Thursday, August 31, 2017

SOBs Attack!

I have had many fun games over time and documented them here on the Defenders of Calth blog.  Every game has been fun (except maybe one), and here is no exception!

100 Power Level - Blood Angels vs Sisters of Battle!

My opponent brought a "1750" list that was just short of 100 Power.  I brought the same list I've been using (because as you know I'm too busy!) and I still have no clear idea of how many points it is actually worth.

Deployment zones - We set up the game using the battle cards for 8th edition - deployment was the hammer and anvil (long way).

The mission - one objective in each deployment zone.  The player who controls them both first wins. as a further wrinkle, each army had to be separated into three parts - one for normal deployment, one for turn 2 reserves, one for turn 3 reserves.  Special note - per the card the smaller power army (the SOBs) would get the WIN if neither player captures both objectives....
My opponent also got the secret card (for being the lower power army) - more on that later.

As far as the SOBs were concerned, the game was all about keeping the Blood Angels out of their blood bank.  The Blood Angels only came to knock back a few pints....

My opponent (lets face it, I

have no idea what everything is called but I'll work it out) had (9 command points, plus the means to generate faith actions and psychic spells) (approx, +/- 20 models):

Celestine and 2 bodyguards
Inquisitor Greyfax
Sister Hospitaler
5 or so Sister Superior
1 culexus assassin
2 seraphim squads (10 each, pistols, meltas)
2 battle sisters squads (10 each, multimeltas etc.)
1 immolater (dual heavy flamers)
1 rhino

I won the roll-off for deployment, and chose to go first.  I deployed 2 demi-tactical squads, razorbacks, and Baal Predator, centered around my objective, but spread a bit for board control.  My opponent had deployed Celestine, assassin, battle squad, rhino, and 2 Superiors.

After deployment

Turn 1
I move the razorbacks a bit and shoot at the rhino and the assassin.  The rhino takes some damage bu the assassin (in cover) is unscathed.  In response, Celestine moves forward, with the assassin even more forward.  The Rhino moves away forward and to the flank.  The assassin plinks at a a razorback for no damage.

Turn 2
I decide to go after Celestine and the assassin.  My tac squads dismount from the razorbacks to consolidate around my home objective.  The Baal and two of the three razorbacks reposition. The I drop in Dante, chaplain, two demi-assault (melta) squads, and demi-death company. (Demi = 5), in a big arc 9 inches from the forward assassin and further from Celestine and bodyguards.  In shooting, overwhelming fire takes out the assassin, the rhino also takes more damage, and then I take down Celestine's bodyguards and wound Celestine down to 4 remaining wounds.

Lining up for the assault...which...failed....

In response, its like it never happened.  Using acts of faith and such, Celestibe brings back her bodyguards, and other units are bolstered.  The hospitaler comes in to bolster the SOB home objective.  Another sister superior arrives on my left flank with a seraphim squad, as does the immolater, other superiors, and battle squad on my right flank.  In devastating shooting, I lose an assault squad, a razorback is heavily damaged, and Dante gets wounded.  Then the SOBs assault - and at the end, I lose the death company and the remains of the other assault squad.  My chaplain is stuck in assault.

SOB girls on guard in the ruins...

Ummm....that hurt....

Turn 3
I start by moving Dante back behind the Baal Predator and Razorback to provide him with cover, and retract a bit towards my home objective.  The Chaplain beats a retreat as well.  My Stormraven, containing Mephiston and the last demi-tactical squad, zoomed in on the left flank.  In shooting, the Stormraven wipes out the left flank seraphim squad, and the Razorback/Predator combo wipe out the right flank seraphim.  The other razorbacks, tac squads, and Dante shoot up the exposed Celestine and she disappears in a hail of fire.  Then...Ping...Celestine reappears in the distance, near the SOB objective and she blows a kiss to Dante.

Gotta hold before you can take....

In response, the SOBs come at me again. Celestine brings back both bodyguards.  Acts of faith are used to fire or move.  The last SOB reserve group arrives on my right flank behind the immolater. Greyfax smites a razorback.  In shooting, the Baal predator is heavily damaged, as is the adjacent razorback.  Then the SOBs try to assault - the Immolater leads the charge at the Baal predator, and the rhino/superior assault the chaplain.  Other assaults fail their charge distances.  In swinging arms and flailing robes, the chaplain comes out unscathed, but still locked in combat.

Best shot of the game....

Turn 4
The Stormraven zooms toward the SOB objective.  Dante moves to intercept Celestine, while the chaplain moves back to help guard my own objective.  The TL assault cannon razorback pulls up behind Dante.  The Baal predator disengages and moves far back to not be assaulted.  In shooting, the Stormraven again shoots like a beast and takes out half of the battle sisters on the objective.  Then the TLAC razorback/buzz saw opens uup on Celestine, taking out the bodyguards and wounding her.  Other shooting kills the rhino.  Dante charges Celestine, and puts in every attack and wound possible.  11 damage points or so result.  Celestine does NOT come back.... i said up above...there were probably more SOBs than I could account for...

My opponent discloses the ruse - REVENGE!  On the death of his warlord (Celestine) he gets a +1 wound bonus to every attack for his army.  SMOG! He then advances on my right flank and starts smiting and shooting.  I lose the TLAC razorback, and the Stormraven loses about 8 wounds.  I lose also most of one of my demi-tac squads on my objective.  He tries to charge in on my objective and fails the distance.

Turn 5
End game.  Mephiston and the demi-tac squad dismount from the stormraven, which then goes into hover mode and moves adjacent to his objective.  I then smite/blood boil the remaining battle sisters, and the Stormraven massacres all of the remaining SOBs except the Hospitaler.  Then mephiston and the tac squad make their charges (contesting the objective) and in assault the Hospitaler falls to Mephiston.  Game Over. Pints?

Gotta guard the home objective at the end....


Overall the game was entirely a close run thing.  Overall, just minor tweaks from my opponent's assault and I'd have lost - either by being wiped off my own objective - or by just keeping me off the SOB objective.  It was tough and painful. I think at the end though, the game might have played very differently if he'd had a Superior or Cannoness as the Warlord, and triggered the REVENGE card earlier!  me, all I had was Dante with his warlord attack bonus...I think he had just 2 wounds left at the end.

Anyway it was a great game and hugely entertaining. I think I just experienced a small amount of the trick the SOBs have up their sleeves.




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