Sunday, July 21, 2013

Look Ma! I'm In A Movie!!! A Bug Movie...

I am still working on my Mortis Contemptor Dreadnought, Part 2 will be soon. 

Instead of painting progress, over the last week I had the fun opportunity to get in a game of 40K vs Spectre Senence, filmed for the Spectre's gaming 40K Channel! 

It was a lot of fun!  And you guys know how 3rd Company loves to fight bugs!

So here is a link to the first part of the battle:

I played using a slightly modified Calth Reaction Force List, but changed how I played it, just because Librarian Arcadius' Warlord trait allowed him and the unit he accompanied to infiltrate. Here is a shot of my force....

The Tyranids would have the ability to make more bugs during the game, and their assault element would be pretty large. 

We would play Crusade (4 objectives worth 3 points each), diagonal deployments.  3rd Company chose for the bugs to deploy and go first.....the battle was later afternoon, with sunset coming to the ice planet....would 3rd Company and the newly rebuilt 1st Company handle the horde?

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  1. It was a blast to play you and look forward to another game!