Friday, May 8, 2015

The 555th Triple Nickels has an Answer to your Problem Sir

Everyone on the internet seems all agog at the current Eldar codex, and the battle reports have been interesting.

The Astra Militarum has exactly what you need to handle pesky swarms of jet bikes carrying long haired pointy eared pale faced xenos.

Here is a hint...

The sound it makes when it attacks someone away from your location is:


If it is attacking your position, all you hear before your unit is eliminated is:


Imagine a trio of these in your next army list:

The Vulture Gunship is a purpose-built variant of the Valkyrie STC; a high-speed, low-level hunter-killer, capable of mounting a wide range of payloads to carry out its assigned mission. Commonly used in a close protection role for air-to-surface Imperial Guard deployments for regiments such as the Drop Troops of Elysia, the Vulture is also assigned to strafing missions against massed infantry formations and lightly-armoured vehicles. This is a complete resin and plastic kit, includes plastic flying base and plastic Hellstrike missiles and Rocket Pods. Punisher Cannons shown on some pictures sold separately. Model designed by Daren Parrwood.

and then you add these:

I was on the receiving end in a game a few years back where my opponent had just the end of the game I had one lonely blue space marine left, hugging his bolter, ducking behind a rock...I could not imagine seeing the effect of three...the shear mount of firepower is amazing.  Of course none of the easily found pictures on the web show the variant with the punisher cannons in action...

Or, if you are in to Chaos...and don't want to ally in some "trator guard" just go with three Helldrakes.  Nothing says "can't Jink this" like three S6AP3 templates...

Just trying to help...


  1. I don't think the Eldar codex in our area is much of an issue. Our two local players I don't see spamming the cheese. I played Marshall last weekend and we had a great game with the new Eldar and there was nothing cheesey about his list.

    Nationally, yeah, it could be a whole different story and likely is with the competitive types.

  2. Yep. Marshall had been feeling apologetic over the Eldar codex, I told him to just play it like he always does! Over at Imperator Guides, they have a series going on the codex, which has been insightful, as has some of the batreps at Frontline and elsewhere. Overall, I'm not seeing much of a change. I've probably always lost more to Eldar than won (just like my experience with Orks). Rock-paper-scissors! But if were a cool as nails chaos player showing up to a monthly tournament, I'd pack in 2-3 Helldrakes just in case...