Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Blood Angels vs Imperial Fists

Nothing is more fun than playing a good game and getting experience.

I must be an experiential learner...

I had a good time last night playing a 2000 point game, Maelstrom Mission #1, vs Benito at Specte Studios.  You can find more from him at spectrestudios.us

More importantly Benito was able to bring his kids along as dice apps!  The one teamed with me was a great dice roller, and I owe a lot to his 6's and 5's for this game!

The Spectre Prime brought his Imperial Fists - a beautiful, well balanced, all Primaris army. 

I was trying out rev 1.0 of my Blood Angels (plus Catachans) list.

The games essentially is pretty solid.  6 objectives, 3 cards per turn.  Dawn of war deployment. We played as written from the book (no roll for first turn, per the text for this mission).

I lost the roll to place the first objective.

We placed all 6.

My opponent chose the deployment type and edge.

Prior to deployment (the "mustering" phase), I burned two CPs to take a second relic, and then burned a CP to make my Captain as Death Company.  Rolled two dice. Got 2 CPs back. I pull the cards for my Librarian's spells.

I had to place the first unit.

Things get complicated quickly. I deploy my Catachans and Lord Commissar first. The Infantry form a skirmish line along my deployment line.

Sidebar comment to self - I need to make a cheat card just for their extra stuff (Catachan doctrine, Catachan special order, other orders, bubbles for what Strakan and the Lord Commissar bring).

My opponent ultimately deploys everything but the squad of 10 Reivers.

I deploy the Aggressors, Predators.  Everything else with jump packs goes into reserves.

Sidebar comment to self - I had intended to deploy the Death Company and move them up pre-game but forget.  I also need to check power levels to make sure I'm putting the required amount on the table.  I also need to create a 800 point, infantry-only list from this mess...

He had fewer units. Note the use of the Repulsor to carry the Primaris Librarian, Aggressors, and Lieutenant. 

He chose to go first.

I failed to seize.

Deployment complete....

Turn 1.
The Primaris Marines open a can of WhoopA$$ on my deployed units. Imperial Fists doctrine is such that their targets never get cover saves.

Catachan troopers were catching bolt rounds center and left.  I lost about half of them to shooting, and several more to end-of-turn morale checks. Red bandanas flew everywhere.  20 casualties.  If it were not for some unlucky dice rolls, things could easily have been far worse.

In response, I moved my Aggressors up in the center to try to hold it.  The Predator's linked up their telemetry and the Annihilator used its kill shot stratagem on the Primaris Repulsor tank. I put a few wounds on it, and caused maybe a few Intercessor casualties in the backfield.  The Catachan mortars were becoming my best friend.

Sidebar comment to self - re-study mortar use vs Catachan special rules/doctrines for better effect). 

At the end of the turn, I feel like I'm losing but the score is 0 - 0.

Middle of Turn 1...Catachan Casualties Mounting...

Turn 2.
The Primaris Marines move up on my left flank and deploy the Reivers from deep strike on my right.  In shooting, the dice gods do not favor the idea of destroying my Predators.  The Annihilator takes a few wounds.  In anti-infantry shooting, I lost two Aggressors, and most of the remaining Catachans, although one flamer-carrying bolt-magnet succeeded in absorbing a huge amount of dice! He even survived the combined flames from three advancing IF Aggressors! I lose my last Aggressor to failed morale.  The unit never even got off a shot!   They were mostly damaged by the Hellblasters.

Sidebar comment to self - re-study use of Aggressors - this is their second game and they never got to shoot. 

On my turn, I draw a card for slay the Warlord.  I decide I need to split the battle into three unmanageable chunks.

The Librarian, Sanguinary Priest, Sanguinary Ancient, and Sanguinary Guard drop down behind the IF Warlord (Captain).  Their mission is to take him and nearby IF marines out of the fight.

On the far right, my DC Captain, Lemartes, and Death Company drop in to first eliminate the Reivers, and then jump forward after the Hellblasters.

On my left, the remaining Catachans and Predators were to work over the advancing IF units (the Repulsor, the Primaris Librarian, Flame-Aggressors, and Primaris Redemptor dreadnought.

In this case, spreading out worked.

In shooting, the Repulsor was destroyed.  A few Intercessors were eliminated. The Librarian wounded, and Aggressors eliminated.

In assault, the entire Sanguinary team missed their charge vs the Captain.

