Friday, June 26, 2015

Blood for the Fish God

Librarian Angelus watched the live Vid feed on his helmet screen.  The ground forces he'd been training with back on Baal at the Mordheim Training Grounds were going to get destroyed if this mission became unraveled.  Angelus was traveling in the Crimson Spectre - one of the five Stormravens at his disposal - the five craft - at high altitude, were moving swiftly towards the battle zone, and a high altitude jump pack insertion was required due to the anti-aircraft fire accuracy of the Tau forces below.  Besides himself and Sanguinary Priest Marus, there were 25 additional jump marines - including 5 Vanguard from First Company.  The Vanguard would lead a precision drop, themselves guided, hopefully, by a beacon below, on the flank of the Tau.  7th and 8th Squad assault marines from 5th Company would also make the jump, guided in by the Vanguard.  The assault element would then roll up the Tau gunline.  A green light flashed in the hull of the Stormraven, and the door ramps began to open...below, the battle was fully underway....

Maelstrom Mission #2 - Lost Contact -  1850 Points
Terrain - Fractured ice planet.  All hills of ice would be considered difficult terrain (dangerous to jump packs), but offer no real cover except where blocking LOS (5+).  The few structures would also provide LOS blocking, and the tops of the two Bastions could have 4+ cover.  One area of rubble was the only other 4+ terrain on the table.    Where as I placed objectives around in open areas, my opponent was content to place them on the top of the icy spires.

OPFOR - Tau Xenos - Combined Arms Detachment
See the following picture for details - the Tau include Longstreet, a Riptide, two groups of Kroot, battlesuits, drones galore, a heavily armed flyer, pathfinders, firewarriors, and skimmer tanks.  Most of the Tau infantry sported blind grenades, and the vehicles sported anti-assault upgrades.  The Riptide itself sported the ability to pull off a FNP roll and an invulnerable save.  All of his troop units and dedicated transports were objective secured.

5th Company Blood Angels - Shield of Baal Detachment and Angels Wrath Formation
This list is a first draft of why I'm painting more marines for the E Tenebrae Lux over at Bolter and Chainsword.

Shield of Baal Detachment
Epistolary Angelus, Force Sword, PP, jump pack (Warlord)
Sanguinary Priest Marus, PAxe, Auspex, jump pack
Assault Squad, 5, 2xMG, 1 MB, Drop Pod, Deathwind, Beacon
Death Company, 6, PF, PSword
Tactical Squad, 5, FL, Las-Plas Razorback / w PMSB
Tactical Squad, 5, FL, Las-Plas Razorback / w PMSB
Baal Predator Crimson Blade, TLAssCan, HB Sponsons
Baal Predator Crimson Hammer, TLAssCan, HB Sponsons

Angels Wrath Formation
Vanguard (5), 4x twin Lightning Claws, 1 x Thunderhammer, jump packs
Assault Squad, 10, 2xMG, 1 IP, PAxe, jump packs
Assault Squad, 10, 2xMG, 1 IP, PAxe, jump packs

Warlord trait: XXXXX - the plasma pistol becomes twin linked.
Sanguinary Spells:

My opponent won the roll to choose deployment edge.  I won the roll to deploy first and go first.

I deployed with Angelus and Marus attached to the Vanguard in reserves (with the full Angels Wrath Formation).  The two Baal predators had been deployed with the Death Company and Squad 1 on my far left to head towards a cluster of three objectives; Squad 2 was deployed on my right to be near an objective and get good cover.  In response, the Tau deployed in a solid gun line; Crisis/suits and warlord opposite my Baals, pathfinders in the center, Longstreet in the right corner, and fire warriors flanking the pathfinders in their hover tanks.  The kroot infiltrators were placed, one group near the center to go after the midfield objective, and the other near Longstreet (to cover another objective).  

Somehow I missed a post-deployment photo.

My opponent failed to seize.

Turn 1 and On - I'm Going to need a Bigger Boat
Here we are in the middle of Turn 1.  I'd drawn one card (destroy an enemy vehicle).  The drop pod rammed down right in front of a Tau tank, at a locations that offered some cover.  The meltacide squad dismounted, and spread out a bit to try and mitigate plasma blast damage.  Squad 1 dismounted to cover an objective on the left, and the same with squad 2.  The Baals and far razorback began shooting at the opposite Tau suits and drones, eliminating a few drones, but doing not much else.  The meltacide squad fired on the Tau tank, only giving it one dent for a hull point, and also getting it to Jink.  Between Squad 2 and the deathwind, the kroot in the center were eliminated.  I score a single point for first blood (Kroot).

