Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tuesday Night is all Right - Another Beer-Adventure to Share with You

I don't know if you gamers took my advice about visiting Alligash Brewery on Riverside in Portland, ME, but here is another way to have a great time on a Tuesday night!  After all, Tuesdays are often game local group does 40K on Wednesdays after all...

It ends up that the Shipyard Brewery, on Newbury Street in Portland, has an awesome thing for you and either your significant other or gamer buddies to enjoy - but it takes a bit of preparation.

Shipyard is an awesome brewery, after all, they make everything from Chamberlain Pale Ale to Smashed Pumpkin, and lots of others, usually about 12 styles at any one time.  Their Brewery in Portland is now 19 years old, at besides their own brands, they also make certain other brands under contract. 

So, what to do?

Call the brewery and get reservations for their FREE Tuesday night brewery tour.  It begins every Tuesday night approximately 5:30 PM.  Only about 10 or so lucky individuals can go at a time. 

The tour begins in a room that is best described as a chapel, it has pews and all.  After a short movie and some history of the brewery and its products, the tour guide takes you on a trip out back.

It's like Willi Wonka out there, but for beer! And yes, while I was off on the tour, that thought came to mind, about doing a movie for adults to that theme....

After a while, you return to the Brewery's tasting room, and you get to try something of each available brand, fresh and on tap.  Once you make a selection, they'll pour you a pint of your favorite from the trip, and then when you are done, you can stock up from their gift shop. 

Overall, it was a great trip, and afterwards, remember that Tuesdays are a great time to stop in a Portland restaurant or pub for a quiet time with your date...

Anyways, my favorite of the night was their Bluefin Stout.  Second was their cask-aged and rare ESB, and then the Smashed Pumpkin.  Frankly, all their beers are awesome, even the Smashed Blueberry (which surprisingly has a chocolate aftertaste). 

Interestingly, last weekend we visited another place on the Beer Trail - the Black Bear Microbrewery in Orono, Maine.  I'd drive to Orono again just for that experience!  Search them up and enjoy! 

My favorite was the Gear Head Ale...

In my next blog post I'll try to write about my search for a good 40K 1750 List for the upcoming Standish Standoff.  Have a great week!

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