On the right, only my DC Captain and Lemartes made it into assault with the Reivers.

On the left, a Catachan sergeant and Catachan flamer trooper made it into contact with the Primaris Librarian.

At the end, the Reivers were gone.

I'm losing the game, 4 - 0.

Beginning of Turn 2...I've advanced a bit to threaten the Imperial Fists with Flashlight Danger! Our two Dice Apps are getting ready for another turn!

Turn 3.
The Imperial Fists respond with a new hammer blow.  They turn their attention on the the Sanguinary team, the Predator Annihilator, and my Captain.  Shooting. Assaults.

In the end I lose the Annihilator, the last of my Catachan Troops, and 4 Sanguinary Guard. The IF captain is now fighting my lone Sanguinary Guard. Other charges had failed.

My Captain jumps forward, followed by Lemartes and the Death Company.  The Sanguinary Priest tries to revive a comrade and fails. In shooting, I finish off the Primaris Librarian, clearing any threats to my left.

In assault, the Sanguinary Ancient and the Librarian join the fight with the IF Captain.  Wounds are exchanged, but its a 3 on 1 stalemate.  The DC Captain is the only unit able to assault the Hellblasters, but he cannot reach them and is exposed badly.

The score is about 5 - 3. My opponent is out of CPs.

A Lieutenant, Librarian, and Aggressors walk into a trap...

Turn 4.
Shooting sees my Warlord / Captain dead by the Hellblasters, and the Sanguinary Priest is dead. I have a few CPs left. In assault, the Redemptor makes it into contact and but misses its attacks! The IF Captain loses its last wounds to the Librarian, but in a last ditch swing takes out my last Sanguinary Guard!

I reply with a few things.  The Librarian knows the gig is up, and leaps off to the objective in the board center using one of my last CP (to score an objective).  Lemartes and the Death Company leap onto the Hellblasters and wipe them out, and advance to engage the IF Annihilator. I also take out finally the IF Ancient.

The score is now about 7 - 5.

The Imperial Fist attackers have been eliminated...the center and right flanks are clear....

Turn 5
You can feel the game coming back to the Blood Angels at this point.  We play through the turn, with the Imperial Fists getting two more points, but no significant damage to the remaining Blood Angels units.  In reply, the Death Company annihilate the Annihilator, and finish off a few stray IF models.  I score four points or so,

Time for my own advance in Turn 4...mortar tubes are starting to peel their paint...Strakan and the Lord Commissar never broke cover...

The score is 9 - 9....but wait!  I have Linebreaker....

10-9 win for the Blood Angels!

We actually pulled our cards for turn 6 - the Imperial Fists drew things they could not score, and the Blood Angels drew cards that would yield more points.  Interestingly, I drew more "defend this objective #" cards than i can remember. 

Overall, it was a great game, and we had some good discussions on the state of the meta and the tactics for a few units (like Aggressors).

Near the end of turn 4...

It was good practice for this weekend's Rockport Invitational too! Look for photos and a report on that in a week or so!

Now I just need to keep practicing key list elements, gets some painting done, and reproof my list and build the 800 point sidebar list, all before Saturday!

Parting shot...that Dread Wont Squish My head...right after this, the Librarian pulled its last CP and headed away on Angels Wings...


Thursday, June 28, 2018

Once a King Always a King

But Once  a Knight is Enough...

I got time to play 40K  First time in maybe two months?  Crazy how time flies! 

Crazy how the game changes!

This ain't the 40K of 2 months ago...

I showed up at the FLGS - late due to nearby road construction.

I was very happy to get paired vs one of our best local players. 

And yes, at 2000 points, his list was pretty simple.

3 Chaos Knights - each armed differently.

A Bloodletter Bomb (30 or so models in one blob)

A Pink Horror Bomb (25+ pinks and a single blue)

A Chaos Sorceror

A Chaos Demon Prince

2 units of Nurglings

Well, I had a list designed to take care of maybe one knight...

Here at setup.  I had started with 10 CP's, and used some to give me two relics, make my Captain death company, and move my death company out to the right flank.  My opponent only deployed the Knights and used his CP's to put 4 units into reserves.  We were fighting over just two objectives worth 3 points each, plus LB, STWL, and FB.

 Beginning of turn 1.  Nurglings are going to move up to charge followed behind by the Knights! 

