Friday, July 21, 2017

No need to WIP me! If you do, WIP it good!

Meh, I was on a bender last night after an evening meeting.  My underground bunker is like the best place for painting in the hot days of summer.  I just plain forgot to do any more WIP photos, so here is my force for tomorrow's Invitational!

You may also see I've changed up a few of the blogs I follow - linked over on the right.  Check them out!

Yep, table ready!
Put your fists in the air!
Drone shot...
Just a little bit of sand and static grass to go...
I'm thinking this will be the last time I use this is a bit worse for wear.  
Yep, in the background, the BA tanks are sporting some borrowed UM (blue) accessories.  In the short term I decided to just borrow the bits from my other case.  Soon though, I'll also be switching cases and break out the UMs for the Konor Campaign! I'm hoping the next global campaign after Konor is at the Baal system!  That brings Tyranids vs Blood Angels, and Khorne, all together nicely! If it goes to Armageddon, I'll be dusting off my Astra Militarum.  

Who knows where we go from here?  I'm musing that the Blood Angels are NOT apparently in the new Space marine Codex coming out in a week or so?  Can we muse that the Blood Angels will be in the Chaos marine Codex instead?  Where will the Blood angels land if they are not with a;ll the other Chapters?  Who knows?  It might get weird around here...

In the mean time is it ethical to convert a Chaos Landraider to a Blood Angels Landraider? Answers appreciated below...   

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Painting progress

Model found in the storage closet.  If you read my prior post you know who...

Took me two evenings to finally figure out where I'd put it.

But, I immediately set to work.  It is the only "finecast" 40K kit I've ever purchased.  The material is weird to the touch.  Like really weird.  Better put paint on it...cover up the weirdness.  I chucked the backpack/banner pole it came with and replaced it with a real Blood Angels pack.  Much better with the details.

I have two evenings to get it table-top this point (no pictures yet), it went through the following steps - following a video I watched a few times -

  • GW Black Primer
  • Abbadon Black touch-ups
  • Mephiston Red outer cape and inner robes and pack. Washes. Red highlights. 
  • Bolt gun metal on sword and plasma pistol
  • Flesh tones for face. 
  • Basecoat for the base to match my other models.  

Bronze, gold, tans, browns, blues, purples, greens, pinks and grays will be next...maybe a wash for the flesh. Hopefully all tonight.  Going to be a long evening.  

Then sand for the base tomorrow.

Painting this character up with a few other needed reinforcements. Those all got red/wash/red/black/boltgun/base.  Details are needed for them too - mostly the yellow trim or 5th Company Blood Angels details.  

Man, you can see that my most recent painting efforts were all red...hmmm...

Also need to print stuff and pack for the Rockport Invitational...the games should be great.

Look for a post next week with photos and tactical assessments.  The Blood Angels will go down swinging!

Wish me luck!




Monday, July 17, 2017

Rockport Invitational!

Well, I have less than 5 days to get ready!

The event is 1500 points, looking forward to a great day!

I am bringing in the Blood Angels for this one, and I have a bunch of work to do - basically every night this week!

My list is somewhat the same as I have been using in 8th so far, and tonight I'll recheck the math and start cleaning up on some painting!

1500 Point Battalion Detachment (from memory) (rev2)

  • Dante
  • Mephiston
  • Death Co, 5, TH, PA, PS
  • Assault squad #1, 5, PF, IP, 2xMG, JPs
  • Assault Squad #2, 5, PA, IP, 2xFL, JPs
  • Tac Squad #1, 5, PS, FL
  • Tac Squad #2, 5, PS, FL
  • Tac Squad #3, 5, FL
  • DT Razorback #1, Las-Plas, HKM, SB
  • DT Razorback #2, Las-Plas, HKM, SB
  • DT Razorback #3, TLAC, SB
  • Baal Pred, TLAC, 2xHB

5 melta weapons, 5 plasma weapons, 2 TLAcs, 2 HBs, 3 SBs, 5 flamers, 2 lascannons, 2 HKMs, and the rest being 9 bolters and 30 bolt pistols or so. I'm looking to possibly (temporarily tag) the HKMs to the sides of my las-plas turrets.  Maybe with magnets...overall, shooting wise it has some interesting features.  9 power weapons in assault.  I think the biggest weakness is fighting against Knights, greater demons, or Lords of War.  But, what else can you do in just 1500 points?

