Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Sanguinary Guard vs Death Company II

Its like Deadpool 2 but without a movie...actors...fans...

Since I need to keep practicing, and evaluating, in these experiments, I ran a game scenario at 501 points DC vs 489 Points SG - plus or minus a few points.

Death Company:
Lemartes, Stock
10 Death company (as before w/ 9 Bolters and Chainswords; 1 thunderhammer)
1 Death Company Dreadnought, 2xBlood Talons, 1 MG, 1 SB     
Everything here has black rage, red thirst, benefiting from the DC rules and buffs from Lemartes
Not enough (yet) for command points.

Sanguinary Guard:
Captain Slamguinius (JP, Thunder Hammer, SS)
5 Sanguinary Guard (as before, 3 angelus bolt guns, 2 inferno pistols, 3 encarmine blades, 2 power fists)
Furioso Dreadnought (frag cannon, heavy flamer, blood fist)

The Blow by Blow
Similar to before, each faction was deployed about 6 inches in from their own table edge, creating about 36 inches of space between them.  The aircraft wreckage area was going to be treated the same as craters - would give cover to shooting, and would be -2 to charge distance. 

The SG went first, DC failed to sieze.

Turn 1
The SG all advanced, with the Sg getting just a total of 13 inches, the captain got 15, and the Furioso 15 inches of movement. I kept the Captain within the distance of the SG. No shooting was available.

The DC in response moved forward 6 inches, and stopped.  The DC dreadnought advanced on the right and Lemartes advanced on the right.  In 9 bolter shots, 1 converted to a wound on a SG. 

Turn 2
The SG and Captain jumped forward 12 inches, and the Furioso 9.   In shooting, the frag cannon was barely in range to the DC and fired first, causing 2 casualties.  The Angelus boltguns accounted for 2 more. Tehn in the assaults, the SG charged Lemartes, but the Captain and Furioso failed their charges! In the fight phase, neither side wounded the other!

In response, the Death Company moved forward. Lemartes fired his pistol into the SG but failed to wound.  The DC marines fired on the Captain and failed to wound him.  The DC Dread set itself to charge directly into the Furioso to determine who was better! Its Meltagun caused several unsaved wounds on the Furioso, who caused a few back in overwatch!

The DC Dread punched first, however, with 5 attacks on the charge hitting on 3's rerolling and wounding on 2's (rerolling) - the Furioso was dispatched and the DC Dread consolidated into the Captain! Between the DC marines and Lemartes, three SG were taken down.  Then the Captain swung his hammer into the DC dread (Hitting on 3's, rerolling 1's, then wounding on 2's) and dropped it!  Both dreads were gone! Lemartes was wounded.

Turn 3
The Captain jumped forward into the only remaining close combat.

The Captain took down 2 DC marines with his hammer, but was wounded in return.  The SG took down Lemartes in exchange for another SG.
In the DC turn, the end came swiftly.  The remaining DC marines failed to wound the Captain or the one remaining SG. In response, they were dispatched by blade and hammer and the experiment ended. 

End thoughts
I'll soon do this again, but add in the JP death company (5 more marines) and then a 5-marine (gold painted) veterans squad similarly armed.  The points should go up to about 675, and each side will be similar.  I'll run these as Vanguard detachments so each side will have 4 command points, and will include a single relic for each (probably the relic hammers so they can be ever more useful). 

It was interesting that the SG faction won again, but it was close.  It might have been interesting to have the DC Dread plow into the SG in turn 2 rather than go after the Furioso.  I thought about not advancing on the Captain but figured the Captain would then just charge the Furioso anyways. The end would have been the same just in a different turn.

I need to get that Stormshield painted and mounted on the Captain...its from an older lead original terminator model, but its a good size to pin to his elbow.  His gold needs brightening too. Maybe a new base. Some 5th Company markings...

All for now!


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