On my right, shooting is done, and the nurglings are charging the Baal predator. 

Meanwhile on the left flank, the Knight there moved up and charged the Death Company!

 Here in the Blood Angels Turn 1, the Damaged Baal moves back a bit and the nearby tactical squad moves to screen them.  Killshot is used, but the the Predators fail to wound the Knight on the right - but the center Knight loses some wounds.  

At the end of Turn 1, the Death Company are gone, having just scratched 4 wounds off the Knight...

In Turn 2 the Knights continue their forward advance. 

Here at the beginning of Turn 3, the Pink Horror Blob is wrapping around a building, still keeping one toe at the objective.  Not that during Turn 2, the Blood Angels reinforcements had arrived and assaulted the damaged knight in the center...it was dispatched.  

By the end of the Chaos Turn 3, the predators were all gone, the Tacticals, and everything else was gone too.  

Eventually in Turn 4 it was down to three separate combats - the Captain vs the Demon, the Sanguinary Priest vs a Knight, and Lemartes and a Sanguinary Ancient vs another Knight.  I've got no CPs left to spend. 

I'm Tabled mid Turn 4. Chaos wins 9-0.

 A deployment mistake I made was that I had no idea he had Nurglings.  I was deploying the tacticals and Sniper Scouts and Aggressors to screen my deployment zone from the turn 2 drops...that caused some issues.  The Aggressors should have been deployed behind cover, and the predators all on the far back edge.  Those elements might have preserved me enough to get to the bottom of Turn 4.  I also needed to better guess how far the Knight on the far-left would get.  Although the Death Company were fairly safe from shooting, they were just too close! 

Overall, as a practice this game went pretty well. I remembered pretty much everything I wanted to get done.  My opponent did remind me to do my CP spends for pre-game stuff earlier (before deployment) where appropriate.  And we shared some ideas on making a slightly better Blood Angels List.  We will see in the next game!  My next practice game will be Monday against a primaris heavy Imperial Fists force...

All for now,



Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Sanguinary Guard vs Death Company II

Its like Deadpool 2 but without a movie...actors...fans...

Since I need to keep practicing, and evaluating, in these experiments, I ran a game scenario at 501 points DC vs 489 Points SG - plus or minus a few points.

Death Company:
Lemartes, Stock
10 Death company (as before w/ 9 Bolters and Chainswords; 1 thunderhammer)
1 Death Company Dreadnought, 2xBlood Talons, 1 MG, 1 SB     
Everything here has black rage, red thirst, benefiting from the DC rules and buffs from Lemartes
Not enough (yet) for command points.

Sanguinary Guard:
Captain Slamguinius (JP, Thunder Hammer, SS)
5 Sanguinary Guard (as before, 3 angelus bolt guns, 2 inferno pistols, 3 encarmine blades, 2 power fists)
Furioso Dreadnought (frag cannon, heavy flamer, blood fist)

The Blow by Blow
Similar to before, each faction was deployed about 6 inches in from their own table edge, creating about 36 inches of space between them.  The aircraft wreckage area was going to be treated the same as craters - would give cover to shooting, and would be -2 to charge distance. 

The SG went first, DC failed to sieze.

Turn 1
The SG all advanced, with the Sg getting just a total of 13 inches, the captain got 15, and the Furioso 15 inches of movement. I kept the Captain within the distance of the SG. No shooting was available.

The DC in response moved forward 6 inches, and stopped.  The DC dreadnought advanced on the right and Lemartes advanced on the right.  In 9 bolter shots, 1 converted to a wound on a SG. 

Turn 2
The SG and Captain jumped forward 12 inches, and the Furioso 9.   In shooting, the frag cannon was barely in range to the DC and fired first, causing 2 casualties.  The Angelus boltguns accounted for 2 more. Tehn in the assaults, the SG charged Lemartes, but the Captain and Furioso failed their charges! In the fight phase, neither side wounded the other!

In response, the Death Company moved forward. Lemartes fired his pistol into the SG but failed to wound.  The DC marines fired on the Captain and failed to wound him.  The DC Dread set itself to charge directly into the Furioso to determine who was better! Its Meltagun caused several unsaved wounds on the Furioso, who caused a few back in overwatch!

