Friday, November 7, 2014

Ready for the Standish Standoff IV

Tomorrow (Saturday) will be the Standish Standoff IV.  As usual, life makes it more difficult for me to spend time in preparation that I'd hoped.

Army lists are all submitted in advance for approval, the following is a snapshot of my 1650 list.  I've been updating paint jobs and building a cheap "scenic tray" for the event all of this week at night.  All i need to do today is dull up some newly applied decals, print 4 fresh copies of my list, print an updated summary sheet so i can track my games better, and get packed up to drive there.  I won't likely be entering any paint competition stuff.  Although my units are good looking, Ultramarines never seem to win the beauty contests as they are not seen as challenging as slapping washes on nurgle demons.

The list (COD, Ultramarines Chapter):

Warlord - Tigurius

1st Company Sternguard Squad Scipio 

3rd Company Elements: 
Tactical Squad #1
Tactical Squad #2
Devastator Squad #9
Devastator Squad #10
Landspeeder Typhoon Squadron (7th Squad)
Stormtalon (7th Squad)

Support Elements:
Predator "Ultra"

Everything above includes nearly the numbers of a half company (50 MEQ including vehicle drivers)...rolling it off like in the opening scenes of the movie Patton...(insert gravelly voice)....4 combimeltas, 2 combiplasmas, 4 meltaguns, 2 multimeltas, 2 Plasma Cannons, 10 Missile launching weapons, 2 heavy bolters, 1 autocannon, 2 lascannons, 3 deathwind launchers, 2 storm bolters, 40 bolt pistols, meltabombs, other grenades, 3 drop pods, 2 rhinos, tactical suits, underwear...belt buckles...gladius...staves...hoods...ammunition....toothbrushes...icons.... Pretty much the kitchen sink.

Depending on the opponent's free form lists, things may go well, or horribly bad.  The event only lets you use two sources for your list, 40K approved foregworld allowed, unbound allowed.  Of course that means things can get really crazy for the WAAC players with 10 dreadnoughts or 4 knights or whatever.

The interesting thing this time is that the scenarios are not known in advance.  I'm suspicious that the head judge is just recycling what he had prepared for the April Assault that was cancelled last June...

Regardless, I hope to have three challenging games, a good lunch, and a long day.

I'll (try) to get some great photos for the blog.

Also interesting will be how paint scores may be developed.  No real rubric for anything has been presented in advance.  Heck, for all I know first round pairing may be totally random (vs by comp, which they are not using).

On the other hand, I'm also a backup judge...that could get interesting at the last minute if someone gets a cold and is a no-show.  But, more or less...with the 24 players...judges may not have many issues to resolve unless someone is trying to break the rules for their advantage...

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