Closer shot of the meltacide squad in action:

In response, the Tau also begin to move forward.  Their Maelstrom card was for something difficult to achieve.  Ultimately, in shooting, I lost hull points on pretty much every tank and drop pod, AND the Meltacide squad was eliminated. Score 1-0.

In turn 2, the Angels Wrath Formation arrives.  I had two objectives, and the two cards yielded the difficult slay the warlord and an objective grab.  The terrain made it difficult to place everything.  The Vanguard arrived first off the pod's beacon, followed by the 7th Squad and 8th Squad assault marines, of course in TIGHT deep strike formation.  With meteoric impact, the nearby kroot squad took several casualties and broke, but only dropped behind the terrain (to rally in the Tau turn).  In shooting, I took a hull point and jinked Longstreet's tank, ran the Vanguard /Angelus / Marus to disperse them, and caused a few other casualties.  On the far left, I moved forward, but overall shooting was again ineffective.  I scored another point.

In response, the Tau pushed further forward to re-take the center objective, and to line up to shoot the Death Company, my tanks, and ultimately Squad 7.  My opponent had 2 cards, for an objective and for winning an assault.  At the end of his turn, I'd lost 3 DC, one Baal, a few more hull points, and the Tau scored a point.  We both forgot to roll to bring his flyer from reserves.  He'd moved the Jinked Longstreet, down a hull point, into the corner to try and save it.  Score 2-1.

In Turn 3, I had 2 objectives - this card was for my Warlord to die in assault.  Squad 8 jumped forward to go after Longstreet in the corner.  The Vanguard +Angelus and Marus jumped over the Tau line to multi-assault the Tank and surviving kroot. In the far left, the surviving Death Company jumped in to assault the Tau that had been shooting them.  At the end, the Death Company pretty much wiffed (losing another squad member, while not wounding a single Tau suit or drone), Longstreet was wrecked, the Tank was wrecked, and Kroot eliminated.  The fire warriors dismounted adjacent to the pathfinders.  I earned another point.

My opponent was able to draw 2 cards.  Nothing tremendous.  The flyer fails its reserves roll.  He worked to try and take down my tanks some more, and tried to shoot up the Vanguard.  I lost the Baal and the Razorback.  This photo is during his movement phase.  The Tau tank in the center - dismounts its fire warriors, and then moves forward to try to block my advance or move to take my objective...he scored points though.  Score = 3 to 3....

In my turn 4, Squad 8 jumps forward to assault the dismounted fire warrior squad, and the Vanguard / HQ moves to assault the pathfinders.  I wipe the pathfinders out BUT, the Fire warriors are not eliminated - they get down to one model, and do not break.  Squad 2 moves forward, and successfully assaults the Tau tank, wrecking it.   

My opponent owned two objectives at this point.  In shooting, things went bad for the diminished Tau.  His flyer zoomed on, and tried to damage the Vanguard - but the blast deviated way forward covering the assault...killing the last fire warrior and some marines. In the assault phase, the two remaining death company accomplished their mission and stayed at the objective...

His Warlord and drone jumped off to try and take down the Death Company survivors, while the Riptide tried to shoot up the Squad 1 survivors...

At the end of his turn, we were still 3-3 (tie)....

In turn 5, I got 4 cards...and the Vanguard/HQ unit moved forward to go after the remaining Crisis Suits in what had been the Tau gunline center.  My assault marines also pushed forward to the center.  The Tau just crumbled away (Casualties being sorted out in the lower right...3 suits and 5 drones, half of that from the enraged librarian)....

And then the end, final score 7-3.  At the end, the Tau were down to the flyer, Warlord, and Riptide...Blood Angels for the WIN!

It was a fun and difficult game!  One of the things about Contact Lost as a mission, is that if you don't get objectives, you are not scoring!  You need the cards!  It accounts for a low score game every time I play it, and every point counts.  Overall, I think my opponent could have done better by getting more objectives early, and not forgetting a reserve roll (which might have helped).

I pretty much made a huge amount of tactical, if not strategic, blunders.  The Death Company were played about a turn behind where they needed to be.  The Angels Wrath Formation lost a third of its strength (10 assault marines) on the turn they landed due to a large Riptide-boosted plasma blast.  Stuff like that can cost you a game!