The DC Dread punched first, however, with 5 attacks on the charge hitting on 3's rerolling and wounding on 2's (rerolling) - the Furioso was dispatched and the DC Dread consolidated into the Captain! Between the DC marines and Lemartes, three SG were taken down.  Then the Captain swung his hammer into the DC dread (Hitting on 3's, rerolling 1's, then wounding on 2's) and dropped it!  Both dreads were gone! Lemartes was wounded.

Turn 3
The Captain jumped forward into the only remaining close combat.

The Captain took down 2 DC marines with his hammer, but was wounded in return.  The SG took down Lemartes in exchange for another SG.
In the DC turn, the end came swiftly.  The remaining DC marines failed to wound the Captain or the one remaining SG. In response, they were dispatched by blade and hammer and the experiment ended. 

End thoughts
I'll soon do this again, but add in the JP death company (5 more marines) and then a 5-marine (gold painted) veterans squad similarly armed.  The points should go up to about 675, and each side will be similar.  I'll run these as Vanguard detachments so each side will have 4 command points, and will include a single relic for each (probably the relic hammers so they can be ever more useful). 

It was interesting that the SG faction won again, but it was close.  It might have been interesting to have the DC Dread plow into the SG in turn 2 rather than go after the Furioso.  I thought about not advancing on the Captain but figured the Captain would then just charge the Furioso anyways. The end would have been the same just in a different turn.

I need to get that Stormshield painted and mounted on the Captain...its from an older lead original terminator model, but its a good size to pin to his elbow.  His gold needs brightening too. Maybe a new base. Some 5th Company markings...

All for now!


Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Sanguinary Guard vs Death Company

I spent some time down in my "beats lab" last night to dabble around on testing some thoughts on Blood Angel list building and who in reality is better. 

Being a scientist, I decided the best thing to do was run some experiments. 

187 or so points of Sanguinary Guard vs the +/- same in Death Company!

Any bets here?

Experiment #1 (all as modeled)
5 Sanguinary Guard, 2 Power fists, 3 Swords, 2 infernous pistols, 3 angelus bolt guns:

7 Death Company with jump packs, 1 power fist, 2 power axes, 3 power swords, 1 chainsword, 5 bolt pistols, 2 plasma pistols:

Going along with my earlier post, the Sanguinary Guard have a total of 10 wounds with a base 2+ save, while the Death Company has 7 wounds, and a base 3+ save and 6+ FNP.  The Sanguinary Guard have 8 shooting dice and the Death Company have 7 (as modeled).

Both get red thirst (+1 to wound rolls on turns charging or charged), Death Company also have black rage (+1 attack when charging). Both can jump 12 inches.

I randomly started the test with a few spectators nearby.  Is that Captain Slamguinius?

The units were randomly started +/- 36 inches apart.  Sanguinary Guard (SG) won the roll to go first. The SG advanced 15 inches.  In response the Death Company (DC) jumped forward and shot, putting one wound on a SG.

The DC then charged, but lost one model to overwatch. 

In the first round, the DC went first, with the dice not so hot.  They assaulted with 18 dice, needing 3s and 4s to hit and 3's and 2's to wound.  They caused 5 wounds, of which three failed.  The SG were now down to 3 models (all swords).

In response, the SG swung back, 6 attacks, 3's to hit, 3's to wound. They caused 3 wounds, two failed. The DC were now down to 4 models to 3 SG models. 

On turn 2, the SG first use the 1 remaining infernous pistol, removing another DC marine.  The DC are now down to 3.  In the continued assault, the SG swordsmen removing the remaining three DC models. 

Experiment #2 (Same as Above)
I reran the experiment.  It pretty much ended exactly the same way.  The SG again won the roll to go first, charged in, lost a few models (I kept removing the power fist guys as casualties for the SG, whereas the preference for the DC was to remove the lower AP weapon armed models first).

After two turns it ended the same way.  The SG still had 3 models on the table, and the DC had none.

Experiment #3 (Who needs Jump packs or Pistols?)
In this case I swapped out the jump pack, pistol packing DC for:

10 Death Company, 9 bolters, 9 chainswords, and 1 Thunderhammer.
(10 wounds, 9-18 shooting dice)

I have to paint up and add chainswords to these models...probably will "mag-loc" them to their power packs if possible.

Since they were fighting around some wreckage, I did include a +1 cover save to units within the wreckage from shooting).

In this case, the DC won the roll to go first.  After checking ranges, determined to advance a total of 11 inches.  Their bolters were still out of range.  The SG jumped forward to meet them.  The SG opened up with shooting, taking one DC marine down. The SG then failed their charge.

