Friday, December 18, 2015

Ground Pounding - It is the Cadian Way

Captain Jaxxson, 1st Armored Company Commander of the Triple Nickles Regiment, was dreaming at fitful dream.  He was still in the medicae facility recovering from his burns and his command remained shattered.  But he was a tough leader and would certainly recover to once again command his troops.  His dreams though were of a much different conflict...from a past battle or from a certain future one, he could not tell...but the fire and explosions and noise and smells of battle seemed real enough...

1500 Points - Chaos Marines vs the 555th!
OK!  Still busy times! I never dd get a chance to modify my list from two weeks ago - so i just played it.  My opponent - Thor from Creative Twilight!  We both took photos of the game as it progressed, and you can go see his battle report and OPFOR army list here:

Triple Nickels Armored Infantry Company

Ground force:
Command squad (7), inc. master of the fleet, master of the ordnance, 2 flamers, commander /w PS/PP; chimera - HB/Multilaser/PMHS
Veteran squad (10), 2 PG, chimera - HB/Multilaser/PMHS
Veteran squad (10), 2 PG, chimera - HB/Multilaser/PMHS
Veteran squad (10), 2 MG, chimera - HB/Multilaser
Veteran squad (10), 2 MG, chimera - HB/Multilaser
Lehman Russ Demolisher "Daisy", 3 HBs, Relic Plating

Vendetta, 3 TLLC
Scions squad (5)

Warlord trait - all Cadian characters must issue or accept challenges.

Mission: Maelstrom #6

The table is not my favorite.  it is a doubly cursed Necron tomb world...the surface is hard, cold, and the dice gods hate it.  You roll always the opposite of good luck.  Very little area terrain.  Even warp dice suffer here...We set up objectives before knowing the mission. Then I selected my deployment zone...Thor then got to choose to deploy first...and soon after, I seized the initiative...

The Battle
Go see Thor's site!

Here are more photos and commentary:

After Cadian Turn 1 - I did get a few wounds on the Chaos Marine force, - but did not get First Blood!  I had pushed forward to get after two of the six objectives.  IIRR I scored on 4 maelstrom cards...discarded one...I'm holding a card for Objective #5 - in the far corner at the top of the screen. I'd pounded out two Manticore blasts and one artillery blast - all missed the mark...

It was such a tiny force...but on a whim, it would be easy for them to control Objectives 2, 5, and 1...but as soon as Thor rolled a dice, one of my Chimeras was blown!

Beginning of Chaos Turn 2 - I moved up onto several objectives but had a brain fart.  #3 was left empty - which would have yielded another point...My focus was on the oblits and terminators at the moment... the Chaos marines were about to respond...but I'm looking to kill the assaulty stuff first....

You can see from my 5 tactical cards I'd been card-locked - IIRR three of the 5 cards were to be awarded if I assaulted stuff...

So yeah, here they are...

But...when the Chaos Rhino zoomed off to Objective 1 to score a meant no cover for the Chaos main force - except for their sorcery granting them stealthiness...but after a demolisher shot, Mantocore, and Artillery barrage follow-up...the center looked like this...

And this...

Here we are at the end of my turn...orders from the commander had gotten the pinned squad back in the fight - so after shooting they spread out - trying to head toward Objective 3...not making it.

End of Cadian Turn 3.  Back in Turn 2 Thor got his Helldrake on the table - who scorched up the dismounted squad and immobilized another Chimera.  His now-dismounted marines from Objective 1 had exploded Daisy!  In turn 3, I kept up with what firepower I had!  The lone Veteran, running at objective 3, followed his orders!  He even got a hull point on the Drake'......I'm at about 8 card left - for objective #5...

Turn 4.  In turn 3- Thor had hovered the Helldrake over to Obj #4 for a point...On my turn I moved back to #4 with an obsec unit. and moved the command Chimera to #3, another onto #6.  We are both at 9 points or so.  Neither is drawing great cards!

I even had zoomed the Vendetta off to the corner at Obj #5.  If anything, I'm using that to keep the Chaos forces to try and stop me from scoring that card! I'm spending alot of dice on the Helldrake, but it is jinking and repairing...IT WILL NOT DIE!

Cadian Turn 5!  So the Vendetta swings around on Hover mode and discharges the passengers!  Firing was horrible (shrouded marines in cover) - we contest #5!

Turn 5 Thor is down to the Drake, two Sorcerers, one oblit, oand 4 chaos marines...but he has cards to score!  We are basically tied about 11-11.

Turn 5 (or 6) - I'm thinking - kill the Helldrake!  I need Linbreaker! Thor has a card for Obj #6 and I have one for #5.

Meanwhile at Obj#5...I really need to get these guys painted!

As Thor discussed - here is where we are calling the game.  His Drake is gone, I have linebreaker.  Another turn and I'd have had Obj. #5 (maybe)...and he might have lost his warlord...

Cadian Victory 12-11!!!

Time to reload the Manticore and req a new Daisy from the motor pool....

Hope you enjoyed this!


  1. It was a great game that came down to the wire, as every game should be. That Manticore and Master of Ordnance were brutal.

  2. Wait till I figure out how to twin link them...They caused great concern, but I think they missed half the time.