Sunday, December 22, 2013

So...are we headed towards a situation where if you want terrain you have to bring it yourself?

I have not yet had a chance to get in and see the new book expansions. 

It has been so busy at my real job...I'm even falling behind on listening to podcasts!

I was listening to the 11th Company Podcast episode 187 today and the segment on Tactical Terrain had me wondering...

Are we heading for 40K games where the table is devoid of everything but simple hills or area terrain, because you will be expected to bring your own as part of the points cost?  Lets face it, the new book has you spending points for barricades (4+ cover), barbed wire, tank traps (4+cover, impassable to vehicles), minefields, etc., in additional to bastions, bunkers/emplacements, etc...

What is next? Changing buildings into ruins during the game?

In our regular games we just use tactical terrain as part of the story board...will that now change?

This post will be pretty short...look for another one here shortly!  I'm thinking about dragging out my Epic stuff and play a game of 40K escalation with Spacewolves and a Titan Legion cleansing some Orks from an Imperial city.  It might take a bit of time...maybe I'll dig stuff out after the Patriots Game...I won't worry about points.  I'm more interested in modifying the 40K rules for use with Epic scale figs...

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