Tuesday, October 20, 2015

From Rage to Salvation 2015 - Painting up more Blood Angels

Just a quick data burst.

Over at Bolter and Chainsword, I decided to sign up to participate in the "From Rage to Salvation 2015" painting event.  I've vowed to paint up a Furioso Dreadnought and a unit of 10 Death Company models.  I really needed the extra motivation!  The Furioso allows me to try some of the other BA detachments/formations for which its a required choice.  

You can find out more here on the painting challenge:


I have the Furioso now built - with the arms all set, I'll be able to field it as either a Furioso with dual fists, MM, and HF, magnagrapples, or a Furioso with fragcannon, fist, heavy flammer and magnagrapples.

The Death Company will be a squad of the original, 10, metal models from over 18 years ago -  it was one of the first boxes of 40K stuff I'd bought, and they were disassembled and de-painted about 3 years ago, after never having been used.  I'll be replacing all of their original arms and such with updated blood angel death company bits, and will keep them on foot.  I might also have somewhere a red rhino to repaint to be their ride when they are not being airlifted.  

I hope to have a bunch of in-progress pix here soon - it should be pretty good!  Overall, I have until November 30th to get them all finished!  Look for them on a table top soon!

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