Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Grinding My Gears

OK, I'm not entirely happy at the moment with how my Astra Militarum record is going.  I finished off last year playing Blood Angels and had a pretty respectable record for the year.  And then I switched to the Astra Militarum (Imperial Guard) - in part because there were rumors of a fresh codex coming (which ended up being the Mont'Ka supplement).  The Supplement is nice, but let's face facts.  Its a doomed supplement since in it, the AM/IG are constantly stomped and outgunned by the tau, and ultimately left to die on the planet by the Fleet.  How can you build a great narrative about that?  

Don't get me wrong - I love the games I've played with the Astra Militarum - my Cadian 555th Regiment! Its just that I have to balance investment with results.  And results have been mediocre.

The list "of the Month" will be based around or mutated from the following:

Combined Arms Detachment (1750)
Company Command Squad, Chimera, Plasma Guns, Carapace Armor, Krak Grenades, Warlord
Veteran Squad, Grenadiers, Chimera, Plasma Guns, Heavy Flamer
Veteran Squad, Grenadiers, Chimera, Meltaguns, Heavy Flamer
Veteran Squad, Grenadiers, Chimera, Meltaguns, Heavy Flamer
Veteran Squad, Grenadiers
Tank Commander Pask, Leman Russ Punisher, Lascannon, HB Sponsons
Leman Russ Punisher, Lascannon, Plasma Sponsons
Vendetta (3xTLLC)
Armored Sentinel, Autocannon
Banewolf, Chemcannon, Multimelta
Chimeras all are Multilaser, Heavy Bolter, Pintle Mounted Heavy Stubber.

I'll have to proxy the Punisher Turrets.  If they work out, I'll get real ones.

This list pumps out a huge amount of dice.  Which means the opponents have to pump out a lot of saves.  Wish me luck!  This is only a tweaked version of what I've been using - but notably I swapped out the Demolishers, the Master of Ordnance, and Master of the Fleet, for things that may be able to shoot better and miss less. The only thing I'm risking is the Vendetta being delayed from reserves, which may result in swapping in another 170 point unit...Like...another Manticore....or two Wyverns...

Am I ready to give up on these guys? Not quite yet! I just can't stop playing them!

What would I play once this experiment with Astra Militarum is complete?




  1. Might I ask, what is the point of the naked veteran squad?

  2. Lascannon and defensive weapons to hold a deployment zone objective...

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  4. I played the list above - it has more bells and whistles than shown - in a game against Chaos zombie horde (again). We only had time for 4 turns. I was losing at that point, about 13-7. It is just not typical and oh so difficult to take down a horde - and it gets harder when the horde is able to lower and then reroll its saves! I will certainly replace the Vendetta with another Manticore or Basilisk, and likely the "naked" squad replaced with a psyker to improve the quality of the artillery delivery! Pask was fun to use, but all his unit was really able to accomplish was taking out a large pack of Khorne Dogs and the mounted herald that led them. Pask was eventually dispatched by a Lord of Change that was able to get as fine as a 4++/4++/4+FNP save going for most of the game. The Banewolf itself was charged by a fleety unit before it could template anything. Due to time, I did not play my end of the 4th turn, since there was no way to make up the points. My opponent packed a base of 9+ warp charges every turn.

  5. I'd want a big blob of fearless conscripts to slow down fast assault armies.