Thursday, June 18, 2015

Getting to Know You

Last night was interesting for our local 40K Group, and it was the sort of thing I'd like to see more often.  Three of the games being played involved new people!

I've seen our 40K participation ebb and flow over the decade (and more) in our local area.  It goes up, goes down, overall it has been good.  In the past 2 years, its been on a slow wane.  In part, some people have moved away, some have moved on to other games (variety is the spice of life!), and some players have just disappeared.

Last night saw three people from the area come in to play 40K, at three levels of play.

I volunteered to play a game with a player who had never really played the game before.  He wanted to play Orks, he had a unbound list, the rules, codex, and Ork supplement to use.  We spent a bunch of time working through the game mechanics, figuring stuff out.  After about 2 and a half game turns, it was time for him to leave with his ride.  For me it was great fun, on one hand, he had a Morkonaught, which I'd never encountered, and he was trying a formation from a supplement that I'd never seen.  I think we both had a good time, and I hope his takeaways were that Orks are great, practice is really important, and in time his comfort with the rules will be better.  I recommended he review what he learned from the game, re-read his model's rules, and look for a way to improve over time.  I did not take any pictures, and since the game was not complete I won't go into any details.  I was not playing to win, but was playing to get him some experience.  He got to try out the different units he had, from grots to the Naught', in everything from shooting to assault.

Another in the group played a "kid" who used to play at another gaming store that is now closed, and now that school was out for the summer, he came for a visit. The kid had Necrons, nicely painted, and has about 2 years of experience in the game.  His local opponent had Iron hands.  They played a great game, and the iron hands player was great at pointing out some of the Necron rules and tactics the Kid was getting wrong, and I think they both had a great time.

In the third game, one of our shorter, balder, gamers was playing Dark Angels vs another player who had come in with his Space Wolves.  The Wolf player also was checking out the area gaming, and these two were also having a great time.  The Dark Angels were very well painted - recently sold off by a guy playing another game system...the Wolves were cool, but only half were painted...but watch out for outflanking Landraiders!

Meanwhile, on a different table, two of our most experienced players had a go at each other, in an otherwise cool game that I'd have loved to just watch.

Elsewhere in the room were the Spectre's - a local club - they have their own YouTube feed and website.  They used to play 40K alot, but left to tryout and test other game sytems - tonight they came in to play a game of Infinity (of which I know nothing about). Spectre Senence still owes me a Ultramarines vs Tyranids rematch!!!!

I also supported the store with purchases of the new Space Marines codex and the accompanying play cards, and a bottle of water.

After the evening, the only thing I was left wanting with was not having a name for our gaming group...

So, what are you doing to expand your group and /or support your local gaming spot?

As for me - next week I'll post photos on progress for my E Tenebrae Lux painting project...The models are now built and waiting for priming...I hope to have them 3-color minimum by next Wednesday....




  1. It's always great to see new players and that's the cool thing with XRG, new guys can come in and get in games against people willing to teach, like yourself. That's not the case in many other locations sadly.

    As for my game, I got destroyed. Eldar are the one army that always has its way with me. One day I'll figure them out.

  2. Yes, yes. I do owe you that rematch. With the new codex coming out it will be real nice seeing the Ultramarines as the finest chapter of Space Marines out there!