Friday, January 10, 2014

Thoughts on Gaming in the New World of 40K

Some of you know I've been a fan of several 40K Podcasts. I've been listening to the 11th Company Podcast. This latest episode is over 4 hours. 4 Hours. 4. OK, here are my random thoughts on it. It is wayyyy too long. The biggest theme of the episode is...TOs can organize their events they way they want. OK, I get that, and I'm a proponent of it. A TO should schedule an event with enough time so all of the potential players know what the requirements are. And they can tell you what the event will be like. And if you don't like that, I'd encourage you to create your own event. On the concept that there are "amazing unbreakable lists", I can tell you that with all the games I've played, largely the losses I suffered was due to being outplayed or from making my own mistakes (like bad target priority or poor deployment). Overall, if half of the players show up with the same broken list, they will all have to realize at some point they will be playing themselves as a group after round 1, and at the end, there will be only one winner at the top. As for casual games, I love doing those on Wednesdays. On the topic of being a competitve player, anyone who plays a game by-and-large is playing to win. Some players are pretty pragmatic about that idea though. There is a guy at our local store, for example, who is a special needs adult. He'd love to win a game sometime. He really wants to. Every game. But he is also pragmatic about that happening, and with his own style of wisdom understands that he is also there to have a great time playing a game. And he loves each and every game. As for me, I understand clearly that I handicap myself in every game because I play with what I own, and I do not even try to play the "best recommended units". And I can tell you that in nearly every game, the difference between a win and a loss could boil down to a singlular moment in the game. As for the current status of the game, here are my thoughts: 1. Escallation - Bummer dude! You are trying to sell me a book with the same units as apocalypse. I see this as a supplement to include or not. So does Jervis. 2. The Forts - Meh! Nice idea to allow players to use their list points to PURCHASE terrain (some of it armed, some of it with game changing features, all of it a mish-mash of effects similar to mysterious terrain). Well dudes, I already like to play with terrain heavy tables placed in a narrative way. I already moved away from Aegis defense lines. Jervis also sees this as a supplement. So do I. 3. The end of White Dwarf as we know it! OMG? I had a store subscription to WD, and I have a collection that goes back pretty far. I'll miss it. I won't be subscribing to its replacement without seeing it first. Sounds expensive for what you'd get. But we won't no the truth of it till Saturday. 4. Tyranids! INCOMING!!!!! I will get the codex when it drops at the store (this weekend?). It sounds pretty awesome and I'll spend alot of time studying these guys! I hate BUGS! As for me, some of you have noticed I have not been doing much in 40K for the past MONTH! Yep, wife's birthday was a wednesday, Christmas was a Wednesday. New Years was a Wednesday. This Wednesday my Mother-in-law locked herself in my Garage. 4 Wednesdays in a row that have held my attention to other things. I may have to consider going to Adepticon this year...wonder if/when the tickets will be sold out. If not, then maybe the NOVA just to experience it. We'll see! In the mean time, got time for a game? Contact me...

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