Friday, July 21, 2017

No need to WIP me! If you do, WIP it good!

Meh, I was on a bender last night after an evening meeting.  My underground bunker is like the best place for painting in the hot days of summer.  I just plain forgot to do any more WIP photos, so here is my force for tomorrow's Invitational!

You may also see I've changed up a few of the blogs I follow - linked over on the right.  Check them out!

Yep, table ready!
Put your fists in the air!
Drone shot...
Just a little bit of sand and static grass to go...
I'm thinking this will be the last time I use this is a bit worse for wear.  
Yep, in the background, the BA tanks are sporting some borrowed UM (blue) accessories.  In the short term I decided to just borrow the bits from my other case.  Soon though, I'll also be switching cases and break out the UMs for the Konor Campaign! I'm hoping the next global campaign after Konor is at the Baal system!  That brings Tyranids vs Blood Angels, and Khorne, all together nicely! If it goes to Armageddon, I'll be dusting off my Astra Militarum.  

Who knows where we go from here?  I'm musing that the Blood Angels are NOT apparently in the new Space marine Codex coming out in a week or so?  Can we muse that the Blood Angels will be in the Chaos marine Codex instead?  Where will the Blood angels land if they are not with a;ll the other Chapters?  Who knows?  It might get weird around here...

In the mean time is it ethical to convert a Chaos Landraider to a Blood Angels Landraider? Answers appreciated below...   

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