Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Surviving the New Year - Blood Angels Style - Hard Work Ahead...

I've been on a Blood Angels bender since the codex came out, reading and re-reading it and even purchasing the last three White Dwarf weeklies so I'd have the new formations as well (not to mention the cool cities of Death Maelstrom cards).  About the only thing not in my hand (yet) is the current Blood-Angel related Shield of Baal campaign and fluff supplement.  Maybe that will be next.

Yep, here at my man cave, I got a pile of Blood Angels that have been sitting around and not played for over a year (or more).  RippedDragon collected most of them, and I owned some of them before that.  Included in the collected are the old original metallic death company metal marines, and I'm almost ready to start painting.  Here are some pictures of the collection for reference.

It is a pile of stuff!  Of course, now I need to go and design some lists, in order to see what we might be missing.  I already ordered the Mephiston model from my FLGS just to complete the character collection.

As can be seen, there is alot of stuff to repair, paint, fix, swap, clean, finish, and such, so I think I'll start with a basic list and then move forward from there.

Weekend work has been keeping me from playing tournament games for the past two months or so, and for the past two weeks, holidays and meetings have kept me from playing on club nights. In January we begin the next league, however, so I need to get busy!  I hate playing with unfinished models!

I've also been trolling a bit more at Frontline Gaming, in relation to their podcasts.  I love listening to their podcast, but it is always interesting how quick they can try to look for rules to be abused in order to create "winning netlists" at any cost.  Case in point is the discussion there on the BA formation from White Dwarf that consists of 3 Stormravens and 3 10-man tac squads with 3 teleport homers.  Of course the discussion immediately went off the hook on trying to find a way to alpha strike you with other units coming in from reserves.  Overall, I'm hoping they achieve a just conclusion to the discussion, but we'll see.  I've made my case fairly clear in my comments there.

Locally, I went to the FLGS last week and there were a good few people playtesting the Blood Angel Codex, and one player has already used it to win the monthly tournament (although I don't know if he used the new codex - it seemed to recent to allow it).  Regardless, I think we will see alot of Blood Angels come out to play in the area, which is pretty cool.

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  1. Well good luck with all the work. Excited to see it done, your armies always look great. Gonna be wierd seeing you field Red instead of Blue though