Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Standish Standoff Results Part Deux

Where to start?

Let's start at the end!  

This was my best showing in the 5 years of the Standish Standoff.  Out of 22 players:

  • Tied for 2nd in overall points (118)
  • 2nd in Paint Scores (38) (probably should have been 3rd - I think someone who got a 34 should have been a 39 - its why I hate it when soft scores are kept "secret" till the end)
  • 4th in Total non-Battle Points (38 - just 8 points from the top!)
  • Tied for 5th place in battle Points (38)
  • Tied for 15th in Sportsmanship (39)
  • I sucked at the pub score.  

Rant:  The guy who Tied me for second place got a purity seal ribbon.  I got nothing, and not even a mention of a tie - with maybe a tiebreaker reason for not being recognized.  Sad panda.

Other Rant: For the Fratris - last place was recognized with a door prize.  This time - nothing. That was bad on the part of the store.  The last place guy should have gotten a hug or something...

Regardless, plus or minus a few issues, the Standoff exceeded my expectations as an event, and I think I prepped enough for the day - putting the hard work in to make my day a success in terms of play!

I Cannot Wait for Next Year!  Yahoo!

So yeah, I did well.  

For those keeping an evaluation of the top armies out there - in terms of top scores of just battle points day it went (1) dark eldar cult; (2) eldar D-wraiths; (3) eldar spyder-bikes; (4) Marine conclave / Grey Knights; (5) Ultramarines Battle Company; (6) Nurgle Demons.

In all of this - I played against #3 in Round 2, and against #6 in Round 1.

So yeah, it was that kind of day.

At the end, after it was all done, a few of us went to Sebago Brewing in Gorham - something we should all do more often - and I tried the Ned Ryerson brew and their Local Harvest IPA.  Both beers were awesome, and made for a great time to chat as a poste mortem.

Here a re a few more non-game photos to get off my phone:

Special thanks to the "club" guys who volunteered their time to make these:
Another shot of bugs.  Freakin' amazing!  Score wise, they did very well, but missed on on points for not being complete...gotta follow the Rubric!

 Yep, my favorite vehicle in the painting competition. Id did not win - but was recognized for its' technical marvel, working headlights, and fully detailed interior.  

Yep. Dark Eldar Wraith Knight...fully amazing piece of work and award winner.

Judges gotta judge!

My Captain Oh Captain! Captain Fabian of the Ultramarines 3rd Company.  

Like I said...Todd should have got a 39 or 40...not a 34...Typos are a Bitch.  The 5 point boost would have earned him a ribbon for best painted army and moved him from 8th to 7th or 6th place overall.  

Well!  Gotta Go!  Enough for me - how about your experience?

More Later.....

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