Overall, I had an earlier list that had a Sanguinary Priest, but I decided I'd have Mephiston pushing out 4++ saves instead of a Pries creating a +1S bubble. Mephiston is interesting, the Blood Angels psychic spells don't currently allow him the Wing of Sanguinius spell of old (yet), so he slogs along at his own pace of movement.  Frankly, I suspect the enemy is more likely to come to me anyway, and having him as a counter-assault unit might be critical.   The most difficult thing is - I know I HAD an unpainted Mephiston (resin) model someplace...I just got to find out where I put it!  It is funny that such an important model in Blood Angels lore is cheaper than a bog-standard librarian with jump pack, so, yeah, he is points efficient.  So, job #1 tonight is find him, assemble, prime! Barring that, (gulp) either purchase a different one or write a new list.  I have never used Mephiston in a game...but with 5W, 5T, 5S, and essentially a S10 sword hitting on 2's with 4 attacks, what is not to love?  Plus he knows 4 spells and can use two each as the master of death he has a 5++ vs everything including mortal wounds.  Kind of a glass hammer!

Second thing to do tonight is edit and recheck my spreadsheet to make sure the points are accurate and models match the points.

Dante has been great, and as a Chapter Master he gets you to reroll all missed attacks in his bubble. I actually had to (finally) pin Dante together - he is a heavy metal model, and kept dropping his jump pack and Inferno Pistol.  Hopefully this keeps him together better.

With all the units above (9 to drop in deployment), odds are I'm going second.

Rev1 of the list was squeezing in a Sanguinary priest and Sanguinary Guard.  Again, the priest creates a +1S bubble.  The Guard are interesting at 2-wounds per model, but pricey (and die quickly to power claws like anybody else). In the list above I swapped them for Mephiston and the Baal.  

Wish me luck,


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dante meets Ghaz

It was a fun game last week or so.  80 power points of Blood Angels vs 80 power points of Orks.  Dante vs Ghazgul Thrakka.

I used the same list more or less as the prior 8th edition versions.

The mission was the Relic.  My opponent actually had fewer units to deploy...and captured the relic with a Nob on turn 1.  I spent the rest of the game trying to get it back...

Here we are soon after deployment...
I grabbid da loot hur hur hur....

This shot was in the blood angels turn 1, after charges were accomplished...

This shot was turn 2, orks charge phase...Ghaz was still lounging in the Morkanaught...the Nob with the relic is running away. The death company had died...two other Blood Angel Squads sorely damaged...

And here we were around turn 3.  Ghaz got out of his box, and Dante charged him.

Dante hit 7 times, wounded 7 times, Ghaz' used his invulnerable save to cut that back to 3 d3 wounds...and took 6 damage in total.

Then Ghaz attacked, hitting Dante about 5 times, strength 12+ power claw...2 wounds got through his saves...each doing 3 damage...pop goes Dante.

We called the game at the end of 4 due to time.

The Blood angel casualties were:

2 5-man tac squads plus 4 additional marines
1 5-man Death Company squad
3 Sanguinary guard
1 5-man assault squad and 3 additional assault marines
1 very damaged razorback.

The orks had lost:

20+grots and a minder
30 boyz mob plus about 18 additional boyz
Wounded shaman
Wounded Ghaz
1 severely damage Morkanought.

At the end of 4, the orks were sounding a fighting retreat with the Blood Angels in pursuit. With the ork with the relic far ahead, it was unlikely the Blood Angels could recover the relic.

Overall, in thinking about the tactics, the outcome was pretty similar to the relic game I played earlier.  The player who gets the relic first tends to keep it and win.

What I could have done differently was to have a little patience.  Whittle down the mobs another turn before charging them. Dropping the assault squads on the flanks to limit the ability of the nob to run away with the relic.  Add other chargers when going against Ghaz.

Things we also forgot -

Buffs - Dante grants to hit rerolls for ALL BA units - not just infantry.  That would mean in turn 1 the Razorback fire would have been more devastating.