Sorry for the next few shots being upside down!

On turn 2, the DC started with shooting - 16 dice, needing 3s to hit and 4s to wound.  The DC then charged.  The SG overwatch caused no wounds.  The DC assault was a large block of dice - 8 DC chainsword marines with black rage =  32 dice, plus 3 thunderhammer dice.  Needing 3's or 4's to hit and 3's or 2's to wound.  35 dice resolved to 18 (all chainsword) wounds, resolved to 1 unsaved (2+) wound. In response, 4 DC were removed.  We are down to 4 SG vs 5 DC.

In turn 3, the assaults continued.  The DC, going first, removed another SG marine and put a wound on another. 

In response, the three remaining SG (shooting one DC with an infernous pistol) completed the assault by wiping out the remaining DC (again). 

So...what do we get out of this? Note I did not bother with morale checks for either side.  That was intentional, as I wanted them to fight it out.  Overall, I think it was a good measure of what the Sanguinary Guard could do.  Where possible I supercharged the plasma pistols on the jump pack DC, to try to overcome the SG better.  It failed.  One thing I do need to practice better having grown a bit rusty in the past few months is to use the pistols every turn possible.  Every little bit helps!

Overall, I'm thinking that the decision to use SG vs DC will be local meta-driven.  Certainly I'm thinking the SG are better - their Angelus boltguns are assault and -1 AP, and they all pack power weapons. If anything the infernous pistols they are modeled with are a point of inefficiency, compared to cheaper plasma. For now they stay... 

I may try some lists with just more SG in them.  Especially where I suspect I'll be encountering other marine equivalents.  Overall, I should look at lists that separate the SG from the DC, in order to more effectively benefit from their differences. 

DC may get relegated to games where I am to encounter xenos or astra militarum. Maybe create some Lemartes' led lists and really focus those lists on the DC strengths.  I am still looking to replace DC pistols with bolters now.  It is something I just need to get completed.  Sorry for the hand swaps little model dudes! I did not create the rules as currently written!

Another piece of work to look at is evaluating who is better -  a Sanguinary Ancient - or Chapter Ancient! 

What are your thoughts?


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Analytical thinking or Am I Thinking Too Much

I'm working on getting my MoJo back on 40K. 

This weekend, I went to the Huzzah!! Gaming Con, to visit friends and see the vendors.  In particular, one vendor I follow - from new Hampshire (Adler Hobby's Board Game Cafe) - had stated they were bringing gaming mats from Frontline Gaming - and I wanted to get one! So I got the pretty cool Scrapyard mat. It was interesting - they had come with maybe 30 mats, and by the time I got there noon on Saturday they were down to 3. Everybody wants one! 

I also bought from them the Bolt Action 2nd Edition rule book. I have the models - I just needed the rules! BTW, Bolt Action is a fun, easy game - my FLGS, Crossroad Games - will hopefully have a Bolt Action day monthly.  Its kinda funny.  Bolt Action uses points.  Bolt Action was designed by a guy who has roots to 40K. Bolt Action also has strong links to osprey publishing.

I digress.

Back to 40K:

Last night was all about looking at a means for my brain to analytically compare units. 

I took out a pencil (a valuable skill at that), and started a simple table.

The goal was to more clearly see the point efficiencies in terms of getting the maximum number of wounds on the table and the maximum number of dice in the shooting phase. 

Unit name, points, weapon points, total points, wounds, firepower (number of dice it fires), and then calculated some factors: wound value (total points divided by #wounds), and fire value (total points divided by #firepower). I did it this way so most numbers would be greater than 1, vs the reciprocals where they would be smaller than 1.

Then I ran the numbers for some typical units in the Blood Angels codex just to see where they would be.  I also allowed be time to really examine the details. 

It really started to show some interesting things that you may already know. 

Twin-assault cannon razorbacks are better than twin assault cannon predators and they are better than twin assault cannon Baal Predators.

Intercessors with bolt rifles are better than scouts with bolters who are better than tactical marines with bolters.

Some of these things you may already know. 

Overall, it is for me like one of those questions in College-level economics class on a decision to buy or not. 

I have more details to evaluate, but it starts to lead one down the path of looking to improve the model collection as a means to get more competitive. 

I'll see if I can get you some interesting tidbits tomorrow.

