Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Standish Standoff this Weekend!

Well, the Standish Standoff is this weekend!  If you are in new England and don't have anything to do this Saturday, go to Crossroad games, buy a ticket, pull together your legal 40K list (per their Facebook event details), and lets play!

This will be the 5th Standoff, making it this most-repeated, annual 40K gaming event we know of in Maine - with the Fratris Salutem being in second.

At least four significant 40K bloggers and their associated support authors will be there - including:

(Me of course, at Defenders of Calth)

Creative Twilight -

Thin Your Paint -

A Painted Life -

And others!  Look for these other blogs to have detailed event coverage as well. 

It should be a great time, with a great variety of armies.  Look for my photos here next week of one or more pictures of each opponent's army, plus, hopefully, an assessment of how it went overall.

Frankly - I'd have loved to have a "journalist" at the event just to watch table 1 and report what went on there.  Having a cool Narrative - especially for the last two games of the three (game 1 is random pairings) - would be awesome.

I certainly don't have a clue as to who will be there for the 22+ gamers, although I really think that the top 4 will contain a guy named Steve.  I just hope I don't have to play vs Steve on his way up to the top 4!

The guys I wish were represented at the Standoff that I don't know if they are coming are any of the Spectres.  But of course, I've said that for years. They have their own forum and YouTube channel.

One guy who I hoped would be there - but reported he cannot due to weekend work obligations is this guy - awesome painting blog with cool works:

My army itself is still not settled.  I have three or so main choices, and with this being a painted and competitive event, the choice is not easy.  Lat year I played my best with Ultramarines (before the new codex), Blood Angels have been spectacular for me, and I'm just getting up to speed toying with Astra Militarum!

So, yeah, nobody gets to know my list, probably not even me, until 9 AM Saturday Monring when I check into the event.

After the day is done, I plan to scoot over to Sebago Brewing in Standish, Maine, to try out some Fall beers now on tap, and hope that some of the other gamers will come along for food and such after a long day of dice and concentration.

Overall, my goal is to end in the top half of the tables, it can really depend on the matchups in a 3 game event.

As soon as Sunday night though - I need to get back to Painting more Blood Angels to finish my oath at Bolter and Chainsword!  I still have stuff to get done!

Tonight is gaming night - I may drive over to Crossroads to check on stuff, but I may not stay for a game.  Who knows.

Good luck at your own games this weekend!


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