Overall, it was fun to play this list.  I think there are many point inefficiencies in it though, like having storm bolters on the razorbacks, too many claws on the Vanguard, and the auspex on the Sanguinary Priest was never used.  I think when I go through this list Rev2 will be stronger.  It all depends on what I can build for a better Blood Angel Vanguard Squad....

All for now!  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mixing and Matching - Epic Thoughts for 40K

One of my earliest Warhammer Games was Epic 40K.  I just loved it, and would drive to Greenhouse Games in Gardner, Maine (back when it was truly located in a former Greenhouse) to play.  There are a bunch of analogues between today's 7th Edition, and Epic 40K of 1995...

Overall, myself, and others, have considered playing a game of 40K at the Epic scale, using 40K rules - in part because we can play large games, and also that we can use our 40K scale titans and other similar units too!

Overall, for all you "youngsters" out there - army organization in Epic back then used company scale detachments with attached support formations.  Sound familiar?  Its one reason that as a TO wannabee, I'd like to see 40K armies for tournaments be required to field one Detachment minimum, followed by X formations.  If your detachment is unbound, you cannot take any formations at all (e.g., your entire army is considered unbound).  Overall, in this newest codex, they show a detachment consisting of formations...(and again the concept of added special rules for taking full vehicle squadrons).

Playing 40K at Epic scale simply requires a few translations to consider:

1.  No range changes. Its more true to scale.

2.  Template weapons instead cause D6 wounds to an infantry unit (single stand), no cover, etc.

3.  Small Blast weapons cause D6 wounds to a infantry unit (single stand), cover or other special effects per the weapon's profile.

4.  Large Blast weapons use the small blast, D6 wounds to every stand partially under the marker.

5.  Apocalyptic blasts use the large blast marker, scale the inner rings down from that as needed.

As most infantry stands start with the equivalent of 5 models, simply use dice to mark remaining wounds on a stand.  Use dice for marking remaining hull points.  

Unit coherency remains the same.  10 models in an infantry unit typically equates to 2 stands, so those stands stay within 2 inches of each other.  A squadron of three tanks stay within 4 inches of another tank model in the unit.  

Always take wounds/HPs off the closest stand / model per the current rules.

I'm pretty ready to make a go at it...I just need to drag the models out of storage.  I don't think it will be a quicker game, as the numbers of dice rolled remains the same.  If anything, movement might be a tad quicker due to fewer models to move.  Keeping track of infantry model weapons might be a tad more difficult - but not insurmountable - for example, assume that the stand containing the sergeant in a tactical squad contains the special weapon, and that the heavy weapon is in the other stand.  An added bonus could be that buildings can go from undamaged to ruins if you have them modeled...

In another train of thought -

I have been reviewing the new Space Marine Codex - and have seen some very interesting things that a Blood Angels player can consider - (oh, and that one wish of mine came true)...

In the Blood Angels codex, there are special rules that apply only to infantry (such as the red thirst, or fast tanks).  For everything outside those needs, some of the new Space marine codex formations can be integrated directly into your Blood Angels lists.  Here are two easy examples:

Stormwing - aka the Skies of Fury - the formation that includes 2 Stormtalons and a Stormraven - Since I always have a Stormraven in my list anyways, for 1750 or larger games, I can see upgrading to include two stormtalons. The Stormraven then gets staffing run.  (this formation is changed slightly from the former dataslate version).  Of course, that really tempts you to add hurricane bolters to the Raven'!!! (Sadly, the former dataslate granted something like "ignores cover" for the Raven', and that might have been better than Staffing run...)

Suppression Force - aka the Long Range Bombardment Group - the formation requires a squadron of landspeeders (1-X) and a squadron of Whirlwinds (2-3),  The formation grants the whirlwinds range to any target within 18 inches of the a landspeeder in the formation - this is the old Apocalypse formation!  The speeder acts as the target spotter for the whirlwinds!  I'd definitely would consider taking a full 3 Whirlwinds, as three in a squadron provides another special rule (they get shred and more!!!).  Having a squadron of three landspeeders only grants another 6-inches to their turbo-boost range, so not a big deal.  Overall, the formation is really cool - applying 2-3 large blasts onto a xenos unit in cover with shells that ignore cover and shred?  Yes please!  

