Thursday, September 18, 2014

Iron Hands Help? Getting Rusty...

I played a low-pressure game at the FLGS last week using (because I'm lazy) the same list I'd used in the last games of the 40K League.  My opponent was a fairly new player, and he wanted a 1500 point game (about his 5 game ever).  He has started to develop a Iron-Hands based chapter of Space Marines, called the Sons of Eos.

His list for the night was basically this:

Librarian Epistolary (level 2), TDA, Force Staff, Storm Bolter, Biomancy
10 marines, FL, ML, Rhino
10 marines, PG, ML
5 Tactical Terminators, AC
Landraider, 2xTLLC, TLHB
Stormtalon, TLAC, SHMs
Dreadnought, TLLC, DCCW/SB
Dreadnought, AC, DCCW/HF, Drop Pod, Deathwind Launcher
5 Scouts, 4SR, 1 ML

Overall, I won the game 11-6, but that was not the important part.  I was, however, as foreshadowed in a prior blog post, using TeleTiggy rather than his evil twin PyroTiggy.   I had rolled up Invisibility, Shrouding, Dominate, plus the primaris Shriek, and of course force. It was sort of fun as a difference from PyroTiggy, especially when Tiggy and the Sternguard were being assaulted (first by a terminator survivor) and later by the Epistolary and a tactical squad), while invisible and shrouded.

The last night I played against a different player - who ALSO had Iron hands:

Chapter master on Bike, all the Clan Raukan Relics he could carry
6+ Bikers, double plasma
Ironclad Dreadnought (melta, flamer, siege drills), Pod w/ deathwind)
5 Scouts (shotguns, combigrav, MB), Landspeeder Storm w/ MM
5 Scouts (shotguns, combigrav, MB), Landspeeder Storm w/ MM
Techmarine, Thunderfire Cannon
Knight, Thermal Cannon

I won this game as well (about 14-9 if we'd completed the last turn).  Teletiggy rolled up some horrendous spells this time (Hallucinate, Terrify, Dominate, nothing great - no invisibility or shrouding, and he periled on Turn 5 but survived).  

Screw all that, what I wanted to focus on was - do you have any advice for novice iron hands players?  I thought it odd the first player wanted to use a librarian (out of character for iron Hands?), but what is the cornerstone or focus for Iron Hands?  The second player was a bit more polished but I think he had too many points in the Knight and Chapter Master.  Ps...this time I largely ignored the Knight, focusing instead on the Chapter master and bike buddies, before switching attention over to his scouts. Since the first game - I found that in the Clan Raukan book there is a Librarian force weapon relic I wish I had access to as an Ultramarine!

For your homework or pondering - I'm drawing on the two primary sources here - the Space Marines Codex (of course), and the Clan Raukan book seems to be a must.  And then there are two really good favorite sources for further knowledge I'd recommend -


What are your thoughts?  Do you have a favorite Iron Hands list?

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