Friday, January 12, 2018

December Blues

Marneus was suitably impressed and dismayed at the same time.  His small detachment was being debriefed on today's exercise.  They had completed a skirmish against a new Primaris force, both were to be the same level in power on the data slate.  But his veteran units had lost badly to the Primaris training unit.  It did not add up.  How could these recently added forces - right out of some stasis storage field and having seemingly no combat experience, beat his own force?  Seemingly, the Primaris training unit was more powerful than advertised...Tigurius just agreed....

Yep, time to get some pictures off my phone.

And yes, a rant.  The December tournament event was based on power levels, and it was interesting to see how my units would do.  In Game 1, the opponent was Kenny, with his new all-Primaris force led by three Captains.  Essentially three squads of intercessors, and 6 or so squads of plasma-maxed Hellblasters.  I had a great plan.  The OPFOR had spread all across their deployment zone, so I used my ability to deep strike Calgar and the Terminators into the right, and worked to focus all of the fighting there.  It was for nought.  The Primaris marines just marched forward, and eventually I was essentially tabled (only aircraft remained) and the game ended.   Even Calgar was beaten by a Primaris Captain.  All of that plasma just overwhelmed everything I had.   

  80 Power Level of Ultramarines....

80 Power level of Blood Angels

The OPFOR.  I cannot remember if they were played just as Ultras or not.  

I played vs this was crazy vs the little remote detonated bomb tanks...

Only game photo of the day?  I gotta get better than this.  But it was a win.

And then this...My terminator Librarian model got an award!  I really need to rebase this was done on the fly for a tournament long ago...

Overall, as many have alluded to, power levels may be quick to set up, but are open for wide ranges in "equality".  Regardless, model to model, the Primaris marines are definitely a shade better than every older equivalent measured by power. Just something to consider.  I'm thinking it will ultimately be the same in a point comparison too.  That said, my tactics were sound.  Calgar should have krumped the primaris captain, but Kenny was not failing any 3++ shield saves...IIRR I eliminated about a third of his force, while losing pretty much everything of mine. 

I went on afterwards to win the next two games.  Both were great events.  

I'm currently digesting the BA codex, and look to field an all-deep striking army soon, maybe including some of the new Primaris Inceptors or a Lieutenant.  Should be fun! Why be in my own deployment zone when I can be in yours?   

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