Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Miss me?

I have been really busy on stuff all Spring...but I'm hoping to get back in here on a more regular basis!

Overall, I'm getting ready (mentally) to switch back to Ultramarines.  As you can see in my records for this gaming year - using just Astra Militarum and Blood Angels has not been a source of success, although they have been challenging to play!

Tonight is a 1750 point game night at the FLGS, and although I'm heading over to look for a game, I'm not ready.  Have not touched Army Builder in weeks!  I'll probably just take the last 1500 point list and edit it to 1750 by either adding in more ground units and an aegis line / quad gun, or add in flyers and more death company.  All in all, by now I'd hoped to be playing a list regularly led by Mephiston, but that model still sits in the blister pack.

Challenges abound!

Two weeks ago I played a game where my opponents wanted to include both the rough draft FAQs and the new flyers supplement.  I opted to allow the supplement, but not the FAQs, as they were not the finals, just rough drafts looking for comments (and apparently still are).

Last week I missed playing in the Fratris Salutem. Vacation got in the way!

Anyway, all for now...


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  1. You left? Huh, hadn't noticed?

    I kid, I kid. Welcome back. Can't wait to read any upcoming stuff.