Cover.  Apparently there is such a thing as being obscured in cover...(See recent Frontline Gaming video battle reports on Twitch).  Just make sure it is understood and agreeable by your opponent.  For example, if the Morkanought was in contact with that big LOS blocking crag in midfield, he would have been able to possibly get a 1+ cover save bonus.  We could also have essentially created the craggy terrain as "ruins" for clarity.  The "cover save" apparently only applies with the unit on or contacting the terrain and being 50% or so obscured.  it is something for me to look into more.

Enough for now.  No games this week due to other obligations.  I am also in the process of painting up some additional blood angels - sergeants and flamer marines...stuff to make my force more WYSIWYG.

The interesting thing my opponent did, was turn 1 get the Nob to the relic (9 inches away).  Then he advanced grots around and ahead of him and with the Morkanought not to far away gave them all 5++ invuln saves from the Kustom Force Field.  It meant i had to remove ALL of the grots before i could go after the character.  20 grots with 5++ saves are nothing to sneeze fact in overwatch, one tactical marine perished to a grot shot to the face...

Overall, I have to decide quick for the upcoming Konor campaign - Ultramarines, Astra Militarum, or in the comments below...


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Getting the hang of It

Our local FLGS, Crossroad Games, is asking we experiment at playing for now using Power Levels as we all get the hang of the new 8th Edition rules.  They plan for a July 80-point tournament for the new Warhammer 40K, and we have about three more weeks till then.

In the mean time, its has been interesting!

I've played three games now as Blood Angels - two on opening day and one this week.  Here is a rundown:

Game 1
Essentially right as I walked in the door!  Picked up my book and walked into a game.  80 Power points of Blood Angels vs Mechanicus. I basically quickly cobbled together what would be a 78 point list - Battalion Detachment (6 command points)

Sanguinary Priest
Sanguinary Guard
Assault Squad
Assault Squad
Death Company
Tactical Squad, Razorback
Tactical Squad, Razorback
Tactical Squad, Razorback

My opponent had a Kastellan Robot list supported by a crab, snipers, and some real nasty electo-priests.  In this game we were each fighting over an objective placed in each deployment zone.  We were fighting toward a draw, until the last player phase when his Kastellans and Walker took the last wound off the rhino, it exploded, and then he basically through hot dice to put mortal wounds on the character and assault squad there, eliminating the units.  Game ended with my loss, 4:1.  I could not advance on the Kastellans.  72 dice or so in firepower (4 robots, buffed to doubling their firepower). Big mistake for me in the game was that the Electropriests got a charge off on a small depleted tac squad and wiped them out - changing their invulnerable save from 5++ down to 3++.  It then took alot of effort to get rid of them!  My opponent also forget a unit he'd held in reserves.  He had been hoping to get them in on my home objective for the straight up win.  IIRR his Kastellans killed a razorback, death company squad, and sanguinary guard, just by weight of fire.  It just goes to show, LOS blocking terrain is very important.

Game 2
Same day, same list, vs Orks.  This game was alot of fun.  4 objectives, you get points each round for holding objectives.  My opponent started off with a big lead, using cheap grots to hold objectives while our larger units battled each other.  At the end, the Orks had a Morkanought, Battlwagon, and psycher on the table.  I had about half my units remaining but depleted.  I lost the game by 1 point. The score was about 14-13.  Again in this game, in a key combat phase - I had three units of 5 marines plus a razorback in assault with a 30-boy mob.  I took a few losses of infantry, gave a good bloodletting in return, and then the Nob killed off the razorback.  It exploded on a 6, and after the rolls for mortal wounds on each unit - I was down to one sergeant vs 14 or so Orks. Another highlight was the battlewagon literally grinding its deathrolla on another Razorback blocking its way. Somehow that lasted for about three combat phases.  The game also had my razorbacks shoot down a DakkaJet.  The Razorback was blocking the short route to an objective I was holding.  As you may recall, in setting up a game, I always state that tracked or wheeled vehicles cannot climb vertical surfaces - which I think is important.  My opponent COULD have just backed the Battlewagon up and gone a different route, or led with the Morkanought.  