There are other formations as well in which to boost your applicable Blood Angels army without applying a new paint job. I'd encourage you to go take a a reminder, they started to pull in language that Faction/Chapter-tactic specific formations lose their special benefits if you put a character in them that does not belong to that formation/detachment...that might be an interesting twist to look out for in FAQs and future codexes.

Updates on Painting for E Tenebrae Lux:

     Here the models for the 650 Points I promised are all built...

And now primed...most of the jump packs are magnetized.  The Sanguinary pries is holding a auspex sensor to reduce a targets cover saves...kinda handy...Also a full assault squad equivalent and a Vanguard Squad with lots of claws and a hammer.  Now I'm out of Army Painter Red Primer...

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Getting to Know You

Last night was interesting for our local 40K Group, and it was the sort of thing I'd like to see more often.  Three of the games being played involved new people!

I've seen our 40K participation ebb and flow over the decade (and more) in our local area.  It goes up, goes down, overall it has been good.  In the past 2 years, its been on a slow wane.  In part, some people have moved away, some have moved on to other games (variety is the spice of life!), and some players have just disappeared.

Last night saw three people from the area come in to play 40K, at three levels of play.

I volunteered to play a game with a player who had never really played the game before.  He wanted to play Orks, he had a unbound list, the rules, codex, and Ork supplement to use.  We spent a bunch of time working through the game mechanics, figuring stuff out.  After about 2 and a half game turns, it was time for him to leave with his ride.  For me it was great fun, on one hand, he had a Morkonaught, which I'd never encountered, and he was trying a formation from a supplement that I'd never seen.  I think we both had a good time, and I hope his takeaways were that Orks are great, practice is really important, and in time his comfort with the rules will be better.  I recommended he review what he learned from the game, re-read his model's rules, and look for a way to improve over time.  I did not take any pictures, and since the game was not complete I won't go into any details.  I was not playing to win, but was playing to get him some experience.  He got to try out the different units he had, from grots to the Naught', in everything from shooting to assault.

Another in the group played a "kid" who used to play at another gaming store that is now closed, and now that school was out for the summer, he came for a visit. The kid had Necrons, nicely painted, and has about 2 years of experience in the game.  His local opponent had Iron hands.  They played a great game, and the iron hands player was great at pointing out some of the Necron rules and tactics the Kid was getting wrong, and I think they both had a great time.

In the third game, one of our shorter, balder, gamers was playing Dark Angels vs another player who had come in with his Space Wolves.  The Wolf player also was checking out the area gaming, and these two were also having a great time.  The Dark Angels were very well painted - recently sold off by a guy playing another game system...the Wolves were cool, but only half were painted...but watch out for outflanking Landraiders!

Meanwhile, on a different table, two of our most experienced players had a go at each other, in an otherwise cool game that I'd have loved to just watch.

Elsewhere in the room were the Spectre's - a local club - they have their own YouTube feed and website.  They used to play 40K alot, but left to tryout and test other game sytems - tonight they came in to play a game of Infinity (of which I know nothing about). Spectre Senence still owes me a Ultramarines vs Tyranids rematch!!!!

I also supported the store with purchases of the new Space Marines codex and the accompanying play cards, and a bottle of water.

After the evening, the only thing I was left wanting with was not having a name for our gaming group...

So, what are you doing to expand your group and /or support your local gaming spot?

As for me - next week I'll post photos on progress for my E Tenebrae Lux painting project...The models are now built and waiting for priming...I hope to have them 3-color minimum by next Wednesday....



Friday, June 5, 2015

They Went At it Again! Blood Angel vs Blood Angel!

Librarian Angelus got up from the ground, and scanned the distance.  The "recover" command had been given at the practice field.  Around him, the Sanguinary Guard likewise rose from the ground where they lay, as did their "opposing force" tactical brethren from 6th Company. In the distance, Mephiston could be seen standing in the shade of a drop pod, having a discussion with Dante and gesturing off to where other Blood Angels gathered.  Scouts in cloaks began policing the training ground, leaving no bolt round casings on the ground.  An unmarked black shuttle flew off in the distance, their passengers recovered from the red dusty plain.  Sanguinary Priest Marus advanced toward Angelus from where he had also "fallen".  They saluted each other.  Again, although sorely tested, 5th Company's resources, under the command of Angelus, succeeded, although not without command casualties.  There were things to evaluate, and trainings to be adjusted. Overall, 5th Company was nearing its next deployment, and units had to be adjusted, rearmed, and supplied for the upcoming battles.  A rune was flashing in Angelus's battle helmet.  It was a rune that flashed only on the rarest occasions. Was it a congratulatory message from Dante? Or an incoming tactical missive referred to by the Serfs as a FAQ? Both would be welcome here.

