Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Money Shots - Just Getting These Game Photos off my i-Phone!

Live continues to be very busy, but I have tried to get games in at least every Wednesday. on November 8 is the Standish Standoff IV (that's a 4 kids), so what better time to clean my "camera" of game shots!  Ansd now with captions!

Here is a good shot - 3rd company Ultramarines vs Orks - Deployment!  It was a Maelstrom mission, and my drop pods were in use by a friend, so I went all mech!

Beginning the first turn.  It was the mission where you each start with one tactical card, and gain more each turn.  My strategy was to hold firm for the first few turns to weaken the ork horde before heading out to gain points later.  

Just another shot of my the ork turn 1, I had little to fear.  

This is about turn 3 and I'm starting to move up, and I'm losing on points about 6-1...

And here we are at the end of Turn 6...Ultramarines win 12-10 or so, with only 5 ork models remaining on the table.  And yes, i was using PyroTiggy.  But, after he and the Sternguard had addressed the ork assault on my left, their Rhino was broken, so they played no significant role after Turn 4.  Tiggy even periled.  Two Rhinos and a razorback were the only units of mine eliminated.  

Next game was 3rd Company Ultramarines vs Tyranids on a Necron Tomb World.  I guess the bugs were starving for some action. I was using a list similar to what I am using at the Standish Standoff.  Deployment consisted of two support units in Rhinos and the Landspeeder Typhoons.  Not a Maelstrom mission.  Big Guns Never Tire.  We were fighting over 5 objectives to be counted at the end of the game, extra points for popping heavy choices.  

This is a shot late in the game.  I'd concentrated on the Tyranids on my left, again using PyroTiggy.  In the mean time, a Tervigon kept pumping out baby bugs for 4 turns in the foreground, all the while being pummeled by small blast templates and heavy bolter fire.

   At the end of the game, Turn 6, Ultramarines won - score here is 13 to 9...extra points were collected for heavy support choices. The bugs controlled two objectives, had first blood, and popped a demi-dev squad and their rhino. I had 3 objectives, popped two heavy units (can't recall the names at the moment), and obtained slay the warlord (Flyrant), and Linebreaker. Overall, it was a good game to play vs bugs, and a mission similar to what we'll likley see at the Standoff.         

Right now I'm working on getting final details ready for the Standoff, including updates to models and painting, and developing a strategy summary for the various types of opponent's I may see.  

But Wait!  There is more!

Here is a game vs a interesting (not White Scars) list...a Forgeworld special character / chapter list.  And I'm using stuff you don't normally see me using!  

Another shot of my deployment.  2 Landraiders? Whirlwind? Am I Crazy? Yeah, and I made some interesting mistakes.  TeleTiggy in Action...

This is around Turn 2, after I figured out that TeleTiggy was worthless hiding inside a Landraider.  

Nope, that's not my Stormtalon on Turn 3...I lent it out...really.  On this turn, Tiggy was gone, and things looked grim.  But then I charged forward and got in a multiple assault with some terminators.  Eventually my Landraider redeemer had crossed the length of the table to get Linebreaker, and the Ultramarines won.  

That's all for photos at the moment....really..

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