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Captain Jaxxson - Company Commander - 555th Armored Infantry Regiment - was...dreaming again.  Maybe it was something he ate earlier that day.  Maybe it was a fitful dream about the future.  But to think that was heresy.

The dream was similar to the one before.  His mechanized units were deployed on a dusty plain of ruins and rock piles.  In the distance, through the haze came the enemy. Howling, moaning, shrieking, all of the sounds of the enemy.  As soon as the figures materialized in the hazy dust his armored vehicles - Demolisher Tanks, Infantry Fighting Vehicles, and Artillery - began firing.  The noise was constant and reports flooded to his command vehicle of...zombies...

Maelstrom Mission #2 - 1650 Points

Tszeentch Lord of Change (warlord)
5 Fiends
1 Herald on a Steed

The forces of Khorne -
Khorne Lord on Juggernought with an Axe of Khorne
10 Flesh Hounds of Khorne

The Forces of Nurgle -
Herald with Grimoire
20 Plague Bearers
10 Plague Bearers
10 Plague Bearers

1st Company, 555th Regiment, Cadia (CAD)
Company Command Squad 5551HQ
Commander, Plasma pistol, power sword
Officer of the Fleet
Master of the Ordnance
Veterans, 4, 2 FL
Chimera, Multilaser, HB, PMHS

Veteran Squad 55511
Grenadiers, 10, 2 MG
Chimera, Multilaser, HB, PMHS

Veteran Squad 55512
Grenadiers, 10, 2 MG
Chimera, Multilaser, HB, PMHS

Veteran Squad 55513
Grenadiers, 10, 2 PG
Chimera, Multilaser, HB, PMHS

Veteran Squad 55514
Grenadiers, 10, 2 PG
Chimera, Multilaser, HB, PMHS

Sentinel "Crackers"
Armored, autocannon

Tempestus Scions
Scions, 10, GL

Demolisher "Daisy"
HB hull and Sponsons

Demolisher "Doris"
HB hull and Sponsons


Deployment and Thoughts
This was to be my last game for 2015!

The game was put together on the fly - and we only had a bit less than 2 hours to try to get the game in.  My opponent had no real idea what he'd be playing against, and I had no idea whether he had any shooting weapons or spells that could act as shooting weapons.  He had to spend time getting his list final and spells rolled.

The mission gives you new maelstrom cards each turn based on the number of objectives you control. The objectives were spread pretty wide. My opponent won to choose deployment edge and won to deploy first and go first.  I was using the Cadian tactical cards and warlord trait (this card game the warlord a single artillery barrage card just like the Master of the Ordnance). My opponent's warlord trait was a one-time force me to discard a tactical card pull.  

Without any real knowledge of my opponent's army (which was modeled /converted and themed to look like a big un-dead shambling zombie horde) or the impact of his available 9+ warp charges, I decided to deploy with all infantry mounted.  Overall, being mounted seemed safe.

My opponent's forces were deployed with his largest mob of plague bearers in the center, Khorne dogs and jugger lord to the left.  Overall, I put a single veteran squad to my left, and then concentrated on my right and center.  I wanted to stay as far as possible from the dogs (but threw them the single unit as a speed bump).

As soon would be seen, killing the un-dead and demon infested filth of this opposing force would be difficult.

Here we are at deployment...the "un-dead" horde already is sitting on two objectives (white discs).  I have one.  It was a good mix of 5+ cover, 4+ ruins.

The Game
Here you can see his "converted"/"counts-as" army - these un-dead ogres would be the fiends.  Some stuff still has painting and converting in process.  Overall...this list is resilient.

Shamblers and two heralds moving through the grasses toward the Shrine of the Golden Flower

In turn 1 - the Lord of Change flew off to the far left.  The dogs all moved forward.  The dogs scored a point for the objective.

Cadian Turn 1.  Moved forward to grab objective 2 on the right.  I put a lot of firepower onto the fiends taking out 4, the larger plague bearer mob taking out 6.  But the undead would continue to move forward! I had planned to shoot up the dogs - but he'd given them essentially a 2+/4+ save through his sorcery.  The fiends and bearers were the next best targets - although he'd also boosted their saves! At this moment, Squad 55512 should have also rushed forward to grab objective 3 in front of the dogs - I would have not scored it - but could have kept the Un-Dead from drawing a card for controlling it!

Just a view on the left flank, where things were going to get real - at this point, Squad 55514 should have fled back to the far corner - but...they stayed where they were to support other attacks.

Somehow I'd forgetten to take photos in Turn 2...and forgot to get the Scions in from reserves.  On the left, the Dogs and Jugger Lord surrounded Squad 55514's Chimera, and assaulted.  The vehicle was wrecked, and then with no place to emergency disembark, the squad was eliminated.  First blood to the Undead.  He also got points for the assault and some objectives, so at the end of 2 the score was 4 to 1.  During my turn, he used his warlord ability to make me discard a scoreable card!  Return fire focused on the dogs and on the Bearers, and maybe half were eliminated. In this shot the Undead are just beginning their turn 3 movement.  

See what I mean? This is after my following turn - many of the dogs are now dead...two are wounded...

Here in Turn 3 he tries it again - the plague bearers have touch of rust or whatnot - but they FAIL! On my turn - I tank shock forward 6-inches and spin the tank around.

Here we are at the end.  In Turn 3, he also charged forward to attack squad 55513's Chimera, but I had room to dismount.  Dorris the Demolisher was exploded by the Lord of Change.  I moved forward to have Crackers assault the remaining Jugger Lord and dog - losing one hull point in the process, but hopefully tying it up.  Squad 55511 had moved into his deployment zone - and I was still in control of 3 objectives and a 4th was within reach.  My opponent's units were greatly thinned - but not a single one was entirely eliminated!   The Lord of Change was wound to boot! My unpainted Scions were sitting in the opponent's backfield, ready to grab objective 6.  At this moment, I felt the game was in my favor to ultimately prevail!

And then...the game had to be called.  We could only play 3 full turns before we had to pack up and leave the store due to an early closing time.  At that point, I probably had the larger army, and more mobility BUT my opponent was yet to truly lose a single unit.  The core was 7 to 2....I'd been card locked!  My second point was for linebreaker, as was his 7th.

So it was registered as a loss...but I think I got enough here to revise the list with for the next game (this result and the comments people left for me at B&C)...

Good luck in your gaming in 2016!


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