to failed morale.  The unit never even got off a shot!   They were mostly damaged by the Hellblasters.

Sidebar comment to self - re-study use of Aggressors - this is their second game and they never got to shoot. 

On my turn, I draw a card for slay the Warlord.  I decide I need to split the battle into three unmanageable chunks.

The Librarian, Sanguinary Priest, Sanguinary Ancient, and Sanguinary Guard drop down behind the IF Warlord (Captain).  Their mission is to take him and nearby IF marines out of the fight.

On the far right, my DC Captain, Lemartes, and Death Company drop in to first eliminate the Reivers, and then jump forward after the Hellblasters.

On my left, the remaining Catachans and Predators were to work over the advancing IF units (the Repulsor, the Primaris Librarian, Flame-Aggressors, and Primaris Redemptor dreadnought.

In this case, spreading out worked.

In shooting, the Repulsor was destroyed.  A few Intercessors were eliminated. The Librarian wounded, and Aggressors eliminated.

In assault, the entire Sanguinary team missed their charge vs the Captain.

On the right, only my DC Captain and Lemartes made it into assault with the Reivers.

On the left, a Catachan sergeant and Catachan flamer trooper made it into contact with the Primaris Librarian.

At the end, the Reivers were gone.

I'm losing the game, 4 - 0.

Beginning of Turn 2...I've advanced a bit to threaten the Imperial Fists with Flashlight Danger! Our two Dice Apps are getting ready for another turn!

Turn 3.
The Imperial Fists respond with a new hammer blow.  They turn their attention on the the Sanguinary team, the Predator Annihilator, and my Captain.  Shooting. Assaults.

In the end I lose the Annihilator, the last of my Catachan Troops, and 4 Sanguinary Guard. The IF captain is now fighting my lone Sanguinary Guard. Other charges had failed.

My Captain jumps forward, followed by Lemartes and the Death Company.  The Sanguinary Priest tries to revive a comrade and fails. In shooting, I finish off the Primaris Librarian, clearing any threats to my left.

In assault, the Sanguinary Ancient and the Librarian join the fight with the IF Captain.  Wounds are exchanged, but its a 3 on 1 stalemate.  The DC Captain is the only unit able to assault the Hellblasters, but he cannot reach them and is exposed badly.

The score is about 5 - 3. My opponent is out of CPs.

A Lieutenant, Librarian, and Aggressors walk into a trap...

Turn 4.
Shooting sees my Warlord / Captain dead by the Hellblasters, and the Sanguinary Priest is dead. I have a few CPs left. In assault, the Redemptor makes it into contact and but misses its attacks! The IF Captain loses its last wounds to the Librarian, but in a last ditch swing takes out my last Sanguinary Guard!

I reply with a few things.  The Librarian knows the gig is up, and leaps off to the objective in the board center using one of my last CP (to score an objective).  Lemartes and the Death Company leap onto the Hellblasters and wipe them out, and advance to engage the IF Annihilator. I also take out finally the IF Ancient.

The score is now about 7 - 5.

The Imperial Fist attackers have been eliminated...the center and right flanks are clear....

Turn 5
You can feel the game coming back to the Blood Angels at this point.  We play through the turn, with the Imperial Fists getting two more points, but no significant damage to the remaining Blood Angels units.  In reply, the Death Company annihilate the Annihilator, and finish off a few stray IF models.  I score four points or so,

Time for my own advance in Turn 4...mortar tubes are starting to peel their paint...Strakan and the Lord Commissar never broke cover...

The score is 9 - 9....but wait!  I have Linebreaker....

10-9 win for the Blood Angels!

We actually pulled our cards for turn 6 - the Imperial Fists drew things they could not score, and the Blood Angels drew cards that would yield more points.  Interestingly, I drew more "defend this objective #" cards than i can remember. 

Overall, it was a great game, and we had some good discussions on the state of the meta and the tactics for a few units (like Aggressors).

Near the end of turn 4...

It was good practice for this weekend's Rockport Invitational too! Look for photos and a report on that in a week or so!

Now I just need to keep practicing key list elements, gets some painting done, and reproof my list and build the 800 point sidebar list, all before Saturday!

Parting shot...that Dread Wont Squish My head...right after this, the Librarian pulled its last CP and headed away on Angels Wings...


Thursday, June 28, 2018

Once a King Always a King

But Once  a Knight is Enough...

I got time to play 40K  First time in maybe two months?  Crazy how time flies! 

Crazy how the game changes!

This ain't the 40K of 2 months ago...

I showed up at the FLGS - late due to nearby road construction.

I was very happy to get paired vs one of our best local players. 

And yes, at 2000 points, his list was pretty simple.

3 Chaos Knights - each armed differently.

A Bloodletter Bomb (30 or so models in one blob)

A Pink Horror Bomb (25+ pinks and a single blue)

A Chaos Sorceror

A Chaos Demon Prince

2 units of Nurglings

Well, I had a list designed to take care of maybe one knight...

Here at setup.  I had started with 10 CP's, and used some to give me two relics, make my Captain death company, and move my death company out to the right flank.  My opponent only deployed the Knights and used his CP's to put 4 units into reserves.  We were fighting over just two objectives worth 3 points each, plus LB, STWL, and FB.

 Beginning of turn 1.  Nurglings are going to move up to charge followed behind by the Knights! 

On my right, shooting is done, and the nurglings are charging the Baal predator. 

Meanwhile on the left flank, the Knight there moved up and charged the Death Company!

 Here in the Blood Angels Turn 1, the Damaged Baal moves back a bit and the nearby tactical squad moves to screen them.  Killshot is used, but the the Predators fail to wound the Knight on the right - but the center Knight loses some wounds.  

At the end of Turn 1, the Death Company are gone, having just scratched 4 wounds off the Knight...

In Turn 2 the Knights continue their forward advance. 

Here at the beginning of Turn 3, the Pink Horror Blob is wrapping around a building, still keeping one toe at the objective.  Not that during Turn 2, the Blood Angels reinforcements had arrived and assaulted the damaged knight in the center...it was dispatched.  

By the end of the Chaos Turn 3, the predators were all gone, the Tacticals, and everything else was gone too.  

Eventually in Turn 4 it was down to three separate combats - the Captain vs the Demon, the Sanguinary Priest vs a Knight, and Lemartes and a Sanguinary Ancient vs another Knight.  I've got no CPs left to spend. 

I'm Tabled mid Turn 4. Chaos wins 9-0.

 A deployment mistake I made was that I had no idea he had Nurglings.  I was deploying the tacticals and Sniper Scouts and Aggressors to screen my deployment zone from the turn 2 drops...that caused some issues.  The Aggressors should have been deployed behind cover, and the predators all on the far back edge.  Those elements might have preserved me enough to get to the bottom of Turn 4.  I also needed to better guess how far the Knight on the far-left would get.  Although the Death Company were fairly safe from shooting, they were just too close! 

Overall, as a practice this game went pretty well. I remembered pretty much everything I wanted to get done.  My opponent did remind me to do my CP spends for pre-game stuff earlier (before deployment) where appropriate.  And we shared some ideas on making a slightly better Blood Angels List.  We will see in the next game!  My next practice game will be Monday against a primaris heavy Imperial Fists force...

All for now,