Game 3
The Relic.  Same list.  Vs a Chaos Marine Player.  The relic was on the top of a large pyramid, very thematic.  The deployment had us buth 9 inches from the objective.  My opponent led his demon prince from the front.  I got to go first, and a Sanguinary Guard got the relic.  The game was a slog, and I was able to kill off the Chaos demon prince (shooting), defiler (assault), and mobs of cultists (flamers, shooting, assualts, and chaos bikders (assaults), and psycher character (shooting). We ended after three full turns with me continuing to jump away holding the relic.  My opponent had just a landraider, chaos champion, and a depleted chaos marine squad.  I had just a bunch of depleted squads plus Dante and the Sanguinary Priest. Blood angels for the win! At least in this game now vehicles exploded.

Dante was a pretty good buff and a beast in CC. He survived all three games.

The Sanguinary priest was good, gives a great buff, and actually doubled his value in healing marines each game.  He was toast in Game 1.

Overall, as we were playing using power levels, I got smarter on wargear each game.  By game three, the razorbacks were sporting HK missiles and PMSBs, which clearly helped.

Lets see how tonight goes!

Overall I'm bummed that Blood Angel Assault squads don't have access at the moment to meltaguns. I have to create a bunch more flamer marines though!

All for now!



Friday, June 2, 2017

Just a speedbump

Well, it was as amazing a fight as any.

1850 - Blood Angels vs Orks, the last game I'll play in 7th Edition.

Standard deployment, 3 maelstrom cards per turn, ability to steal the objective cards from the opponent.

I deployed first, decided to go first.

Apparently I did not know the orks could Waaaaugh! every turn with their detachment of choice.

My opponent had a simple warboss with his 30 bodyguards, three trukks full of boyz, 20 stormboyz, 3 groups of 5 Lootas, a trukk full of heavy armored boyz, and a bucket of grots.  Something like 160 models in total.

I had just 40 models...

Here are the photos.

 Setup underway

I'm deployed.

Oks and 


Furioso drops in on the right to flame trucks full of boyz.  About 12 boyz and a hull point for the effort.  

Wauugh! Charge right into the center. Walk, run, charge with reroll. Nasty.  I was only about 22 inches apart - apparently easy for the orks to get that far when juiced up on Waugh. 

Furioso was charged too.  More damage, but gone. 

Turn 2 reinforcements arrive, get charged. The drop pod would explode and take out 4 marines and 8 or more orks in the explosion. 

Consolidating, flaming, more orks off the table.  

Bottom of turn 3. It is getting pretty thin, but the fight goes on. 

Beginning on Turn 5.  I'm down to Dante and no other survivors.  

Grots just hanging out and looting stuff.

Overall, I'd whittled the orks to about half of their numbers, and all I had left was Dante.  The score at the end was about 13 to 6.  

The biggest mistake on my part was just moving forward in the center - although that probably just would have slowed the outcome a turn.  About the time I'd dealt with the first wave (4 mobz and trukks), the second wave hit (warboss, his 30-boy mob, and the 5 mega-armored nobz). 

We mused at the end how the orks might have a harder time with vehicles in 8th edition. Other than that, they should get very happy! 

All for now!

Till 8th!


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I am the Windshield

Or the bug?  I dunno.

Tonight is my last 7th edition game.

Blood Angels vs Orks.

Against my long term nemesis.

I'll likely use the same list as last week, because I've been lazy.

Sanguinary Guard
Sanguinary Priest
Assault Squad
Assault Squad
Furioso Dread, Pod
Death Co Dread, Pod
Tac Squad, Las-Plas Razorback
Tac Squad, Las-Plas Razorback
Baal Pred
Baal Pred
(49 models)

My opponent will likely have something like 150 orks, including shooty ones, Kans, Trukks, Nobz, grotz, jumpy ones, the entire kitchen sink.

I'll be outnumbered like 3:1 or more.

Been there before.

I'm not going down without a fight!

He'll try to just keep me in a corner and assault the crap out of me.

I'll just spread him out, keep him guessing where to head next.  Make him make a bunch of fear tests...

LOL, its gonna been fun! (Tragic but fun).