Monday, July 17, 2017

Rockport Invitational!

Well, I have less than 5 days to get ready!

The event is 1500 points, looking forward to a great day!

I am bringing in the Blood Angels for this one, and I have a bunch of work to do - basically every night this week!

My list is somewhat the same as I have been using in 8th so far, and tonight I'll recheck the math and start cleaning up on some painting!

1500 Point Battalion Detachment (from memory) (rev2)

  • Dante
  • Mephiston
  • Death Co, 5, TH, PA, PS
  • Assault squad #1, 5, PF, IP, 2xMG, JPs
  • Assault Squad #2, 5, PA, IP, 2xFL, JPs
  • Tac Squad #1, 5, PS, FL
  • Tac Squad #2, 5, PS, FL
  • Tac Squad #3, 5, FL
  • DT Razorback #1, Las-Plas, HKM, SB
  • DT Razorback #2, Las-Plas, HKM, SB
  • DT Razorback #3, TLAC, SB
  • Baal Pred, TLAC, 2xHB

5 melta weapons, 5 plasma weapons, 2 TLAcs, 2 HBs, 3 SBs, 5 flamers, 2 lascannons, 2 HKMs, and the rest being 9 bolters and 30 bolt pistols or so. I'm looking to possibly (temporarily tag) the HKMs to the sides of my las-plas turrets.  Maybe with magnets...overall, shooting wise it has some interesting features.  9 power weapons in assault.  I think the biggest weakness is fighting against Knights, greater demons, or Lords of War.  But, what else can you do in just 1500 points?

Overall, I had an earlier list that had a Sanguinary Priest, but I decided I'd have Mephiston pushing out 4++ saves instead of a Pries creating a +1S bubble. Mephiston is interesting, the Blood Angels psychic spells don't currently allow him the Wing of Sanguinius spell of old (yet), so he slogs along at his own pace of movement.  Frankly, I suspect the enemy is more likely to come to me anyway, and having him as a counter-assault unit might be critical.   The most difficult thing is - I know I HAD an unpainted Mephiston (resin) model someplace...I just got to find out where I put it!  It is funny that such an important model in Blood Angels lore is cheaper than a bog-standard librarian with jump pack, so, yeah, he is points efficient.  So, job #1 tonight is find him, assemble, prime! Barring that, (gulp) either purchase a different one or write a new list.  I have never used Mephiston in a game...but with 5W, 5T, 5S, and essentially a S10 sword hitting on 2's with 4 attacks, what is not to love?  Plus he knows 4 spells and can use two each as the master of death he has a 5++ vs everything including mortal wounds.  Kind of a glass hammer!

Second thing to do tonight is edit and recheck my spreadsheet to make sure the points are accurate and models match the points.

Dante has been great, and as a Chapter Master he gets you to reroll all missed attacks in his bubble. I actually had to (finally) pin Dante together - he is a heavy metal model, and kept dropping his jump pack and Inferno Pistol.  Hopefully this keeps him together better.

With all the units above (9 to drop in deployment), odds are I'm going second.

Rev1 of the list was squeezing in a Sanguinary priest and Sanguinary Guard.  Again, the priest creates a +1S bubble.  The Guard are interesting at 2-wounds per model, but pricey (and die quickly to power claws like anybody else). In the list above I swapped them for Mephiston and the Baal.  

Wish me luck,



  1. Yep! The list is locked down, only change to the above is the swap of a PG for a FL in ac Squad 3. Mephiston is being painted - he's already at 4 colors...other new tac sergeants and another flamer assault marine are being painted. Most will be minimally table-top ready late tonight. Looks like all is a go!

    I was toying with a Rev3 list in my head today...just go all razorback and Baal predator spam...minimal tac squads, swap Mephiston for a tech marine... Maybe save that idea for a different day...