Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fratris Salutem Pix and Comments

I was working on a battle report and decided I'd need to get some pictures to make it worthwhile.  As I was pondering that, I decided I'd get the Fratris Salutem photos off my phone and pot them here.

What am I talking about you ask?  Our informal 40K club associated with Crossroad Games decided to have a narrative themed Spring event rather than the typical tournament focus.  The concept is cool, there are still lots of awards/prizes, but, everything is pointed towards supporting a team, not just yourself. 

You can go over to Creative Twilight and check out what the event was about, the packet, and (maybe, I have not checked) scenarios.

I did not take in-game pix, so bear with me here:

It ends up I did not take a portrait of my own force.  At 1500 points, it was a Ultramarines list built around parts of 1st Company and 3rd Company.  It had Arcadius (Terminator Librarian), 10 terminators (1st Co), 10 Sternguard (1st Co), and 2 full tactical squads  from 3rd Co, and a Stormtalon.  As a reaction force, the Sternguard and tactical squads would be delivered by drop pod.  Only the Terminators and Librarian would be deployed on the table, and they would use Gate to get around when the distances were more than moving and charging could accomplish.  The picture above is of two of my 3rd Co. drop pods, plus the Banner Bearer and Dreadnaught I entered in the painting competition.  Overall, my team won, and my games went draw, loss, win. I liked the way the list played, and every unit was fun. 

The picture above is from Shiny Rhino at Thin Your Paint.  His 2nd Company Ultramarines scored highest for the event.  He did an awesome job!

The picture above is from a Vulkan player at the event...all of his best stuff is not on his board - it is on the painting competition tables...for which he earned some awards.


 The picture above is of the Chaos Marine player who beat me in game 2.  We pretty much beat each other to a pulp.  My main error boiled down to the Sternguard pod landing next to the Vindicator, a chaos tactical squad, and a Chaos Lord on a bike with 5 other bikers.  The correct answer might have been...take down the Chaos Lord/biker buddies. Instead I opted to take out the scoring unit and the Vindicator.  The only other error was taking the Stormtalon too far into the table, where it became Helldrake food.

I took a few other pictures, but this one says it all for game one.  Demons had to deploy first.  And seeing my list, he filled his deployment zone to keep my drop pods out of it.  It was a fun game, and although a draw, I was very much on the losing end of this game.  Librarian Arcadius was not able to assist the Ultramarines attack at all...he was very quickly turned into a Chaos Spawn...

I did not get a picture of the third game.  It was versus a Tyranid list.  As a win it was a good way to end the  day.

All for now, It is Father's Day and I have some beers to attend to...

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