Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The 200th

As you may recall, I use the app "Untapped" as an important tool to participate in my beer hobby.  This weekend - on Sunday - I reached a key goal - my 200th different beer logged into my records.

This beer - from Stone Brewing - is available at RSVP in my local area - and as number 200, it was awesome!  And just perfect for the Patriots-Bills football game!  And of course, it earned me another badge!

Now, that's not my 200th beer since I started untapped...its the 200th DIFFERENT beer I've had.  So far, I've logged beers 288 times, earning 116 different badges.  At most schools, I'd be within 4 beers of a Bachelors Degree!

Anyhow - just sharing in my accomplishment.  It's not like I'd won 200 games of 40K (yet).  For those wondering, at an average of say, $4 a beer - my beer hobby spend probably exceeds what I spend on gaming in total.  And as some of you know from getting a game in at my house, 40K and Beer make a great pairing!

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