Friday, June 2, 2017

Just a speedbump

Well, it was as amazing a fight as any.

1850 - Blood Angels vs Orks, the last game I'll play in 7th Edition.

Standard deployment, 3 maelstrom cards per turn, ability to steal the objective cards from the opponent.

I deployed first, decided to go first.

Apparently I did not know the orks could Waaaaugh! every turn with their detachment of choice.

My opponent had a simple warboss with his 30 bodyguards, three trukks full of boyz, 20 stormboyz, 3 groups of 5 Lootas, a trukk full of heavy armored boyz, and a bucket of grots.  Something like 160 models in total.

I had just 40 models...

Here are the photos.

 Setup underway

I'm deployed.

Oks and 


Furioso drops in on the right to flame trucks full of boyz.  About 12 boyz and a hull point for the effort.  

Wauugh! Charge right into the center. Walk, run, charge with reroll. Nasty.  I was only about 22 inches apart - apparently easy for the orks to get that far when juiced up on Waugh. 

Furioso was charged too.  More damage, but gone. 

Turn 2 reinforcements arrive, get charged. The drop pod would explode and take out 4 marines and 8 or more orks in the explosion. 

Consolidating, flaming, more orks off the table.  

Bottom of turn 3. It is getting pretty thin, but the fight goes on. 

Beginning on Turn 5.  I'm down to Dante and no other survivors.  

Grots just hanging out and looting stuff.

Overall, I'd whittled the orks to about half of their numbers, and all I had left was Dante.  The score at the end was about 13 to 6.  

The biggest mistake on my part was just moving forward in the center - although that probably just would have slowed the outcome a turn.  About the time I'd dealt with the first wave (4 mobz and trukks), the second wave hit (warboss, his 30-boy mob, and the 5 mega-armored nobz). 

We mused at the end how the orks might have a harder time with vehicles in 8th edition. Other than that, they should get very happy! 

All for now!

Till 8th!


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