Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mixing and Matching - Epic Thoughts for 40K

One of my earliest Warhammer Games was Epic 40K.  I just loved it, and would drive to Greenhouse Games in Gardner, Maine (back when it was truly located in a former Greenhouse) to play.  There are a bunch of analogues between today's 7th Edition, and Epic 40K of 1995...

Overall, myself, and others, have considered playing a game of 40K at the Epic scale, using 40K rules - in part because we can play large games, and also that we can use our 40K scale titans and other similar units too!

Overall, for all you "youngsters" out there - army organization in Epic back then used company scale detachments with attached support formations.  Sound familiar?  Its one reason that as a TO wannabee, I'd like to see 40K armies for tournaments be required to field one Detachment minimum, followed by X formations.  If your detachment is unbound, you cannot take any formations at all (e.g., your entire army is considered unbound).  Overall, in this newest codex, they show a detachment consisting of formations...(and again the concept of added special rules for taking full vehicle squadrons).

Playing 40K at Epic scale simply requires a few translations to consider:

1.  No range changes. Its more true to scale.

2.  Template weapons instead cause D6 wounds to an infantry unit (single stand), no cover, etc.

3.  Small Blast weapons cause D6 wounds to a infantry unit (single stand), cover or other special effects per the weapon's profile.

4.  Large Blast weapons use the small blast, D6 wounds to every stand partially under the marker.

5.  Apocalyptic blasts use the large blast marker, scale the inner rings down from that as needed.

As most infantry stands start with the equivalent of 5 models, simply use dice to mark remaining wounds on a stand.  Use dice for marking remaining hull points.  

Unit coherency remains the same.  10 models in an infantry unit typically equates to 2 stands, so those stands stay within 2 inches of each other.  A squadron of three tanks stay within 4 inches of another tank model in the unit.  

Always take wounds/HPs off the closest stand / model per the current rules.

I'm pretty ready to make a go at it...I just need to drag the models out of storage.  I don't think it will be a quicker game, as the numbers of dice rolled remains the same.  If anything, movement might be a tad quicker due to fewer models to move.  Keeping track of infantry model weapons might be a tad more difficult - but not insurmountable - for example, assume that the stand containing the sergeant in a tactical squad contains the special weapon, and that the heavy weapon is in the other stand.  An added bonus could be that buildings can go from undamaged to ruins if you have them modeled...

In another train of thought -

I have been reviewing the new Space Marine Codex - and have seen some very interesting things that a Blood Angels player can consider - (oh, and that one wish of mine came true)...

In the Blood Angels codex, there are special rules that apply only to infantry (such as the red thirst, or fast tanks).  For everything outside those needs, some of the new Space marine codex formations can be integrated directly into your Blood Angels lists.  Here are two easy examples:

Stormwing - aka the Skies of Fury - the formation that includes 2 Stormtalons and a Stormraven - Since I always have a Stormraven in my list anyways, for 1750 or larger games, I can see upgrading to include two stormtalons. The Stormraven then gets staffing run.  (this formation is changed slightly from the former dataslate version).  Of course, that really tempts you to add hurricane bolters to the Raven'!!! (Sadly, the former dataslate granted something like "ignores cover" for the Raven', and that might have been better than Staffing run...)

Suppression Force - aka the Long Range Bombardment Group - the formation requires a squadron of landspeeders (1-X) and a squadron of Whirlwinds (2-3),  The formation grants the whirlwinds range to any target within 18 inches of the a landspeeder in the formation - this is the old Apocalypse formation!  The speeder acts as the target spotter for the whirlwinds!  I'd definitely would consider taking a full 3 Whirlwinds, as three in a squadron provides another special rule (they get shred and more!!!).  Having a squadron of three landspeeders only grants another 6-inches to their turbo-boost range, so not a big deal.  Overall, the formation is really cool - applying 2-3 large blasts onto a xenos unit in cover with shells that ignore cover and shred?  Yes please!  

There are other formations as well in which to boost your applicable Blood Angels army without applying a new paint job. I'd encourage you to go take a a reminder, they started to pull in language that Faction/Chapter-tactic specific formations lose their special benefits if you put a character in them that does not belong to that formation/detachment...that might be an interesting twist to look out for in FAQs and future codexes.

Updates on Painting for E Tenebrae Lux:

     Here the models for the 650 Points I promised are all built...

And now primed...most of the jump packs are magnetized.  The Sanguinary pries is holding a auspex sensor to reduce a targets cover saves...kinda handy...Also a full assault squad equivalent and a Vanguard Squad with lots of claws and a hammer.  Now I'm out of Army Painter Red Primer...

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