Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hey - welcome to my first post!

Hi all!  Some of you who found this remember me as Ming, a regular blogger and participant at Bolter and Chainsword.  I am a prolific writer at my real world job, and I used to post blog entries at B&C focused on my 3rd Company Ultramarines.  I did that for maybe 2 or more years, and then the B&C platform had to change, and I lost my blog.

It took a while, giving B&C time to see if their blog platform would return, but I've decided to move on here at Blogger and return to being able to blog and post battle reports.

My blog will focus on 4 major things - worth making you a follower? 

(1) 3rd Company Ultramarines of 40K fame - led by Captain Fabian and Librarian Arcadius

(2) The 555th Cadian Regiment - "Triple Nickles"

(3) My love of BBQ

(4) My love of locally crafted beers.

Look for this blog to increase in quality over time as I figure out how to make it all work,

Your friend in Gaming, BBQ, and Beers,


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