Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Smaller Blood Angels List Musing

As promised in yesterday's post, here is a smaller list for 1500 points, 6 CP. 

It has "8 drops", 4 for the table, 4 for deep strike reserves. 
So, commanded by Dante again.  I just like re-rolling all misses for everything in his bubble. Plus, there are a few stratagems to buff him with to make him even more choppy.  I really should consider just dusting off the BA captain I have in the collection - with his Thunder Hammer, shield, and jump pack.  That would save some points, to use to get more DC marines or something.  Like swap the existing Chaplain and Dante together to revision the list to Lemartes and the Captain...or Lemartes and Mephiston. 

The Chaplain gives me a gateway for the angels win relic.  If he was part of a swap for a Captain, the Captain would get the Angels win relic, and might just succumb to the black rage.  The thought of going hammertime on the Opfor's favorite units might be alot of fun.  Lemartes allows reroll charge distances for himself and all DC units in his bubble.  Angels wings gives the user a 3d6 charge distance and no overwatch allowed....

I'm on the fence for the assault squad.  It is full size, but light on AP- weapons (except the fist and meltas).  The tournament this weekend has a painting competition for the big models (I have none), and that may convince some opponents to use them in these smaller point games.  My option for that would be to run/hide. Viable to replace the 10-man assault squad with the same number of wounds (but half the models) in Sanguinary Guard? 

The death company is stuck at 9 models for the moment.  It should really be 10.  Need to steal some points somewhere. However, the issue is dakka going downrange is more important than adding a 1 wound model right now. Still mulling the recommended re-tooling of the DC marines to be Boltgun and chainsword over bolt pistol and chainsword. I guess I may need to just swallow that pill and do it. 

Tac squads are required.  Objective holders.  Razorback seat polishers. Flamers to burn off the scrub weeds from the edges of burned out buildings. 

Razorbacks meet the new build restrictions.  Should paint them to look more like spam cans. 2 of the twin AssCann variety and one of the twin LasCan variety.  I like adding storm bolters and HKMs for extra punch early game. 

Baal Predator - stock solid for more dakka.  The problem is they are just barely better than a razorback for more points.  There is a stratagem available to make them go faster for a movement phase, not ideal.  I considered using a regular predator here, but the basic autocannon/lascannon variant is actually more expensive than the Baal version. 

Thoughts on this list?  Your analysis is important.  My lists trend toward maximizing dice throws downrange and in the scrum. In this variant, I think it would do well vs old school opponents.  It would get hashed and splashed vs the increasingly popular Primaris plasmagun spam.  Making some modifications might make is optimal for use of stratagems (assuming I'm not leafblown or smited off the table turn 1). 

Will be spending Wednesday and Friday night likely working on model changes and repairs...Saturday should be a good day for Krumpin'.  Photos soon.  I was digging around and saw my old all-metal DC squad and chaplain...hmmm...not for this list, but definitely for the next one at 2,000 points....


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  1. Ah ha! Assault squad inferno pistol and power fist had the old points! So that and swapping out a power axe for a sword and I get that last death company marine!