Wednesday, September 30, 2015

On to the Campaign - Triple Nickels Reporting In

Captain Jaxxson, the Commander of Company "B", brooded over lunch in his command Chimera.  His Company was the first to land on Sable Prime, the largest inhabited planet in the Sable System,  Ultima Segmentum.  The Cadian 555th "Triple Nickels" Regiment was far from home.  Lunch was getting to be his favorite part of the day.  Bread, tinned beef, and a hot broth.  In one hand he held a sandwich, and in the other, a dataslate showing the local map overlain with his deployed forces.  His current mission was to hold the ground, securing it for the arrival of other companies.  In the distance, small arms fire was hear sporadically, as the local PDF patrols swept through the city behind him...inside his Chimera, radio traffic hummed along between the forces on the ground and the fleet overhead.  Jaxxson hated this part of any new campaign the most - the wait for real orders.  The fact that Cadian troops were sent to the Sable system gave him a pause - it could only mean one thing...the taint of Chaos... 

Sergeant Cullin, tank commander of the Lehman Russ Demolisher “Daisy”, and Sergeant Abbott, tank commander of the Lehman Russ Demolisher “Dorris”, leaned against Daisy and continued their discussion on the best ways to play cards against the best poker players on Company "A".  Taking their credits was always on their minds.  Nearby, their tank crews were helping the veterans of Company B set up an Aegis Defense Line, that amazing, portable, Cadian-built, modular wall system, strong enough to give cover to troops from all but the largest blast or flamer weapons.  Overall, the atmosphere was relaxed for the Cadians.  The small amount of small arms fire was something that they were used to - just background noise.  That background noise meant "all things were normal" or "Unbroken".  It's when you sat waiting and everything was quiet that you became worried...  

The Sable System Campaign
Hey everyone!  Just wanted to get a quick post out there.  It has been what, over a year or more since I played as Imperial Guard in 40K.  I'd never really got the knack for it - when I used my IG in the past, it was typically as an allied detachment.

One of our irregulars in our 40K group has expressed an interest in running a narrative campaign - you can go and get the gist of it here:

So last night, in preparation for a possible campaign-focused game today, I decided to drag out the 555th Regiment, build an 1850 Point List, and offer to take on the role of a defender in the first mission. Overall, the storyline will build as we go, so come back here and check in to see what the Triple Nickels run into over at Sable Prime. It looks like new narrative missions and effects will come out monthly, so playing the IG should be a great experience.  I'll hopefully get a battle report here with photos in the next week or so!  One thing that became apparent was that I'm short a few regular troopers, and some of my models have yet to see more than primer!  The army list I selected is a pretty good representation of Company B - It's not designed to be a deathstar - its designed to be a typical unit not tooled up for any particular mission except to hold a landing area.  I did get some ideas for it from the guy over at Elite40K and his ongoing Astra Militarum work.  My force is almost totally WYSIWIG - I might have to get some new turrets though and retool all of the tanks to 7th edition requirements.

Standish Standoff
ALSO on the docket is preparation to play in the Standish Standoff 2015 - probably one of the best 3-game tournament events in Maine!  Tickets, BTW, are up for order at Crossroad Game's website, and more information can be gleaned from their Facebook event feed and normal website calendar.  If you are in New England - the store is about 30 minutes from downtown Portland - the event is in early November!  I've played in it or helped work it since it started.  It is always a great time, the tables are always great looking, and the social aspects are always fun.  I've yet to decide whether to bring my Blood Angels, or an Ultramarines Battle Company.

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  1. UPDATE - I did play the first scenario last night as the defender - but after we looked at the details we decided to run the game as a test of the scenario rather than as a game for the campaign. It ended up Eldar vs IG. With the IG as the defender, and the Eldar deploying everything by deep strike and going first - it was a slaughter - we've pinged the GM for clarifications on the scenario. I'll hopefully "play it for keeps" over the next week. Even though we played it as a test game, I took the loss to my record. I've now lost to Eldar twice in two weeks...both times it was just to "try out something different". I guess I need to get more serious...