Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Work in Progress - 3rd Company Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought Varus

Guess what I'm adding to my 3rd Company Armory!  Very exciting.  I've bought Forgeworld books and a few Ultramarine bits in the past, but this is my first full model.  I bought the Mortis body and the Kheres Assault Cannon arms.  Reason being, I need the AA multi-purpose dakka!

Here are some work-in-progress shots.

First step was soaking and washing in hot water and simple green (detergent) and a scrub.

Partially constructed.  No instruction are provided, to it is important to test fit everything and match to Forgeworld photos.  The most difficult thing was the assault cannons, which come as the most detailed part to build, assembling each gun mechanism and it takes a bit of dexterity to superglue them together.  I found that you had to assemble them completely with slow setting glue, and if you did it right the parts pretty much snap into place. 

You can see Dreadnought Severus and some First Company Vanguard (also in progress) in the background.

Assembly completed. I am doing some thinking now on how to do the base, whether to continue a vs Orks battle debris theme, or something else, and also what the painting style will be like.  I also have some Venerable Dreadnaught parts around, may be able to add some other details. 

Side shot so you can see the size difference. The Kheres Assault Cannons are much larger, and overall Varus is a bit taller than Severus.  In about a week I'll post the next round of pix, (part II) from priming through painting and each major step.  I plan later on to go through some decal and hand painting/freehand work, so Part III should be fun too. 

Lastly, I visited another gamer store - Dirigo Games in Yarmouth, Maine this past weekend, picking up some primer, basing sand, and a piece of terrain (I always try to buys something when I get to a gamer store!  Gotta support!).  There were 3 40K games ongoing...a guy I'd never met before was just getting his game going - a solid 2nd Company Ultramarines list.  He says every list he plays is built around 2nd Company Captain Sicarius. The parting shot: A combat squad holds his Aegis line and quad gun on the left flank, Thunderfire and techmarine in cover in the center, and razorbacks and combat squads with Sicarius on the right flank.  Stormtalon and pod squad in reserves.  Life is good!

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