Wednesday, July 22, 2015

An Untappd Life

I've been away on a short vacation.  During that time I brought nothing related to Games Workshops' IP. I read nothing and did nothing 40K related.  But I did pursue my other hobbies - surf fishing and beer.

Soon (late August) will be the time I review my 40K gaming year.

Now is the time I can review my beer drinking year.

I use the APP called UNTAPPD to keep track.  It is really cool, and I get badges as rewards for beer exploration.

In the past year (or as long as I've used the APP), I have checked in 229 times.  I've drank 160 DIFFERENT beers.  I've been awarded 94 badges for my efforts.  

Badges have various levels, usually based on getting another 5 beers in that category.  The badge I've progressed on the most is "Land of the Free" (I'm at level 29).  You get that one for drinking distinct different American beers.

My favorite badge is..."Drinking Your Paycheck" which I'm not sure how I earned...maybe beers on Friday?  Who knows.

Maybe my next badge will be "Weekday Warrior"?

Anyway, its back to 40K.  I still need to get my E Tenebrae Lux pledge completed.  I was working on that last night - painting Blood Angels.  Tonight is "Club Night" so i hope to get a game in and maybe start some talk on scheduling and getting commitments for the Standish Standoff (Tournament) event to be held in the Fall.

Happy Drinking!

But then again - remember its just a hobby:


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