Friday, April 3, 2015

Updated 5th Company Painting Goals

Ski season is running down here in the Northeastern US.  Mud for the Mud God!

Time to get busy on 40K stuff!

The Fratris Salutem event (a narrative one-day campaign style) is coming in May.  Tickets are on-sale now, so make sure you get one!

My painting and building punchlist includes:

1,  Finishing up the first batch of Death Company Marines - I'm already using them in my games, but only base colors have been applied.  They already look good, but have a way to go...looks like I'll be using a bunch of ork arms and legs to decorate their scenic bases...

2.  Get going on the Sanguinary Guard Marines.  They are all primed and ready...not to hard to do a bronze-wash-gold scheme plus power weapon details.

3.  Repair that damn tail wing on the Stormraven!  It was builts (and painted) far nobody seems to notice or care...Then, get the hurricane bolter sponsons built and painted.  Then finalize the details with decals and free hand.

4.  Changing out/modifying the turrets for the las-plas Razorbacks.  I'm not fond of pintle mounted plasma guns...I'd change my mind if there was a cool way to fill the "hole" in the turret where the single lascannon goes...something magnetized?

5.  More red marines.  Details on all of them.

6.  Everything needs basing!

7.  A "scenic tray" for the Fratris event...

I hope to have pictures of the Death Company Marines as they get closer to completion...they may be the ones to go into the Fratris painting competition...I have a few WIP shots, but they are boring.

Have a great Weekend and Happy Easter!

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