Blood Angels vs Blood Angels, 1850, Maelstrom Mission #1

This is an expanded version of the BA vs. BA game played a few weeks ago - this time at 1850 Points.  You can review the prior game here:

The opposing force contained for this game:

The Sanguinor (Warlord)
Chief Librarian Mephiston (Sanguinary Discipline)
Eversor Assassin
Culexis Assassin
Scout Squad, 5, 4 SR, 1 HB
Tactical Squad, 9, MG, FL, Pod
Assault Squad, 5, JPs, FL
Assault Squad, 10, JPs, MG, FL, PS
Vindicator #1
Vindicator #2
Furioso, Pod

5th Company BAs
Epistolary Librarian Angelus, PP, JP, FSword (Biomancy Discipline) (Warlord trait - Rampage)
Sanguinary Priest Marus, Paxe, JP
Sanguinary Guard, 5, 1 PF, 4 Encarmine Blades, JPs
Death Company, 5, 1 PFist, 1 PSword
Death Company Dreadnought, Talons, Magnagrapple
Assault Squad, 10, 2 MG, IP, PF, JPs
Assault Squad, 5, 2 MG, MB, Pod
Assault Squad, 5, 2 MG, MB, Pod
Scout Squad, 5, 5 SR, cloaks
Tactical Squad, 5, FL, MB, Las-Plas Razorback
Baal Predator, TLAssCan, HB Sponsons
Baal Predator, TLAssCan, HB Sponsons
Stormraven (TTLC, TLMM, 4xML)

The Battlefield was a collection of large pipe structures and such, mostly giving 5+ cover saves. Objectives were placed fairly regularly,  I tried to keep mine in the open, while my opponent tried to place them in cover.

My opponent won the roll for deployment corners, and chose the upper left.  I won the roll to deploy first and go first. I placed my scouts in cover near the center; my opponent placed his scouts in cover near an objective, and co-located them with the Eversore (sniper assassin).

His other assassin was placed in my backfield...

The Game
We played out 5 turns, and the game carried forward pretty well.

Here we are soon after deployment - my ground forces are arrayed and ready to move forward.  
Middle of turn 1 - I jumped totally forward with everything except the Librarian and Sanguinary guard, and the demi-tactical squad - they all had to stay behind to take care of the Assassin - it took those units and more in order to take her down!  They Libby/Sanguinary Guard are behind the rusted storage silo where the assault happened to end her.  

Middle of turn 2.  I'd been De-Baaled' at this point, and my reserves had failed to arrive.  My meltacide squad had failed to take more than a hull point off that Vindicator in turn 1 (stunning it), and were then wiped out by OPFOR assault marines and the Sanguinor.  My assault squad then jumped forward and killed off his assault squad, consolidating into cover.  They had also been boosted by Angelus with a 4+ cover save.  Like ticks, it was going to be an effort for the OPFOR to root them out!

More Turn 2 - Mephiston arrives with the 9-man podded tacticals.  He landed there to score on an objective, and try to make me react to that quadrant.  The OPFOR is deploying from the pod to shoot the poo out of Angelus and the Sanguinary Guard, who were getting cover from the nearby storage silos from his Vindicator.  In this shot, you can see the Sanguinor (wounded by biding his time)...Dante and his entourage will begin moving towards my assault squad.  

More here - in shooting, I lost one of the Sanguinary Guard.  But I had a bad plan for a response.  

Middle of Turn 3.  The Stormraven Arrives!  The DC dread dropped off to score on an objective, while the flyer kept zooming forward - and the Sanguinor was eliminated for a Warlord point and a tactical card payout!   The far Vindicator was stunned again (the other had been immobilized).  

More of the Middle of Turn 3 - I'd tried shoot up and then assault the remnants of the OPFOR Tacticals + Mephiston.  Angelus was challenged by Mephiston, who dropped Angelus and killed off another Sanguinary with wound-pool overflow.  The remaining Sanguinary Guard overall had won, and Mephiston and his sole tactical entourage survivor had run regroup...apparently Mephiston is...not...fearless...  