As a weird teaser, did you know of the vehicles, the Blood Angels vehicle with the best Wound Value is the WHIRLWIND? And it is right up there for Fire Value too with the Castellan launcher. 

Overall, the premise is that Space Marine Players need to be more points efficient. 

I may look to add a quality factor of some kind to balance out stuff. 

Interestingly, if you create a Quality Factor = wound value divided by the fire value, a Tactical Squad has a Quality Factor = 1.  Hmmmmm.......




Monday, April 23, 2018


Yep.  Lost another game. 

Blood Angels vs Astra Militarum.

Overall though, I just wanted to see what the Astra Militarum list would be like to experience. 

My opponent is a long time 40K player who relocated from the west coast to the east coast.  He just loves the AM (IG). That said, some of his stuff was proxied in order to just test the list idea. 

I only got one picture...then thankfully my camera batteries died...

 This is a shot in towards the middle of Turn 1.  My Death company had started as 10 models...they started on the table and moved forward using their stratagem.  I used everything I could to rough up the center AM squads, then charged in. At the end of turn 1 the Death Company were all gone to massed AM firepower.  

Not to belabor my own list.  I just used the same one as last time, having been to busy to change it.

My opponent started with about 19 command points (using the FAQ) to my nine.  Overall, he had something in two battalions like: 3+/- commissars; 3+/ officers; a few Ogryn bodyguards; about 8 full infantry squads, each with a plasma gun and 6 had mortars, 2 had lascannons; a full squad of plasma-maxed scions in reserve; a full squad of plasma-maxed rough riders to outflank; a squad of all heavy bolters; and a squad of autocannons; and two manticores.  Vostroyans (his manticores could reroll dice for more hits). The officers gave him enough orders such that he was rerolling 1's to hit and or 1's to wound from units. Commisars to keep units from failing morale. I was outnumbered 3-1.   

For the first four turns, the two manticores and lascannons would pick off a vehicle or so per turn.  The mortars would pick off a dismounted squad or two per turn.  Everything else would take out a nearby assault unit per turn.  

We were fighting over 4 objectives.  Through turn 4 I was winning by a point (7-6).  By the end of turn 7 I was tabled, with Dante being the last blood angels standing. Final score was about 10-1. 

I ran out of command points in Turn 3. 

He had command points for the duration. Probably had 1 left at the end of the game.  

In reality, he could have played more aggressively, but that comes with practice. IIRR this was his third or so 8th edition game. 

The two bright points for me included: (1) Dante arrived turn 2 (per FAQ) among my castled up vehicles and game them all rerolls to hit.  (2) the Sanguinary Guard, Ancient, Chaplain, and Sanguinary priest dropped in Turn 2 on the right flank - they withered away to plasma guns and assaults through turn 4.  The commissars over there kept the AM in line. The Sanguinary priest actually did his job further, bringing back a sanguinary guard from the dead pile on turn 3 and giving wounds back to the Ancient in turn 4...but still, there is only so much for plasma you can eat! 

My third best moment was seeing the Manticores run out of rockets. 

One big issue was that at the beginning of each enemy turn, the AM would retreat, and then in some cases get back in the fight.  Regardless, it meant that I'd get shot all to pieces each time.  

Considering all of the non-deviating indirect fire I was taking, I think it was pretty good to last as long as I did.  

Kinda makes me wish I had a bank of three Whirlwinds in my own back corner. 

Two thumbs up to predator autocannons, although they played no real role in the game that could not have been met by just having more twin assault cannons. 

Until the next disaster, 




Monday, April 16, 2018

Bolt Action! US vs Germans, Cherbourg Peninsula 1944

WOW! I went to the FLGS - Crossroad Games - for a special - hopefully monthly - event.  A regional historical gaming group has created a defacto "Bolt Action League", and plans to have events here and there each month for gamers to attend.  Overall, it was really cool, as guys I have not gamed with in a decade were there leading the tables, and there were in total about 20 attendees from Maine and New Hampshire.  I'd originally had hoped to attend their March event, but I had other things to do. 

For this one - the attendees were invited to bring their own figures if possible - I dug out my dusty American Infantry from my earlier experience with the old BGWW2 game system.

On arrival, it was truly fun to see old friends and meet some new ones! I was hoping to buy a new Bolt Action 2nd Edition rulebook...or maybe the starter set...but the store was out of product! Boo!

