Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Triple Nickels Beats Down a Legion? Wha?....

It has been a few (weeks?) since I posted on my blog.  Winter is just a busy time!

This past weekend I got in a 1750 point game, Maelstrom Mission #3, and won at the end of Turn 5 with a score of 14 to 4.

My opponent was using a 30K Heresy Legion List - Emperor's Children -

4 squads of about 10+ Legionaries each, two squads with jump packs, each led by a 2++ Legionary character. Buffed with extra attacks, chain axes, etc.
2 landraiders

He deployed first and went first.

He just charged right up the field, more or less as fast as possible.

I'm thinking I don't have enough Lascannons.

At the end, I was still in my half of the table, but his army was down to one hull point on a immobilized landraider.

I think I lost three Chimeras, Pask's tank squadron, and a Sentinel, plus maybe two squads of Veterans.  Who cares!  it was an amazing win!  I thought it would have ended the other way around!

It was a glorious Victory for the 555th!

(no photos though....)

In other news, I decided to play Mobile Strike on my phone.  God what a time suck that has turned out to be!  My Alliance though, is top 10, and getting better daily.  I'm in the top 10 for my Alliance.  At some point, I'll probably drop the game though!  Every day, every waking moment, the game calls to me to check my builds, collect supplies, watch out for attackers, attack the fools around me, click off missions, and chat with my new found invisible friends.  It is just not the same as a face-to-face tabletop game like 40K!  There are some real a$$hats in the game too.  They teleport in, wreck you, then teleport away before anyone can respond.  Capturing commanders. leaving hives in flames.  And all of them are from the top Alliance...some day they will be defeated!  

All for now.


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