Thursday, July 20, 2017

Painting progress

Model found in the storage closet.  If you read my prior post you know who...

Took me two evenings to finally figure out where I'd put it.

But, I immediately set to work.  It is the only "finecast" 40K kit I've ever purchased.  The material is weird to the touch.  Like really weird.  Better put paint on it...cover up the weirdness.  I chucked the backpack/banner pole it came with and replaced it with a real Blood Angels pack.  Much better with the details.

I have two evenings to get it table-top this point (no pictures yet), it went through the following steps - following a video I watched a few times -

  • GW Black Primer
  • Abbadon Black touch-ups
  • Mephiston Red outer cape and inner robes and pack. Washes. Red highlights. 
  • Bolt gun metal on sword and plasma pistol
  • Flesh tones for face. 
  • Basecoat for the base to match my other models.  

Bronze, gold, tans, browns, blues, purples, greens, pinks and grays will be next...maybe a wash for the flesh. Hopefully all tonight.  Going to be a long evening.  

Then sand for the base tomorrow.

Painting this character up with a few other needed reinforcements. Those all got red/wash/red/black/boltgun/base.  Details are needed for them too - mostly the yellow trim or 5th Company Blood Angels details.  

Man, you can see that my most recent painting efforts were all red...hmmm...

Also need to print stuff and pack for the Rockport Invitational...the games should be great.

Look for a post next week with photos and tactical assessments.  The Blood Angels will go down swinging!

Wish me luck!




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