Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Standish Standoff - November 23rd! And More!

Well, I bought some of the last tickets for the event.  I hope it sells out!  I have a draft list in mind and need to finalize it soon. 

I'll try to post it around a bit and without succumbing to a net-list, I'll try to have 3rd Company put on a good showing.  It probably won't be much different from my other recent lists, Tigurius led, plus some tactical squads and such.  Won't give any surprises here...

To get ready for the event, I'm dabbling in upgrading some models and freshening up some paint work.  I don't think I'll go off on a bender and get some new models just for the event.  The worse part of the work is coming up with a new "scenic base", and wondering how my overall painting core will go.

The event has a very strict rubric (composition) requirement.  I'll likely score maximum on my composition score. 

If you have NOT yet signed up - see the links at Creative Twilight and jump on board! 


Standish Standoff 3

My nerd-fantasy is that those guys that used to be feared as the Stone Cold Mercs (sorry if I misspelled the group's name) would be at the event, I'd always wanted to be paired vs Ragnar (I know he is out there in the tournament scene) or the others at an event.  Heck, I'd be excited to play against one of the Specters! Usually in something this big, I get paired vs a local guy, and the games are all great. Maybe someday I'll be asked to join a group or team. My only other option is to start a named group of my own.   

Overall, I hope to have a good newsy article here on the blog after the event. 

Lastly, this is a week to talk about drinkin'.

So, here is my thing for the week - sometimes when I'm in New Hampshire, I get to this place:


It is the best Irish restaurant and pub in that area, and well worth the drive.  On the weekend there is an awesome local band "4 feet 2 Shoes" that is not to be missed. 

On this visit, dinner started in the pub with a Guinness, followed by the Irish Mixed Grill as dinner, and then Whiskeys.  And more Guinness.

The Irish Mixed Grill includes steak tips, Irish sausages, black and white pudding, and such, and I had served on the side (had to ask for it) a mustard and Jamison dipping sauce.  The black and white pudding is a kind of sausage btw...overall the food was awesome! 

The best whiskey of the evening was Connemara Whiskey - it was smooth, and after visiting that region of Ireland earlier this year, I can say it captured that vision exactly.  I'm off to find some for the cabinet!



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