Monday, May 1, 2017

Blood Angels FTW

As we get closer to the dramatic changes that will be 8th Edition, I'm still getting in a game here and there.

This last week I got in a game using my Blood Angels against a combined (new formation) of mixed Black Templars plus Ultramarines at 1000 points.

The local FLGS has been pushing 1000 points as a entry level size, capping this coming weekend with a three-game tournament.

BT Emperor's Champion (WL)
BT Terminators (5), all TH/SS
BT Landraider Crusader
UM Techmarine, Bike
UM Tac Squad, 3, MG, Bikes
UM Tac Squad, 3, MG, Bikes
UM Tac Squad, 3, MG, Bikes

The benefit of the detachment is that when any of the Tac Bikers are removed from play, on a roll of 5+ (or so), they go into ongoing reserves.

Blood Angels (CAD)
Dante (LOW, WL)
Sanguinary Priest, PAxe, Jump pack
Sanguinary Guard, 5, 2xPF, 2xIP
Furioso Dreadnought, frag cannon, DCCW, HF, Drop Pod
Tac Squad, 5, FL, Las-plas Razorback
Tac Squad, 5, FL, Las-plas Razorback

We played maelstrom #5 - 3 hidden mission cards, etc.

Overall, it was a fun game. Dante's tactical warlord trait was to get an extra maelstrom card on turn 1, which did not help much. I deployed just the razorback squads (objective secured as a CAD).  Dante and the rest were kept in reserves.  My opponent deployed everything.  The terrain was hills and wood, with a river bisecting the table at an angle, and a bridge across the center.  The river was deemed shallow, and only difficult (not dangerous) terrain.

On turn 1, I might have scored a point for an objective in my deployment zone.  The pod slammed down in the far right, near two bike squads and the river.  The dread's frag cannon and HF killed off three bikers.  My opponent then reacted by wrecking the drop pod and shaking the dread.

Turn 2 saw Dante and his retinue drop in on the left flank, but deviated the full 6 inches away from the BT Landraider.  The Dread assaulted the nearest biker squad and eliminated it.  In response, the BT landraider spins around and the Champion and terminators dismount, ultimately charging Dante's group.  After the assault, I'm down to Dante and one SG, and the BT's are down to 4 terminators.  Dante uses hit and run to get away. On the right flank, the Dread gets wrecked from MG/MM fire.

Turn 3 and I send Dante towards the center, while shooting up some bikers.  Dante eliminates the techmarine biker.  Two previously eliminated UM biker squads come back in from reserves.  I eliminate another UM biker squad, and they fail their come back roll.  Dante and his SG buddy weather the wrath of the Crusader.

Turn 4 and I get Dante and SG behind a building on my right flank, to start heading up the table.  The OPFOR has a biker squad getting over the river on my left flank, and into assault with the razorback there, wrecking it.  The BT landraider (and terminators) gallop back into the BT deployment zone to help score some points. It is a tie game.

Turn 5-7 We keep on fighting.  Eventually Dante is in the OPFOR deployment zone.

Blood Angels win with a score of approx. 13 to 12.  

 Learning moment of the game:  5 SG are no match for 5 TH/SS Terminators...


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