Friday, September 2, 2016


Titus stirred.

The chirp in his sensors had actually stirred first, which had the effect of gently nudging Titus from his dream state.  Titus was momentarily saddened.  He had been dreaming a great dream, one of  his youth, on a hunting trip in the mountains of Macragge. Then Titus remembered his duty and purpose.  Titus began his awakening protocols.

With mental thoughts, rather than physical motion, as practiced over a century of time, He began the ordered protocols and internal checklists.  Auxiliary power units began to hum with warmth and energy.  Hydraulic systems were pressured, tested for leaks.  Computer control, communications, data, and sensor systems came on line next as programming checked each engram for errors or faults.  Throughout it all, Titus kept his visual and audio inputs shut down.  He preferred it that way, not wanting to see or hear his true environment until he was ready.  Titus frowned at the list of faults and maintenance issues that slowly built up on his internal display.  One power fist digit was under pressured, probably the sign of an aging component that would need replacement.  One power unit only achieving 99.123% of power.  A gyroscope seemingly needing re-calibration.  Hydraulic pressure sensors in his right leg indicating the need to replace a filter. Ammunition was nil.

Communications messages reduced to text form cluttered his in-vox system.  Well over 75,000 messages in all.  With a mental gesture, he began screening through the messages. Some were simple location system reports indicating his presence on the Ultramarines battle barge Octavius II.  Others were rough greetings from his battle brothers. Many were daily devotional messages from Chaplain Tiber.  He scanned on, reading messages from his captain, a few minor battle reports.  Reports of warp translation.  Training schedules. Promotions.

Breakfast, as it was, consisted of input of a balanced paste through his feeding tube. Per his own request, the nutrient paste changed from a smoky bacon-like sense to that of a bitter coffee. It gave him strength and unfogged his mind.  

On completion of his startup protocols, and his communications read, discarded, or archived, Titus mentally reached for another button on the display.  Mentally hammering it home, with a massive clunk, a bright widening beam of light bathed Titus. The doors widened to their full potential.  Then with a thought, Titus began motion, massive right foot followed by left, into the light of the room. He bowed forward.  Standing before  him was Techmarine Arius. Arius returned the bow.  "Good Morning Brother Titus" said the Techmarine.  "We have need of your service"...Beyond were Chapter Servitors with panniers of large bore explosive ammunition. Each round was polished to a high sheen, each marked with the Emperors Blessed Seal and the Ultramarines Chapter Symbol.  Titus advanced further into the room to begin his rituals of arming...  


  1. Ah, dreadnoughts. Some of the best mixture of horror and awesome that 40k has available to it.

  2. If you want some Dreadnought inspiration, get the audio drama "The Glorious Tomb" from Black Library. Guy Haley nails the Dreadnought experience.