Tuesday, August 26, 2014

PyroTiggy is Fun

First off, I've been really busy with trips, work, and other stuff going on.  So it has been a bunch of time.  The weird thing is, I have a couple of draft blog entries in the que, but just have not finished them.  On the fly, I thought I'd just push forward one of my favorite things for 7th Edition - the fact that if you choose all your librarian spells from one discipline, it can be fun!

So, my favorite Librarian is Tigurius.  He is a level 3 psycher, with OK stats, mediocre armor, and a plain old master crafted stick to smack opponents with.  But, imaging what happens when you play a game with his spells assigned!  He rolls for three spells and gets re-rolls for the spells you don't want.  Once in play, he shines, since you can reroll your failed spell rolls!  So, what does that mean in a practical sense?


The ideal spell set includes (he gets 4 plus force):

Force (of course, its free with the stick, which is 2+S, concussive, soulblaze)
Flame Breath (primaris, template, S5AP4,assault, soulblaze)
#1 Fiery Form (yields a 4+ invulnerable to Tiggy, rerolls every failed to wound roll inflicted by other pyromancy powers).
#4 Sunburst Nova (9", 2D6, S4, AP5, ignores cover, soulblaze).
# 6 Molten Beam (12", S8, AP1 Meltabeam).

Alternate for #1 is #2 (Fireshield, 4+cover save plus 6" dangerous terrain bubble for the unit)
Alternate for #4 or#6 is #5 (Inferno, 24", large blast, S4AP5, ignores cover, soulblaze).

So, pretty much every power (except #3) is really really good!

Remember, in this edition, a psycher can use the powers on as many different targets as possible.

Assuming that PyroTiggy gets an average roll of 4, +3 for his level, you have 7 psychic dice.  So, in an ideal perfect turn, he could roll up all 4 spells plus force successfully...with an extra dice or so to give some extra support and make it happen!  Sweet!

Of course, my dice never let me actually get perfection.  I don't know how many times I've tried to roll up a #1, rerolled it, and got #3 or #2...not that I can complain for a #2.  I also don't know how many times I tried to get Tiggy in Nova range and failed that too.

I have a few more games playing PyroTiggy.  Then maybe on to TeleTiggy!

Playing in a tournament this weekend, wish me luck!

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