Middle of Turn 6...I'd missed a shot of Turn 4 and Turn 5...Basically Dante and his squad got after my Priest-led tactical squad and it took two rounds of CC to eliminate them.  His reserved Furioso had arrived in Turn 3, only to be immobilized by the Stormraven at the top of in Turn 4...Also in Turn 4, my meltacide squad had dropped in and finished off one vindicator in the backfield, and the DC squad had jumped out to shoot up and assault the hiding assassin and remaining OPFOR scout.  I started losing a marine a turn to the DC dread finally made it to combat with the Vindicator, wrecking it.  It took maybe 4 rounds of assualt and adding in more marines to finally get rid of the last assassin!  Mephiston had jumped forward to assault and kill off the remaining two Sanguinary Guard in turn 4...then the demi-tactical squad in Turn 5, and now had his sights set on the scouts contesting the objective at his Furioso/pod...eliminating those last two scouts was worth another point!  

End of the game...I finished the game with the Stormraven, 3 DC marines, 5 meltacide marines, 2 scouts, a pod, the DC Dread and a razorback remaining; the OPFOR had Dante, 3 assault marines, a immobile furioso, Mephiston, and two drop pods...

I actually got 4 points on my first turn, and the Opfor stayed within a point or so for the remainder of the game.  We both had Warlord.  At the end, the score was basically 13 to 11, with my force getting linebreaker on conclusion of the game.  If the scouts had been eliminated on Turn 6 in shooting, Mephiston could have run across by objective line to draw the was that close.

Lessons learned
I was using a "new" quickly cobbled 1850 list, modified from one I had drafted in Army Builder a few weeks or months ago. I found I still had a few wasted points in there...I'm still not getting full use of the MBs, for example.  Also, in this case, I was a sniper scout I borrowed one from my Ultramarines collection.  My opponent had a HB in his scout squad, which seemed more useful in the long run. Overall, I think I can squeeze a few things here and there and slightly upgrade further, but not much without changing some things!

This will end my experiments with Biomancy - I'll try some other discipline in the next set of games.  Bio was OK, overall, but, even with the blessings it yields to the Librarian, it sometimes falls short. As usual, the Librarian suffered a perils, and then was finished off by Mephiston in a challenge!

My opponent could have been alot more aggressive with some of his characters - I think overall he won't use the Sanguinor as his warlord - its better to leave that to Dante or Mephiston!  I think the Sanguinor is better as a counter-assault unit or distraction.

The Vindicators were awesome.  Each ate a Baal on Turn 1...I think having a third one in the list might be cool...can get alot of the points by dropping the Sanguinor entirely!  In combination, I spent the efforts of both meltacide squads, a DC dread and the Stormraven to react to them!  One thing we also remembered for future use was that the Vindicator shell ignores cover...

Oh, and for the points, assassins are great!  My opponent needs more practise with them, but I can see how they add value!

All for now, have a great weekend!

Monday, June 1, 2015

E TENEBRAE LUX 2015 - I'm jumping in...

I forgot about today's deadline!  OMG!!! But - I got my oath in before the deadline!

I Ming rise to the challenge of E TENEBRAE LUX (the Painting event at Bolter and Chainsword) and vow to complete:

  1. a BA 5-man Vanguard Squad (4 Lclaws, 1 THammer, jump packs);
  2. a BA 10-man Assault squad (jump packs, melta, melta, combimelta [or grav pistol], paxe); and
  3. the model of BA DC Chaplain Lemartes; and
  4. a BA Sanguinary Priest (paxe, auspex, jump pack)

for a total value of +/- 650 points on or before August 1st, 2015. Success will bring eternal glory to the Blood Angels Chapter and failure will doom me to bear the Badge of the Oathbreaker until my vow is fully completed. That shall be my penance.

I'm be posting photos here on my well as at B&C.  Its been a while since I've been able to participate in one of their events!  It should be a blast! Now...where's my nippers and glue...


Started picking through the debris to get the parts I needed - Although I found enough for a combi-melta, I could not seem to find a sprue that had any remaining grav weapons, so maybe I'll just put a inferno pistol on the new assault squad sergeant.  

Another shot an hour later - legs are glued to bases, and body halves are glued together.  Also checked and verified I had the right parts for double-clawed Vanguard.  

I cannot remember if this is actually an earlier version of Lemartes...but that's who he is now...

I hope to have all the models glued and complete this evening.  Then primed Thursday...