For gaming, I was assigned to the newbie / training table.  I was teamed with Tina, and we were to be a combined force of American paratroopers (82nd Airborne and 4th Infantry Division), and out fictional mission was to cut across the highway N13 - the main road that cuts from Carentan to Cherbourg.  We'd be fighting against a mixed german infantry force in the heavily hedged "Boucage".

The terrain was a great mix of farm fields and roads - a small village setting with intact and bombed out or burned houses.  If you think of the table as long N-S, the terrain was split by the roadway running N-S.  Several smaller farm roads also cut the table E-W.  Tiina would attack through the center, and I'd be her right flank.

Our opponents were Ryan (an experienced player) and another new player (like me). Tina was familiar with the game but had played just once before.  Heck, I knew of the game, but had only just watched a Beast of War game on you-Tube that morning on how to play!

The "American" attacking force consisted of two platoons that were fairly identical - My platoon was led by a 1st LT, and had attached to it a 60mm mortar team with spotter, 2 30-cal MMG teams, a sniper team, and a 10-man infantry squad with BAR, and a 10-man paratrooper squad with all rifles.  The other platoon run by Tina was similar with two regular infantry squads and no paratroopers. 

Our opponents each were similar for this training game - 2 LTs for HQs, two regular infantry squads, each with a LMG, two falschirmjaeger squads with LMGs and submachine guns, 2 mortar teams, 2 MMG teams, and a crewed light artillery gun (somehow emplaced in the second floor of a building). 

To save time we all deployed simultaneously, but the battle diverged essentially into two conflicts which saved time!  The game would essentially be played on kill points (destroyed units). 

Here are some pictures and comments from the event:

Deployment - Paratroopers are hugging a hedgerow - The officer and runner are up at the building.  In the distance is our target.

The other squad and support.  Bob is the BAR gunner.  Lost his helmet someplace I guess. Probably days before on the beach.

Tina's troops are looking more professional. No milling around. 

Paratroopers are advancing (running) turn 1 to get to the next hedge, adjacent to the N13 roadway.  German defenders are scurrying around in the distance. 

Gunners re-positioning to place fire on the distant building - Only the gunner is peaking...there is a cannon out there that just missed the mortar team!

Paratrooper spotter is looking for the enemy.  He ultimately starts placing mortar rounds across the road to help the paratroopers advance.  It is good shots either hit or miss!

Tina's regular infantry squad from the 4th ID are getting tangled up with some German infantry! It does not end well for the Americans...

Priming up to dash across the road.  

Made it!  But look! German office just up the hedge line!

The source of a lot of trouble...how on earth did it get there? Blown up to the second floor when the building was destroyed? Or disassembled, moved up, and reassembled? No matter! These guys are bad shots!

Final photo...The runner is dead. The LT is all alone.  How did that happen? Well...the artillery piece somehow shot downward into the paratroopers, causing some pins...in unpinning, they rolled boxcars on the dice.  That meant the rolled on the FUBAR table...and the result was a friendly fire incident.  Don't tell the investigators...it was not a paratrooper - infantry dust up...

Overall - VICTORY for the American Side!  I think the score was about 8-4 at the end in terms of killed units.  I think I only earned 2 of the 8 points...Tina got the rest! If I recall right, I lost a MMG team...and a few casualties from the squads. I'd taken down a german FJ squad and officer, but pretty much collapsed the german flank.  If we'd gone another turn, I'd have hopefully taken out the artillery piece in assault!    

Once I get the rule book I'll need to go through and see if there was anything else to learn.  At the end I was dropping mortar rounds on a building, which was complicated.  Also shooting at units in buildings was a little iffy.  I think we were also a little lax on line of sight issues. That said, the rules are really easy and everything is all about the modifiers and having great models!    

So now, I'll wait for the next available game for bolt action - probably June.  I did win a door prize for the event - which I used to procure the Bolt Action Book on American Units.  It is nice to have - with points and such for list building.  But I still need the rule book!  Our table host - Larry - had some really nice summary sheets that had all of the key rule elements.  More importantly, he pointed out a website from which anyone can do list building.  I might need to pre-construct a 750 point and a 1000 point list of my own for next time! Not to mention American unit players seem to be rarer! Maybe I'll do some paint repair and basing improvements before next time...dust off that Sherman... 

All for now,